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Guy Fieri Isn’t As Bad As You Think He Is; HE’S WORSE
Posted by Jillian Madison

In case the world needed a few more reasons to dislike Guy Fieri:

Citypages featured a front-page story about Guy and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives this week – and it’s been making headlines across every food blog and media outlet. You see, if you take David Page’s word for it, Guy Fieri isn’t as bad as I always thought he was. HE’S WORSE.

David Page developed DDD for the Food Network, and is largely responsible for making Fieri popular – and ultimately into the obnoxious, big-headed prick he is today. Now that Page is no longer in control of the show, he decided it was time to let America know what an anti-Semitic, homophobic, juvenile creep Guy Fieri allegedly is.

Here are the best David Page-isms from the article, but I really recommend reading the entire thing if you can:


David Page is a notoriously difficult to work with man, but that doesn’t invalidate the things he said. And frankly, they sound exactly like things Fieri would say and do. So I, for one, believe every word of it. Of course there are two sides to every story, but Fieri’s people – er, KREW – are declining to comment. They’re probably too busy shopping for flame-colored bowling shirts and trying to convince the world they’re confident about their sexuality.

Stay tuned, we’ll bring you developments as they become available.

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  1. nonamesue says:

    I only have two words to say….
    That couldn’t be more corny unless you shucked it and stuffed it in a douchbag.
    (Okay, that was more than two words I know.)

    • Your Name says:

      Im not a guy fan, hes sounds stupid when he talks, but in defense I hve to say a few things. This name changecame in honor of grandfather, his grandfather didn’t want t
      his family to be treated wth prejudice when he came to this country, so he changed thier name to make life better. Guy changed it back to honor him. Homophobic, his sister whom he loved soooo much was a lesbian. I read his book someone left on my flight.

  2. Jim says:

    Guy and his Krew-Klux-Klan!

  3. Lana says:

    FNH, glad you posted about it. There’ve been a few articles leading up to this one, and they all ring true with me.
    Although Page sounds like a worst-boss-ever, I’m with Pizzica; “the problem was as much Fieri as it was Page”

  4. Will says:

    Guy Fieri’s a dickbag? There’s a newsflash… :-p

  5. Kara says:

    Wow….and here I thought you picked on him ‘cuz it was funny stuff….but he really sounds like an ass. (Not that Page sounds much better)…but I’ll ditto the Garlic Mafia? Are they serious? Are they in 3rd grade!

  6. JK says:

    It really would have been MORE surprising to hear that he’s a decent guy, it’s all editing that makes him look so stupid, etc, etc, but to know that he is EXACTLY AS MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE AS WE ALL THOUGHT is still sort of baffling.

  7. bunny69 says:

    Wow! Just read the article and I have to say that while I have no sympathy for either man, GF has mushroomed into this prima donna asshole whom the FN has given too much power….But ultimately, his demise will rest solely on his shoulders; he’ll either get caught in a big scandal involving harassment (sexual and otherwise) or go the way of Mel Gibson and simply implode under the weight of his own words which will hopefully be caught on tape! On some of the episodes of DDD, he seems to skirt just on the edge of something lewd during his schpiel but never quite steps over the line…not yet at least! Only time will tell….

  8. Bkhuna says:

    Guy Ferry is the skidmark on the fabric of the Food Network.

  9. Kelli says:

    What a douche.

  10. Jimmy Johnson says:

    Ferry should be referred to as the “Homer”… To succeed in spite of one’s idiocy.

    The “accidental tourist” isn’t quite as catchy.

    • CaliCook85 says:

      And like Homer Simpson, he’s an unlikeable jerk (the only difference is that Homer started off as just a dumb, bumbling dad who may have had his flaws, but he really did love Marge and the kids — and that includes Bart, no matter how many times he strangles Bart or chases after him for doing something bad).

    • loomis says:

      Before you try to put someone down you should really learn how to spell you retard. Because it makes you look like a dumb ass which you are.

  11. JoJo says:

    I have met GF and I know personally that he is like this. Very hateful towards others…racist and disgusting.

