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FNH RECAP: Sandra Lee’s 2011 Halloween Show
Posted by Jillian Madison

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Another year, another Sandra Lee Halloween show! This year, the whole “semi-homemade” schtick was completely dropped, because frankly, there wasn’t anything “homemade” about the “recipes” featured. The show was simply called “Sandra’s Halloween Wonderland” and it was basically just 60 minutes of cocktails, stories about Cher, and Sandra Lee talking to inanimate objects.

And now, on with the review!

The show kicked off with Sandra Lee as Alice in Wonderland, waking up from a horrible nightmare:

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

She was clearly shaken up. Who could blame her?  And what better way to calm your nerves than with a “Dreamscape Magical Mojito” cocktail? Like she said, she is Sandra Lee, after all.

Sandy totally winged the entire segment, and suggested we give fun names to the ingredients in the drink. For example, the raspberries were “firefly blood” and the strawberries were “dragons blood.” Naturally, the sugar was “Paula Deen blood” and the vanilla vodka was “Sandra Lee’s tears.”

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Even Sandra Lee got confused while making the cocktail, because she mistakenly referred to the raspberries as “dragon’s blood.” DUH, SANDRA, YOU ALREADY ESTABLISHED THE RASPBERRIES WERE FIREFLY BLOOD. Can’t you follow your own ridiculous ingredient list?

Next, Sandra went roaming around the yard and (gasp!) fell into a rabbit hole.

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

She came out the other end as…

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Sandra, dressed as a cross between a rejected Bravo TV Millionaire Housewife  and a Toddlers and Tiaras pageant mom, whipped up the next recipe: magical mushroom pots. They were just candy sticks shoved into floral styrofoam with a meringue stuck on top. It ended up looking like something a 5 year old would have made in arts and crafts. While making them, Sandra actually exclaimed: “What is an adult party without magical mushrooms?” Yeah. Insert your own joke here.

After the commercial break, Sandra came marching back onto the set. WITH A HORSE.

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Sandra said, “The best part of Halloween is that I get to be Cher!” Really? I don’t see the connection. I guess I didn’t realize Cher was into farm animals.

Anyway, the next segment was basically just a condensed version of Cher’s Wikipedia page. Like a schoolgirl with a crush, Sandra gushed over Cher and called her the most “far out and cool woman in showbiz.” She also said how impressed she was with the fact that Cher and Sonny had careers of their own… and how Cher wasn’t attracted to Sonny at first but ended up loving him anyway. Sandra left out the part where she was like… “OMG, JUST LIKE ME AND ANDREW CUOMO!” but if you read between Sandra Lee’s transparent lines, it was totally there.

Sandra made a sandwich cookie during the segment, and said it came out “beautiful – just like every season of the Sonny and Cher show.” After the first 5 minutes, the Cher-fawning crossed the line from ordinary fan-dom into plain ol’ creepy and weird. Lock your doors, Cher. Lock your doors.

Sandra Lee also tried to do an impression of Cher mid-way through the segment. Sadly, it looked less like “Cher” and more like “help – I just suffered a stroke.”

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

She ended the Cher segment by making ANOTHER cocktail as a “tribute” to Sonny for “giving us Cher.” Last I checked, you should be thanking Cher’s mother’s vagina for that, but what do I know.

Next up, Sandra came out dressed as a creepy ghost. Oh, and girlfriend had a detailed back story and everything.

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

You see, she was an ex-pirate who died in Vienna in the 1400s and – as a result of stealing a cursed necklace – spent the last 500 years roaming the halls of an old house alone. That is, of course, except for her phoenix… her only companion… the only creature who could stand her cooking.

Sandra said she died in 1430, and her curse was to spend eternity in a tight corset. Silly spirits. If they really wanted to punish her, they should have sentenced her to a lifetime of Ace of Cakes reruns.

While she drizzled icing on pre-made angel food cakes, Sandra said she was “560 years old.” Really? Because if she died in 1430, she’s already been dead for 581 years. Clearly math isn’t her strong suit, or all the vodka has gone to her brain. But couldn’t anyone else on that set do basic math? First the dragon’s blood confusion, and now this? NONSENSE!