    • bunny69 says:

      And yet FN execs love him! As long as douche-face continues to generate cash for them, FN execs could care less if GF makes lewd hand gestures, eyeballs women’s breasts, rear ends or rolls his eyes at the cameras when he hears unintended double entendres….FN seems to have a history of encouraging their stars to behave like their crap don’t stink (yes, I’m talking to you Ina, Giada, Sandra, RayRay) all the while taking a cut of the bullcrap merchandise these so called “stars” peddle to the unsuspecting public…Whew! Breathe in….out….

    • buffy says:

      Well, the ones who are most vehemently bigoted and homophobic are very often in the closet. Can’t wait to read THAT scandal story (maybe he’ll get caught in a public restroom with Michelle Bachman’s husband)!

    • Rico Tico says:

      I just don’t get this guy. He is butt-ugly, stupid, fat, and the list goes on. Yet all you see anymore on Food Network is this moron. What gives????

  12. LauraS says:

    Damn that was quite a read. I agree with the other comments, Page does sound like a dick, but Ferry is a supreme dick. He needs advanced warnings about dealing with homosexuals? I hope this is the beginning of the end of this prick. It’s only a matter of time his mouth and ego take him down.

  13. Oh my says:

    “Guy Fieri is and always has been a consummate professional”

    “Consummate.” This word, I do not think it means what they think it means. I can imagine that FN might think it means “the opposite of” but . . . it does not.

  14. Lana says:

    The Fieri “Kamp” has come back with a reply/comment:
    “Guy’s reputation speaks for itself. He’s a standup guy who does right by people. He would never make the kind of comments attributed to him in this story, and anyone who knows or has even met him knows that. That Mr. Page made these sadly desperate statements says more about him than it does about Guy or anyone on the Food Network team.”
    From Eater, GrubStreet & Gothamist

  15. dave says:

    I can only imagine the amount of douchery that made it’s way onto the cutting room floor. It would make a nice youtube montage. Get the hint Mr. Page’s “rogue assistant”?

  16. foodie says:

    I’ve always thought that Guy was respectful to the business owners profiled on the show. That’s at least how it looks on-screen. I’m disappointed to discover his homophobia. I can handle a lot of the douche-y behavior (it’s an act, you think), but not anti-gay, sexist, or racial slurs. Goodbye to Flavortown for me…

  17. Betty Sue McLanahan says:

    This whole Fieri phenomenon is basic human psychology 101. The more often and the more loudly you get into anyone’s face and tell them, well, anything, the more likely they will be to buying into it. It is the most simple form of advertising ever invented. I liken it to waterboarding.

  18. cloverleaf says:

    It’s hard to believe the homophobic comments since Guy’s late sister was gay. If those comments are true, he’s even worse than I thought.

    • Lana says:

      For many guys, there’s a big difference between accepting gay men and accepting lesbian women.

    • ex-krew says:

      for the record, she was bisexual. he doesn’t hate gay women only gay men, refers to them as b(++ f()&ers.

      • Thanks for clearing that up, Ex-Krew. As someone who knows Guy Ferry, what did you think of the article? Did it accurately portray him?

        Any other insights you’d like to share?

        • ex-krew says:

          Both Guy and David Page are extremely explosive and egotistical. That they are now at odds comes as no surprise. Guy is known in these parts as generous with his celebrity weight, but it will be revealed that he’s also a hateful human and that his generosity is directed toward publicity. For the record, the fact that his restaurant partner, Gruber, is Jewish, is irrelevant. The two can’t stand each other.

          • You seem to be very well spoken and eloquent, you haven’t made any typos, and you have a great command of the English language.

            I’m having a hard time believing you were in his “KREW!”

            Haha. Thanks for the insights. Look forward to hearing more from you.

        • ex-krew says:

          Also, his signature look was originally part of his FN contract. Back then, he couldn’t change it without breaching it.

        • ex-krew says:

          Ha! I knew him since he had a mullet and actually RAN his restaurants. He was a pretty decent person. He changed. Or perhaps just found permission to be whatever he wanted to be. His boys are most assuredly “psycophants”, some even sporting matching tattoos. I was in, not so much by choice, but by circumstances I won’t mention.

          • Well if you read this blog, I certainly don’t need to tell you how I feel about him. I have had Guy Fieri’s number for awhile and it’s about time the world starts seeing him as the guy he really is.

          • Lana says:

            Ex-Krew, thanks for chiming in here.

          • whollyguacamole says:

            no joke that was interesting–
            What I can’t get over is that this is FOOD NETWORK not the United Nations. He’s a minor celebrity not the prime minister of Italy. If Chef Fee-eddy was actually ever human it stopped the day he made his parents start saying “Fee-eddy” instead of Fairy.

      • Ex-Krew says:

        @Wholly…many artists change their given name…heck, most brides do too. That part never rings my chimes. Do you or I post here with the names our mamas gave us?

        Guy’s parents are both lovely, real, down-to-earth people who love and support him. Not stupid in the slightest. They weren’t “made” to do anything. The only fool in this story is Guy himself, who is ignorant, like so many in his place, about how to do his 15 minutes with grace and some modicum of decency.

        • Lana says:

          Agreed about Mr. and Mrs. Ferry. Seem like awesome people.
          Knowing Guy rather casually (more than just an autograph & handshake, less than “friends”), I also think he is highly intelligent. Just incredibly self-absorbed and lacks anyone with the ability to rein him in. Was hoping Jim & Penny, if anyone, could.

  19. Dick says:

    Not that he stood much of a chance on his own merits, but you have to think Pizzica will get disappeared by FN.

  20. Mark says:

    There’s no excuse for racism, but homosexual guys have been freaking out straight men for all time. Besides, he didn’t refuse to do the segment, he just wanted some warning. As far as catching a glimpse at a good looking woman, let’s not try pretend he’s some slobbering rapist.

    For all his thoroughly annoying traits, let’s keep it real.

    • Lana says:

      Mark, I don’t believe that segment ever got on the air. Unless you know differently?

    • Moriah says:

      Actually it specifically states in the article that Fairy called Page and said that ‘gays weird me out’ comment AFTER he stormed off the set.

      Interesting how uncomfortable it makes him to be around gay men… Does he think he’s desirable or is it a little skeleton in someone’s closet?

    • C says:

      Oh please, as if needing warning to interact with human beings who engage in a perfectly valid way of life is ever acceptable. Just because an attitude is common doesn’t mean it’s legitimate or defensible.

  21. Tara says:

    There certainly is quite the argument going on in the comments section of that article, with a hell of a lot of people defending him surprisingly enough!!

  22. Catherine says:

    Okay – even without the article, we know that Guy Ferry is, AT BEST, a disgusting, talentless douchebag who burns up your brain cells if you look at or listen to him for too long.

    Prior to this article I didn’t know anything about Page, but even if we take this description of him with a grain of salt, we can still reasonably assume that he is pretty much an asshole.

    So what we end up with is two piggish, privileged, middle-aged men who both believe the sun shines out of their own ass, brought together and expected to have a professional relationship. Umm… is anyone surprised that it ended this way? Clearly they both think WAY too highly of themselves, and it’s impossible to look at either of them with anything but disgust because honestly, this whole mess is about A FUCKING TV SHOW ABOUT DINERS. No one is curing cancer here – they both need to get the fuck over themselves. And Guy Ferry needs Stacey and Clinton from “What Not To Wear” to rip the sunglasses off the back of his head and beat him with them.

    • Lana says:

      “this whole mess is about A FUCKING TV SHOW ABOUT DINERS. No one is curing cancer here – they both need to get the fuck over themselves. ” << LOVE! :-)

    • Moriah says:

      Completely agreed. You’d think this was some award winning show or something. I’ve tried watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, but the show had so many cuts it just gave me a headache. Seriously, that ‘show’ must be edited by people with chronic ADD.
      I don’t side with either Page or Fairy! I just feel bad for the poor restaurant owners who had to deal with those huge egos just to get their restaurant some exposure.

  23. Jess says:

    If you don’t like Guy Fieri, then don’t watch him or read stuff about him.

    • True says:

      Jess, you are the smartest one here. Smarter than me, since I already know that this site annoys me with its overreacting, knee-jerk sledgehammer “humor.” (Knee-jerk sledgehammer, that would hurt.) But every couple of weeks, here I am, seeing what kind of dumb shit people are giving a fuck about. Stupid me.

    • AmberLynne says:

      Wait, so I have to throw my television out the window and keep my opinions to myself because this douchebag has taken over the once-enjoyable food network and YOU happen to like him? I think not. This is America, damnit! It’s a well-known interwebs rule that we are all allowed to enjoy hating on those obnoxious D-List celebrities (such as Mr. Homophobe Fee-eddy) who work so hard to make the world a louder and stupider place. If I loathe one of them as much as I do Guy Ferryi, I reserve the right to shout about it from the virtual mountaintops.