Sandra lee wrapped the segment by making yet ANOTHER cocktail. Clearly she needed to be calmed down after all the heavy mathematics.

Next, Sandra Lee came out dressed as Lucille Ball  in the iconic grape-stomping episode. So original!

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

During this scene, Sandra made – you guessed it – TWO more cocktails! First, she made a pumpkin sangria. Want to make it yourself at home? Easy! Just dump 92 bottles of alcohol – and a dash of pumpkin spice – into a pumpkin shaped jug and call it a day.

Sandra noted that “when Lucy was alive, she would have loved to have given this to Ethel.” Yeah. To kill her.

The real stars of the scene were Sandra’s Pumpkin Jello Shots. You know, because we’re all 17 years old watching her show to get some cool tips on how to get hammered the next time our parents leave town.

Sadly, these were, by far, the grossest Jello shots I’ve ever seen. She put whole cherries in one batch (ew!) and poured the rest of the gelatin mix onto a baking sheet. She then tried to cut the Jello shots out using a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter. How did they come out? Drumroll, please:

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

What do you think of those Jello shots, Aunt Sandy?

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Yep. Pretty much.

The next scene was “Christmas at Halloween.” Sandra Lee was supposed to be Santa Claus’ sister, Aunt Sandyclaus. Feel free to roll your eyes as necessary.

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Sandy, er – Aunt Sandyclaus, made “sugarplum pops.” What are those? Why, they’re just Rice Krispie treats rolled into balls, and then dumped into melted white chocolate. You know, in case your “magical mushrooms” from earlier in the show didn’t quite fill you up.

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

While making the glorified Rice Krispie treats, Sandra also shared some groundbreaking information about Santa. As it turns out, his favorite color is red – and his favorite place is the North Pole. And I’ve got $100 on the fact that his favorite show is not on the Food Network.

Next, Sandra came out dressed as the Mad Hatter… though at some points, she ended up looking more like Madonna with really unfortunate hair.

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

She closed the show by making not one, but TWO cocktails. The first was a rum, tequila, and coconut drink that she gulped right down. And finally, she poured about 12 different kinds of alcohol into a gigantic watering can – and then proceeded to pour it out all over a vase. I’m not sure what was more surprising: that she didn’t just start drinking it right out of the can, or that she ultimately let all that perfectly good vodka go to waste!

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

Sandra wrapped things up by showing a close-up shot of one of her “magical mushrooms.” A clever ending – or a message to her critics? We may never know!

sandra lee halloween semi homemade 2011

And that brought this year’s Halloween show to an end! What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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    121 Responses

  1. AnitaBonita says:

    Sheesh, Aunt Sandy! Self-absorbed much?

    What the EFF does this show have to do with FOOD or COOKING?? If she had put a fraction of the effort into developing Halloween-themed recipes as she did into playing dress up, storytelling, and getting bombed, this show might actually belong on the FN.

    • SixDegrees says:

      You mean, along with all their game shows and travel shows?

      Food Network stopped being about cooking a long, long time ago. It isn’t even much about food anymore.

    • laura says:

      How about trying to dry up???

    • NewFoodNetworkFan says:

      I don’t know what you all are complaining about… I love Sandra Lee ESPECIALLY during Halloween!! Now if I could just get her to show up in my dreams in the green glitter outfit, my life will be complete!!!! Gorgeous!!

    • AJ says:

      I don’t remember anything past “Lil Ricky”….babalu!!!

  2. Terilyn says:

    I caught the end of this and the entire time I kept thinking about what your recap would say. I just knew it would be epic. The part with the Mad Hatter was very awkward. I had to avert my eyes from the screen I was so embarassed for her. It seemed to me that poor Aunt Sandy was really trying to act. Her attempts at “emoting” failed miserably and it was just bad, bad bad. I felt kind of bad for laughing, but it was such a travesty. I hope that maybe her whole schtick is just really a put-on and she’s laughing as hard at herself as everyone else is.