      One might just as easily suggest that those folks who DO actually like this pinhead (for whatever bizarre reason) should not read other people’s opinions about him when it should be clear to anyone that some of those opinions may be less than positive. I mean, really, is anyone, even a diehard Fieri fan, naive enough to believe that his greasy-mawed, juvenile, reheated, cliche-ridden dog & pony show would be universally loved and/or respected? Even at the beginning, when I myself might have (sort of) enjoyed his earliest shows, I realized how generally obnoxious the guy was….and he’s clearly gotten worse since then.

  24. shouldbestudying says:

    I really don’t like the words “homophobic” or “anti-Semitic” because they seem to be popular to throw around w/o much care. Can we just stick with Ferry being an ugly, juvenile, smelly taint???

  25. JK says:

    Also, was anyone else disturbed that there’s an app to help you find the diners GF goes to called Flavortown? Or was this common knowledge?

    • Donald says:

      It used to be called “Guy ate here”, it was actually pretty harmless that used the location settings to find you and then listed guy approved places in a defined radius. My wife had it. It was just an app (and free). The worst thing about it was the icon was his smirking mug.

      • JK says:

        Well, it’s now called “Flavortown” and is $0.99. I wouldn’t have downloaded it when it was free!

        • DC Guy says:

          Just hearing flavortown irritates me, because that guy says it all the time.

          I do watch DDD, but for the food it shows, not for guy.

  26. CA says:

    Being from Minneapolis, have never been more proud of my home city publishing an article in City Pages exposing Guy FERRY for the fake, disgusting, nasty douche lord that his is. I never knew that FERRY was homophobic and anti-Semitic, I just thought he was disgusting, douchy and full of himself. I actually discovered FNH and Pop Hangover (which I am now obsessed with!) by googling Guy Fieri douche, because I was curious if there were others out there that feel just as strongly about Douche Lord FERRY as me. I am actually thankful that I am abroad at the moment however because I don’t know how I would handle seeing Guy Ferry’s disgusting face all over the streets of Minneapolis. I probably would have ended up wanting to gouge my eyes out or at least deface as many magazine covers as I could.

    • Jason Reichert says:

      I’m also from Minneapolis, and yes David Page is a major pain in the ass to work with. He has a sense of self importance that borders on douchetastic itself. That said, his own statement that nearly everyone on TV gets an inflated self-ego at least shows he’s self aware of this. Ferry likely isn’t.

      Also, I did go to a place here featured on DDD called Q-Fantatic in Champlin. It’s actually pretty good, but I can’t help but think that if you go right across the river bridge from there into Anoka, the road becomes FERRY STREET.

  27. Alexandrite says:

    I’ve never heard of David Page, but I’m ready to believe anything negative about Guy “Fieri.” He was brought onto FN to appeal to a certain demographic that FN shouldn’t even be appealing to. All those macho grilling shows (including Bad Bob’s, excluding AB’s grilling/smoking episodes of Good Eats) should be on Spike. Just another example of the dumbing down of America in general and FN in particular. I met a woman whose family owns an ethnic restaurant here in SA where he taped a DDD episode, and she was really gushing about him having been there, but roaches like him are nice to your face and mean to you behind your back. Unfortunately, many people are missing the gene to detect that behavior, but this COWW (Clueless Old White Woman) isn’t.

  28. Currer Bell says:

    I used to defend Guy on here, saying that just because he dresses like a douche doesn’t mean that he is.

    But even if that article is full of lies and he really isn’t a douche (not really optimistic about that anymore), I do have to admit that his shtick has gotten out of control. Some of it is funny, like a refrigerator decorated in flames. But Kulinary Gangsta?? A posse with nicknames like Gorilla? If it walks like a douche and talks like a douche….

    I’m curious what will happen now with Page out of the picture. If the article is true, the only thing that kept Guy in line was having a producer that was a bigger dick than he was. What if this new production company can’t hack it?

  29. Kenny says:

    Jillian, I know you are dancing circles on a beach somewhere singing to yourself joyfully…perhaps with a copy of the article lol!

  30. Donald says:

    Homosexuals weird him out, he’s always staring at women’s breasts, makes lewd comments about “cream” and is otherwise a douchebag. Guy is due for a “Larry Craig Moment”.

  31. Teague says:

    Borcode dictates that you can’t give a dude a hard time about checking out the ‘ladies’ so Guy Ferry get a pass on that one. Although you can give a dude a hard time about which ladies he ‘checks out’.

  32. DaveNelson says:

    I read the entire piece. Seems to me this Page guy is shit stacked pretty him himself.

  33. Rev Dr E Buzz says:

    If Guy hated Gays so much, he shouldn’t have gone into the restaurant business.

    Come to think of it, he does spend a lot of his Flavortown visits in San Francisco….

    And he does look and sound like a young Barney Frank.

  34. Teague says:

    Not sure but I think Citizen Pictures the company the FN gave the show to is Mark Summers. A sometime FN host he now produces crap like Unwrapped and Robert ‘roidrage’ Irvine shows.

  35. Bridget Lancaster's Dishwater Teeth says:

    Mud-wrestling Cage Match between RayRay and Guy Ferry. Both winner and loser get booted off the network for time immemorial.

  36. Pat says:

    “Almost everyone who becomes a star in television develops an abnormal sense of self,” Page says. “In the worst-case scenario, they become surrounded by sycophants who tell them everything they want to hear.”

    Enough said

  37. Lindsay says:

    Sadly this douche is from my hometown Santa Rosa,CA and I happen to be working for the home kitchen supply store Sur La Table when he first won The Next Food Network Star so his face was everywhere. At first I thought he was a nice guy. He came into our store one day and got a gift for someone off of their registry and I wrapped it for him. He stood and talked to our stock guy and then thanked us all politely, talked on his cell for a second, and told us we had free sushi waiting for us at Tex Wasabi. Sweet! But then a few years later after he had been on the network for a while and I was working for Wells Fargo I started hearing all the crap about him from my coworkers. He’d go into the main downtown branch with a posseeeeeee of peeeeeps and they’d be super annoying and just plain jerk offs…he’d go to the one teller that was friends with a coworker and hit on her all the time even though they were both married. it made her very uncomfortable. We’d get a lot of people from his restaurants as our customers and we’d ask them what he was like and they’d all say the same thing: “He’s really nice…kind of…if you acknowledge the fact that he’s a famous rockstar chef!” so the douchebaggery starts to grow….it’s been evolving over time and it seems like he’s about to explode or implode depending on how you look at it! Oh well!

  38. Your NameChristine says:

    I was trying to explain to my mom how offensive this douche is, from his douche tattos, to his bleached hair and douche jewelry and mannerisisms. I think she’s just from the older generation and doesn’t get how offensive he is trying to act like he’s twenty five.
    and naming his poor kids hunter and ryder should have got him jail time, does he think he’s living on a soap opera? can’t stand this pretenious asshole.

  39. MK says:

    What is his talent again? I’ve heard him speak he doesn’t have vocal talent. He might be some type of cook bu that alone shouldn’t get him a TV job where he parades around like a rock star. Hopefully this guy, er no pun, is over soon.

  40. orchidgal says:

    Is it bad that I am not surprise by any of this? I have always believed that Guy Ferry was a douche and now I have my proof.

  41. Deacon says:

    Heh, who gives a shit.

  42. billlmiller says:

    I was always disgusted watching that fat face full of food, stuff dripping off his face…yuck!

  43. Patrick says:

    You know what’s really fun? Watching all the idiots on Citypages comments accusing each other of being sockpuppets of Guy and Page. The only thing funnier would be if it was actually true, and the two were actually signing up for dozens of Discus accounts just to snipe at each other.

  44. Skats says:

    ”Kulinary Gangsta”? How in God’s name is that funny other than for shock value. Food Network has developed into this farce of nonsense, and seems to nurture over-inflated egos and corny behavior.

    FN used to have these stretch segments of actual recipes where food was more important than set design. Now I get Guy, Giada and Rachel crunching and moaning in HD.

  45. C.K. says:

    If you’re a fan of Nadia G and Bitchin Kitchen, you might not want to get her new cookbook. The forward is written by Guy Fieri. Bleh.

  46. Eurodancemix says:

    Sent a little email to Food Network requesting that he be taken off the air. Being an irritating douchebag is one thing, but being an anti-Semitic and a homophobe is quite another. His 15 minutes have long gone.