    Also: two, three recipes consisting of pre-made snacks jazzed up with festive decorations, and how many cocktails? Is she even trying to pretend she cooks anymore? Why not just start a show about cocktails. I’d watch the hell out of that.

  3. Glen Coco says:

    Four for you Sandra Lee! You go Sandra Lee! And none for Paula Deen.

  4. Stephanie says:

    … What did I just look at.

  5. Andrea says:

    the Mad Hatter pic….*shudders*

    • BurgerTime says:

      I’m with you – I don’t like her Mad Hatter costume/ wig/ make up, but it is pretty close to the Johnny Depp costume from the film where he played that role. I didn’t like his wig/ makeup/ costume for the film, either.

      I didn’t see her Halloween show on TV, but judging from the screen caps at this site, I think Sandra Lee makes a good Lucille Ball and looked pretty as Cher, and one or two of the other characters, but there are a few that where she looked kind of tacky.

  6. Bill E. Bob says:

    Let’s not forget about “Aunt Sandy Claus”…

    I’ve never seen “Alice in Wonderland”, so I thought in the first part she was Dorothy.

    And the pirate thing where she was dressed up and “trapped” in the castle as a ghost threw me…

    And does she realize that “fools gold” is nothing more than pyrite? To my knowledge, pyrite isn’t harmful to anyone, unless maybe if you eat it or get pelted with it.

    And her as the “Mad Hatter” was just, well, creepy.

  7. BurgerTime says:

    I wanted to watch this Halloween-themed Sandy Lee show, but I missed it.

    I’ve also been wanting to watch at least one episode of the ‘Pioneer Woman’ show but keep missing that, too.

    It’s so strange that I keep missing FN shows I want to watch, given I have the channel tuned to FN quite a bit.

    I always manage to catch the boring “Cupcake Wars” show (I usually flip the channel to watch something else when that’s on), “Chopped”, Restaurant Impossible, the cake competition shows (which I actually enjoy), the Guy Fieri ‘Diners’ show. I also see quite a bit of Giada and Barefoot Contessa.

  8. tootsieroll says:

    I have no words.

  9. Viz90210 says:

    I woke up early watch this episode. BEST REASON TO GET UP AT (AM EVER!!! I found it so funny im totally glad i wasted hours of sleep to watch it

    • Morganza says:

      Same here! Aunt Sandy really brought the crazy for this. I’d never seen her Halloween shows, but this was just too special to miss. I love that she just gave in on the food and made cocktail after cocktail. The woman must have a basment full of liquor to come up with these horrible ideas!

  10. Mark H88 says:

    During her Lucy segment, as she was making the Pumpkin Punch (or whatever it was), she said that it was made from Pumpkin Grapes, which are those tiny pumpkins that people use in holiday decorations.

    She then said that she was just joking (she didn’t really use the juice from the small pumpkins), but that it would be fun to tell the kids that’s what was used.

    Ummmm, she was making a super alcoholic drink and suggests you tell the kids that it was made from Pumpkin Grapes?? Should you NOT try to make an alcoholic drink more desirable for the kids to want to sneak sips from? Talk about irresponsible.

    Why not just tell them that if they drink the punch, they’ll magically turn into Princesses (for the girls) and/or Drag Car Racers (for the boys)??

  11. Amber says:

    Cher rode a horse when she performed Half Breed on The Sonny and Cher Show. Of course, she was in full Native American headdress and a loin cloth.

    Why does she keep doing this?!

    • Boke1 says:

      I remember that episode and I still like that hokey song along with Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Cher is like 99% Armenian, though, so I think we can hang up the half-breed phone now.

  12. Old71 says:

    Thought it was ridiculous but a lttle funny. Especially the amounts of alcohol she was pouring in the mix. Just a drop of this was half a bottle. That double decker cocktail would put anyone on the floor.You think she was playin up to your expectations? Bein a lush and all..