  47. SixDegrees says:

    Does anyone know how shows like this are financed? There are now several of them on FN that follow the same formula: visit two or three small restaurants in an episode, tour the kitchen, rave about the food. There’s no doubt this is fantastic advertising for the restaurant being featured, and I’ve wondered whether FN doesn’t get some kind of kickback from the owners or some marketing outfit. Or are the really so popular that advertising alone can keep a half-dozen basically identical shows afloat?

  48. Molly says:

    To keep me and my family safe, I generally avoid any people or business that replace C’s with K’s (Kulinary Krew). People throwing the K around too casually usually wind up being bad news.

    • C.K. says:

      It would be fitting if hey threw in the word “Kool” with that name to be “Kool Kulinary Krew”.

      The Triple K says this restaurant is grand wizardly delicious!

  49. D.F.E. says:

    I love how the article says “allegedly” when it’s all absolutely true. David Page sounds like a rough guy to work with, but at least he didn’t steal someone else’s show so he could be a diva bitch.

    And the creepiest thing about Guy has to be the fact that he has a naked picture of his dead sister tattooed on his left forearm.

  50. Lana says:

    Ha! This story isn’t going away. It’s in the New York Post this morning, “Ex-coworker calls Fieri lewd and homophobic”

    The only new angle is quote/ an on-set producer with “Diners,” who didn’t want to be named for fear of retribution, had another angle on the feud between Fieri and Page.
    “You know, [Food Network] wanted to make the show more personality-driven and less about every single little step that it takes to make the food. They wanted to make it more about Guy. That’s what it really came down to — the food is what got this show off the ground, but now it’s really all about Guy,” he said. /quote

  51. Vote4Guy says:

    I officially LOVE this bro after this.
    >Fuck Year

  52. Jimmy Johnson says:

    The bottle of Heineken in Ferry’s greasy hands says it all.

    Heineken.could quite possibly the most over-hyped tasteless beer ever made.

  53. Dee says:

    I actually like the concept of DD&D, I just wish it had a different host. One that wasn’t a complete Neander-tool. I wouldn’t piss on this dude if his flame-patterned flip flops were on fire.

  54. Anna says:

    I can’t stand DDD or Guy’s TV personality. His annoying statements, expressions and appearance just piss me off. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the homophobia and general douchiness were accurately represented in the article, but it is difficult to say one way or the other considering Page’s history of being an asshole to work with.

    Overall, I’m disliking the overproduced quality of the shows and arrogance of 75% of the “talent” on Food Net more and more by the day. It can be painful to watch. Oh, and way to ship Good Eats off to the Cooking Channel, aka “where shows go to die/retire.” That made me sad…

  55. testington says:

    That’s sad, I REALLY like Guy when he was on “Next Food Network Star” and was excited when he took off and actually became a star…but he sounds douchey

  56. wildabean22 says:

    I happen to love Guy. He has his own personal quirkiness to his cooking and he hasn’t changed one bit from his appearance in The Next Food Network Star, personality or looks… even more importantly, his love for his family hasn’t changed. I watch Guy as often as I can as I’m always looking for new episodes where he gets his son, nephews or any of his family involved in his cooking/show. He has innovative recipes that I’m always eager to try.

    Guy is more than just a culinary artist. He has become a TV personality that is recognized everywhere. He has busted his ass to get where he is now and has had the same goals as every other man in america has for what his motivation was… supporting his family the best he can. But you can always leave it to the over sensitive “douchers” to “piss” on someone elses “flip-flops”. Guy may not be considered completely PC, but the majority of us love him for that. He’s real.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but the next time you formulate a negative thought or opinion towards someone you secretly envy… please keep it to yourself.

  57. GuyFieriBlows says:

    I can totally relate to checking out Melissa’s ass, she’s got it going on. But with TV cameras and people all over the place? What a douche-rocket.

  58. William says:

    Gee, now we all KNOW why the NY Times SHILL, Peter Wells, attacked him in that cruel review of his restaurant!!!

    God forbid we aren’t all tip-toeing around the very sensitive, almighty elites in new york.

    Guy mentions that there was another agenda, and now we know what that is… put him in his gentile place.

  59. Mordsythe says:

    I’ve met GF a half dozen times. I first met him just after his FNS appearances. He was polite, well spoken, funny. The lat time I met him was less than a month after this article and I have to say he hasn’t change a bit. Yes he has a big head but to be totally honest he has worked very hard to make himself in to a bran name… Mission accomplished.

    I have read every response here and it seems that it’s a bunch if people that love to hate successfull people. I’m sure that you guys don’t see it yourself but if you look closely you will Realise that your not that different.

    It’s a whole bunch of he said she said and of course people love to hate success when their own personal shit isn’t going well.

    I am and always be a fan of him and his success. Face it… Most of te world love him. But haters gotta hate.. So go on.. Until the next person is accused if something and you guys go all “keyboard soldier” on a forum.

    • DC Guy says:

      Who hasn’t worked hard, people work hard everyday and I know there are a lot of people who have worked way harder than Guy ever had or will, but haven’t had the luck and opportunity to be successfull in whatever field their in.

      Who hates successful people? people hate narcissistic douche bags, just watch DDD and you can see the few minutes he is on…he says irritating shit, like TOTlicious or Flavortown, or a stupid rhyme after a name of a dish,
      or when he makes a stupid joke/statement and he’s the only one that laughs or grins into the camera while the chef is standing next to him stone faced.

      How about when he pours bar-b-que sauce down his throat like its a ice cold coke and says I can put this on my flip flops and he literally takes his flip flop off and pretends like he’s going to douse it with the sauce.(I really believe he would actually do that). He is a clown..

      I see he actually has a problem pitching in when a chef is showing him a dish, then the chef asks him to help…he always makes a comment what am I a sous chef, we all know you are not so stop whining when you’re asked to help.

      He’s a total showboater, driving his Camaro even though it’s just towed to location and he pulls up to the restaurant he’s reviewing. Instead of towing that Camaro across the country just to drive it a few minutes on camera, just rent a different old school classic car in the city your in.

      Or when he runs away when a chef is pouring sauce into a bowl or whatever because he doesn’t want a splash on his shirt what an Anal Narcissistic Douche that Guy is.

      No one is jealous of his success, people including me think he’s douche because you can see it in front of your eyes, just watch DDD.

      Maybe you(MORDSYTHE) are so enamored with him and his success you can’t see the douche bagness in this Guy.

  60. Jimmy says:

    So the guy is wierded out by gays. So he states the obvious that Jews are cheap. So he likes to look at women’s breasts and butts. I guess being a red blooded heterosexual male who doesn’t embrace the gay lifestyle with open arms is a terrible thing.

    • Steve says:

      “Lifestyle”?? To have a “lifestyle” one must choose it – such as one chooses to follow a certain religion. Being gay is not a lifestyle choice; I know I didn’t choose it. That’s like walking up to an African American and saying, “when did you choose to be black?” I guess I could ask, “when did you and ‘Guy’ choose to be ignorant?”

  61. ian says:

    There’s a diner in my hometown that was featured in DD&D.

    It’s true. He’s a prima donna. The producers of DD&D put forth “Guy specific” clauses and conditions before they would agree to feature the restaurant.

    This is a line cook that got lucky. He’s not a talented chef in the spirit of Jacques Pepin, or Thomas Kellar. He’s a hack! His background is selling pretzels, and hotel management. Huhhhh?

    His best buddy on Food Network is Rachael Ray; that oughtta tell you something. Another food celebrity with no culinary talent that got lucky.

    We only have ourselves to blame because we as a society make these mediocre people into privileged “famous people”.

  62. OhNoes says:

    Good googly moogly! A guy that is visibly attracted to women??? No effing way! Since when is making dirty jokes such a cataclysmic, unseen thing? Not sticking up for the dude, but i just dont see the huge deal. This is nothing we havent seen before. I think the problem lies within so many people having a stick far up their rectum. I see just as many pieces of work on here who are just as bad as Guy, if not worse. What about Mario V? The guy makes dirty references and doesnt even try to hide it. Its called a sense of humor. Heres a tip: get one.

  63. GFIAD says:

    Why is Guy Fieri a douche

    Besides the fake bling, pinky ring, chin pubes. And the backward sunglasses resting on his fat neck.

    Oh and his bleached spiky hair which makes me wonder what level super saiyan he is.

    And last but not least he acts like a Vanilla Ice poser. Saying things like

    Oh yeah this “random food” is slamma jamma money.

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