  13. Ellby says:

    I am crying… I’ve moved to Canada recently so I (fortunately? unfortunately?) no longer have the ability to watch the Food Network, so Jillian, I am forever grateful to you for bringing this episode to life for me. I would have felt entirely incomplete without it. And yes, the magic mushrooms told me to say that.

  14. Amy says:

    Am I the only one DYING OF LAUGHTER of her pouring all of the alcohol out of the watering can and spraying it all over the place? I mean, WHY!? lmfaooo

  15. Livvy says:

    ok, my husband and I watched it this morning and had some questions. was she on LSD while filming this? why was her ass hanging out during the Cher segment? and why was only her chest gold during the Xmas segment? and why was there any reference to Christmas at all??? we were very confused but continued to watch for the obvious shock factor. scariest Halloween show everrr!

  16. Shannon says:

    While I was watching this all I could think was I can’t wait for the FNHumor recap. I couldn’t understand why she poured that drink out of a watering can. Did she think it wouldn’t spray everywhere?

  17. John Marks says:

    I loved when she had a full on conversation with the bird

  18. Bonzy22 says:

    how on earth did anyone think that this was a good idea? what are they smoking??

    • SixDegrees says:

      Mental note: if I want to get away with absolutely anything on FN, pick a slot during daytime hours, especially mornings, during the week when no one – not even the FN board – is watching. It’s all about filler, and it’s probably cheaper to pay Lee’s production costs than it is to pay Alton Brown or Mario Batali royalties for re-running their shows.

  19. ButtaRumCake says:

    Why are her breasts at her waist in the first “Lucy in the grape-stomping barrel” pic?

    The look like melons in cheesecloth.

  20. Hmmmm... says:

    Jillian- Thank you for the recap of the show. Personally, I don’t watch Sandra’s show or Pioneer Woman so your recaps of both are funnier than hell. Maybe next year Aunt Sandy will dress up as a recovering alcoholic. OR Maybe Aunt Sandy is getting a kick back from the alcohol manufacturer.

  21. Big Rigger says:

    Not only do various mushrooms go great at an adult party. I have’nt seen a bong that big(start of mad hatter segment) since 1978.

  22. bibble says:

    She might be objectively terrible when it comes to “cooking”, but I must say her staff did a pretty great job with a lot of those costumes.

  23. frankielou says:

    Has anyone notice how skinny she’s become? This halloween show was so horrible and like a traffic accident, I couldn’t look away but I still was distracted by her bony arms.

  24. bunny69 says:

    All those expensive, elaborate costumes & bitch still doesn’t wear a bra!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! WTF??

  25. woostere says:

    I wonder if Santa is concerned that his sister has turned into a drunken slut?

  26. cloverleaf says:

    I loved how when she opened up the psychedelic little cupboard in the “Alice” segment, that she was actually a bit pissed off that it was a kitchen. She complained about not wanting to cook in her dreams, “too.” Bwahahahahahaa!

  27. Bubba says:

    Best. Sandra Lee Episode.Ever.

  28. shine9809 says:

    She has officially lost her marbles. It was so awkward to watch her ‘act’ her way through all those segments and yet like most of you, I couldn’t look away. Absolutely frightening, not suitable for children AT ALL. shudder.

    Whyyyyyyyy does FN and their production team entertain this woman and her drunken fantasies???!!! I mean, what was the cost of putting all those elaborate get ups and costumes and backdrops cost them? I can only imagine the people on set where baffled by her during filming. There is nothing authentic about her, and an absolute disgrace to professional cooking.

  29. Colchise says:

    Aunt Sandy, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Sandy…baby, no one does it QUITE like you, lol…

    The Cher segment made me laugh the hardest.

    Lol, it’s bad enough that Cher looks like Howard Stern in drag, but Aunt sandy came out looking like Cher and Howie Stern’s sexually-confused adult kid.

    …Magic mushrooms–the hell you say, lol! The only thing that would’ve made this show better would’ve been if Sandy had taken her “magic mushrooms” along with those li’l white pills she calls “cheeseburgers” before the show–I mean, think about it, mushrooms go great with a cheeseburger, right?

    …riiiiiight, lol.

    • Jody says:

      OMG! I just about fell out of my chair with the Howard Stern/Cher love child comment. That episode was the equivalent of watching someone puke. Horrific, disgusting, but you simply can’t tear your eyes from it!

  30. Squid says:

    I was going to say something relevant, but the cockatoo’s cuteness distracted me. Poor thing had to suffer with Aunt Drunky that entire time? Ack!

  31. Jane says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the fidgety horse in the background of the Cher segment stole the show for me.

    • Skats says:

      Agreed. She’s lucky he didn’t stomp her foot while “leading” him, actually. Frisians are pretty big horses.

      Also…”Eat me”? Wtf?

  32. Catherine says:

    I am SO disappointed that I’m at work every time this show airs, and I don’t have DVR – does anyone know if there’s a place to watch it online? I only feel a little ashamed that I’m dying to see it for myself.

  33. Ashley says:

    Like just about everyone else I couldn’t wait to get home from work to read the FNH recap of this disaster of an episode. My husband and I watched it this morning before I left for work and I was flabbergasted at the amount of alcohol she used this time around…no hiding her alcohol problem anymore, that’s for sure!

    Maybe its a cry for help.

  34. M86 says:

    This show made me laugh through the entire hour. Leave it to Aunt Sandy to provide giggles.

  35. Eurodancemix says:

    Now I’m actually sorry I missed this. I’m not a fan, but this looks like it was a major laughfest.

  36. Annie says:

    Maybe she was trying to recreate The Blob with those jello shots. Lucille Ball must be popular with FN, didn’t Paula Deen do her too ? I didn’t see the show but I loved the recap.Very Funny

    • AbacoPeach says:

      Yes, she was and Bobby was “Little Ricky.” It was an incredibly stupid show! Bobby looked like he was waiting for the floor open up and swallow him!

  37. dee says:

    they should really just call this show ‘Getting Hammered With Aunt Stoli”. The only people this show appeals to are the bored housewife soccer moms who never had to do anything like cooking growing up, and now drink away the reminder of their fading looks while trying to also connect with their kids and avoid struggling with recipes.

    and she clearly didn’t use the jello jiggler recipe for her pumpkin jigglers, that’s why it went all blobfish on her. she would’ve been better off getting pumpkin cake pans and setting the jello in that

  38. Obvious troll says:

    Man everyone hates on Sandra lee but I would love to party with her. We’d get white boy wasted

  39. Miss Paula says:

    Sweet God this was bad. And what is it with her and Cher? She also said she wished the Sonny and Cher show would come back!!!! Huh? Poor Sonny must be turning in his grave.
    And that horse! WTF

    • basil says:

      she has been cher for 2 of her halloween show i think she has a unhealthy obsession with her. if i were cher i would tell my security to watch out for aunt sandy

  40. Tom says:

    There are noi words O_o

  41. Andrea says:

    I felt bad for the horse… !
    This was an absolute train wreck, from beginning to end. I think we should all pitch in and get Aunt Sandy a little trip to rehab.

  42. gkm says:

    This was a HOT MESS! I couldnt believe she had full on conversations with a lamp and a bird, then was flabbergasted by the whole watering can as a pitcher scene. She HAD to have been on something.

    What I want to know is what does she “have” on FN execs that they actually aired this????

  43. Nancy says:

    Am I the only one who was praying to the almighty Food Network gods while watching this train wreck of a show that the horse would kindly take a bio break right there in the background while Sandra was doing her best Cher impression?

  44. BiscuitJones says:

    OH, please don’t let the crazy ever stop! I just laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. Tears rolling down my face. We NEED Sandra Lee. Please, Aunt Sandy, in this time of financial worry and wars and famine, remind us that if we just could mix up an insane amount of alcohol maybe, just maybe, it would all turn out alright in the end. Or we may just pass out on the tablescape. Either way, we all get a smile.

  45. Lisa says:

    Boy she really goes full-on hog wild on her Halloween episodes – I guess since she’s figured out this is the only way she will ever be able to call herself Emmy-award winning.

    Hair and Makeup: They do 70% of the work, but Sandi takes 100% of the credit!

  46. Diane says:

    Seriously…what is wrong with this hag?

  47. Vy says:

    She was absolutely blotto during the “Santa’s Sister” bit, watch closely. Also, Sandra, please OH GOD please wear a bra while stomping ANYTHING.

    Her snacks were as inedible as always, but I was glad to see there was actually a cocktail or two that wasn’t loaded with choking hazards. Kudos for her for teaching a generation of kids how to make jello shots, both with and without the choking hazards. I laughed until I got asthma as she watered the table with 90% pure alcohol, again kudos for her not actually licking up the wasted bits on camera.

    As for the Christmas segment, I am as ready for Christmas as I am for a Sandra Lee entree, so I did feel it was appropriate to include.

    Her entire house or studio or whatever that was was just a tablescape slapped on the walls. So her, exactly three layers beyond anything resembling good taste.

    I’m so glad I wasn’t playing the drinking game this time, the swig each time she uses pumpkin pie spice alone would have had me dead drunk on the floor.

  48. Natalie says:

    lol when she “watered” the cocktail from the watering can i almost peed my pants…wtf what she doing???

  49. Leah says:

    I made my Mom watch this with me and we made it through the first 25 minutes. Besides her looking like o-O the whole time, she also hilariously said “Wow, it looks like she’s been dipping in those magical mushrooms there.”

  50. Betsy Mullins says:

    Live Bunny Tablescape. That sums it up for me.

  51. JOHN says:

    I just watched this and thought I was hallucinating.
    The next time I watch this I will play the drinking game and take a double shot of vodka every time she mentions alcohol, now where are my magic mushrooms.

  52. antiprocessedcheesefood says:

    Did anyone catch the “outtakes” at the end of this slushisode? If you didn’t think she was snockered before, those outtakes were the evidence. I wonder how many takes they had to do just to get the slurring just this side of appearing sober.

  53. michmcl says:

    My twelve year old made comments through the entire episode on how ridiculous she was…pretty funny

  54. bunny69 says:

    Oh, man….I just watched the first 8 minutes of this drivel and had to switch channels before my brain imploded! Holy shit! Aunt Drunky made the most toxic drink while wearing that stupid Alice costume and I just wanted to scream! What a waste of my time; I’ll never get those 8 minutes back!

  55. Amanda says:

    While I adore your commentary on this site, and laugh heartily throughout— there always seems to be something magical about anything pertaining to Aunt Sandy. It is snarky comedy gold. Thank you for taking (more than one) for the team by sitting through it!! You truly make everyone’s day!!

  56. Donna says:

    My sister and I stumbled upon this hot mess of a show today and I said, “this should be good for a laugh.” The pumpkin jello shot pretty much sums up the whole show. Just pitiful.

    We were trying to figure out whether Aunt DrunkenSandyClaus was wearing glitter on her chest, though it was hard to focus on anything other than the checkerboard walls.

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch her show.

  57. Em says:

    Was really trying to NOT watch this, but I flipped on the TV this morning and it was running… All I can say is, I think the food network producers decided that Aunt Sandy’s only real strength was “crazy”. So over the top and ridiculous it was almost entertaining. Sweet Genius aint got nothin on this show.

  58. MOTOWN SARGE says:

    Is it just me or is Aunt Sandy Smirnoff displaying major league SAG in the Lucy costume? She needs to call her FN buddy Jah-Duh and ask if she can borrow a Wonder-Bra (I’m sure she has at least one she can spare…)

  59. cal says:

    What a drunken mess! Who ‘wrote’ this thing? Her commentary made less sense than a conversation with a two year old, or someone in the full throes of dementia. Doesn’t anyone edit this thing or give her any notes whatsoever? This seemed to me to be a desperate cry for help from a chronic alcoholic.

    Love your review, though; you really captured the WTFness of it all.

  60. Crimdellacrim says:

    Dvr’d this the other day because I knew I would have to have a couple of drinks inboard to get through it. Well, we just watched it. WTF! Worst. Show. Ever. Good for laughs, though! And why did it look like the Mackenzie Childs catalog exploded all over the sets? Oh–my husband also commented on the slathered on glitter.

  61. Casey says:

    Sandra, I wanna congratulate you on making “Smell-o-Vision” possible, because the whole time I watched your show, I could smell the vodka through the screen!

  62. gloria says:

    I loved te been he show and i was very entertained.Yes i am sober,have been most of my life.I don’t see all that most the others are commenting on,i have watched the program twice,and i beleive sandra lee and the food network did an excellent job.thank you

  63. Amy says:

    Actually the “eat me” on the mushroom is in reference to Alice in Wonderland when Alice eats that cookie that makes her giant, it says “eat me.”

  64. cari says:

    Holy Crap! Andrew Cuomo needs to drop this liability really fast so it is a distant non memory in his political future! Many have high hopes in him….but not with this lush by his side!

    • funnygirl68 says:

      As a New Yorker, I’m embarassed for good ‘ol Andy. Because I’m pretty sure he has to beg her to leave the Cher costumes in the bedroom and out of the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

  65. s34rchnd3str0y says:

    REALLY CHER AGAIN. Does anyone else see the obsession, or is she really that drunk. I wish they could revoke her UW-La Crosse degree, and say that she’s never been in Wisconsin. She’s a fucking joke.

  66. halloween2011 says:

    Look: Sandra knew this episode would be more about fun than cooking. Out of everyone responding to this, at least a few of you should realize that you were in fact very entertained by her. I found it to be very enjoyable and a fun experience; laughing with her, and not at her. Even though you ALL make fun of her cocktails you know they are good ideas and something you may make yourself. Sandra is a good person, who I’m very sure has an amazing sense of humor and wouldn’t be bothered by some of the hurtful comments here, and shouldn’t be defined by her making cocktails.

    Furthermore, if you want to insult what may or may not be a recipe you should take a hard look at any person on foodnetwork: they cook basically NOTHING, its all underpaid sous chef hired by foodnetwork doing all the work. You basically spend 30 minutes watching people mix stuff, tell pointless made up stories, and finally tasting something that is 3 hours old and not made by them.

    If your only reason to watch foodnetwork is to make fun of people, than you could use another outlet. There are so many things wrong with the world, pick a different crusade, than bashing people with a cooking show. Do a walk for cancer, donate to Saint Judes, volunteer, adopt a critter from a shelter…etc.! But don’t waste your time leaving hurtful comments about irrelevant things like “celebrity chefs”. If you don’t like foodnetwork, don’t watch. SImple.

    • Crimdellacrim says:

      Hello–that is WHY we watch!

    • I need a name says:

      Aunt Sandy, is that you??? You do get that this is a site specifically to make fun of the dolts that Food Network tries to push as real chefs, right? Good Gravy, get over yourself.

    • cal says:

      And if you don’t like sites where people make fun of ridiculous Food Network specials starring drunken, becostumed non-cooks, don’t visit them. Go pet puppies at the shelter instead.

    • Graciella says:

      OMG! Thank you, Halloween 2011, for showing us all exactly what Sandra Lee does to people! It’s the influence…or the cocktails…of that woman! “Aunt Sandi” is like a “body snatcher!” Drink one of her cocktails and you’ll become a self righteous dork with no sense of humor!!

  67. Daria says:

    I had to DVR and watch this after reading the recap. Dear God… what was with that long Cher history lesson? One of the most awkward things I’ve seen on FN, her droning on about some old 70′s Sonny and Cher show while she combined different processed foods together. Meanwhile the horse in the background looks like he’s just trying to get away from this crazy woman and I’m trying not to be bored to death.

    I have to think at this point she is just making fun of herself, like her little stint opening the hutch and finding a “kitchen” with a microwave, and some comment about not wanting to cook (while wearing more makeup and glitter than a stripper) and stating that since she’s Sandra Lee she had to start the show with cocktail time. Oh and did anyone notice all the flies buzzing around the fruit when she made that first drink? She saw the flies too and only pretended to sip it. I guess there are lines she won’t cross even for a sip of her precious alcohol.
    She really is bat shit crazy.

  68. thatgirlfriday says:

    Basically, I have had a really busy week so I haven’t watched any Food Network. Today, I thought to myself, “I wonder if Aunt Sandy did another crazy Halloween episode this year.”

    Bless you. Now I know that this year’s Semi-Homemade Halloween is epic. The only other time it will air in my area is 6 am tomorrow (Saturday). You must first know that I hate mornings (like Garfield style). I am setting my alarm for 6:00 am just so I can see this with my own eyes. That is how ridiculous this looks. I won’t be disappointed, I know it.

    Also, were there no tablescapes? Maybe the Mad Hatter’s teablescape? I also spit my water all over my couch when I saw that screen capture of her pouring that cocktail from a watering can. Did any make it into the vase?!!

  69. Retta says:

    Loved it I am crazy about Mackenzie-childs

  70. RR's Pompoms says:

    Have to really wonder what goes on in the Governor’s mansion.

  71. Lefty in Pa says:

    Best show ever! I don’t particularly like Sandra’s euphemisms, like “fantastic”, etc. but the costumes and the way she had a story with each costume/venue change was excellent.
    I am partial to Halloween since it is my birthday! In fact tomorrow is my 50th. I’ve been cooking and baking since I have memories. I love it and I love a good laugh. This was one to remember.

  72. Bellossom Ranger says:

    I just created a Master Thief in Disgaea 4 called Sandy Z. and had her try to fight God.

    Needless to say, God boxed the living **** out of her and she died instantly.

    Go ahead and suck on that, folks. ^_^

    (Seriously, I just did that because Sandra Lee probably does need to die and become a Prinny to repent for her crimes against nature and her so called alcohol problem. <_<

    • Nefter says:

      @Bellossom Ranger I suggest you remove this post before you have the FBI on your ass. You people can make all the snarky comments you want about these shows and people that you know nothing about because you have NO LIVES but when you say “die” this is a problem. Suck ON THAT.

  73. Mal_Pal says:

    I give you people credit for actually watching this pitiful spectacle either in part or in whole. I couldn’t even manage the previews, when I tried to wrap my mind around the ridiculosity of FN allowing Sandra Lee to waste time, money, and resources by dressing up in outlandishly garish costumes while pretending that she’s classy and good at cooking, my brain would start sparking and shorting out. I’m not holding my breath for a tasteful Christmas special.

  74. Graciella says:

    I think what I really enjoyed the most in the latest Halloween special was watching Sandra be reduced to having to flirt with herself, and also that lamp, because apparently none of the other male chefs on Foodnetwork want anything to do with her anymore. Not that it wasn’t fun to watch her trying to creepily flirt with her male celeb chef guests, who did their awkward best to pretend like they didn’t hear her…sort of like they new she was off her meds, or something.

    And know what I want to see more than anything else? A “Sandra Lee vs. Martha Stewart” showdown!!!! Can you imagine anything better than that?

  75. gingersmom says:

    I watched this with my sister. We couldn’t figure out wtf she was talking about. She kept getting time periods mixed up, as well as Ethel, and the actress who played her. That whole Cher thing was creepy. I think they just filmed her for a few days while she was on a binge and edit it together the best they could. We watch her show to see if she can out do herself and she always manages to horrify us. I hope they show her halloween special to her during her intervention..

  76. drew says:

    I love when she closes her eyes and lifts her hands in the air; while expressing how good her pre-made chemical induced food tastes. Next on Sandra Lee… Aunt Sandy makes over store bought ding dongs, with you guessed it vanilla laced cool whip.

  77. Laura says:

    Funny thing is what’s scary-she’s probably drunk enough alcohol to preserve a cadaver by now. I wouldn’t like to see her liver function tests!

    Maybe she’s trying to save money posthumously by arriving at the funeral home already embalmed. ;P

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