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Pioneer Woman Is The New Paula Deen
Posted by Jillian Madison

On the first episode of Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond used enough butter in her recipes to choke a large farm animal. “It’s okay,” I thought. “She said it was for a special occasion. Surely she doesn’t always cook like this for her family!” Or so I thought.

The next week, she made buttery mac and cheese and sliders. The week after that, greasy steak sandwiches slathered in butter.

This week? Twice-baked potatoes with bacon, 6 sticks of butter (just one TBSP per potato half!), shredded cheese, and sour cream. Also on the menu? Beef tenderloins cooked in melted butter, homemade mayo/sour cream salad dressing, corn salsa slathered in butter and cream, and brownie sundaes. She used so much butter, she actually spent half the episode apologizing for using the butter. It was ridiculous.

One thing’s for sure: Pioneer Woman is officially the new Paula Deen.

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  1. Condor 27 says:

    I was thinking the same thing as I got through almost a whole episode of this show today….this has to be one of the single most horrible shows on Food Network right next to Ten Dollar Dinners. Her husband is a jerk and she plays the sickening ever sweet wifey…..hate this show!

    • Plumpy says:

      And those poor kids look shell-shocked and afraid to say “boo.”

    • Nubb says:

      Yeah,I don’t get the whole “pioneer” thing.She lives in this huge house,so obviously they have a bit of money.It’s not like she’s out there hunting wild game with a Bowie knife or churning her own butter(lots of her own butter!).What’s so pioneering about cooking fatty foods for a bunch of smelly cowboys?

      • Crazy Person says:

        Yes, her family has money. They own something like 150,000 head of cattle on a freakin’ huge ass ranch in Osage county.

    • Levana says:

      Come to think of it: It’s not Paula’s fault, or Ree’s, its the food network’s, for picking food show hosts that cook along absurd “nutritional” guidelines!!!! Why even bother to cook if you are going to use these semi-industrial amounts of butter and sugar?!? Oh let me guess; next we tell the poor victims who turn into blimps that they should exercise. Just curious: how much exercising would be enough to work off these meals? Swimming across the Hudson River? Running in a marathon?other?

      She said at least 20 years ago. And southern food can be quite healthy.. It’s the

  2. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Butter + Ree = Buttery

  3. Mitsy says:

    I would actually love the recipe for the grilled tenderloin…anyone remember the seasonings used?
    I would do this using oil rubbed on the beef with thise seasonings.

    • The recipe? Sure. Buy beef tenderloin. And then pour 25 sticks of melted butter over it and cook over a grill. The end.

      • bunny69 says:


      • Mitsy says:

        I wanted to know about the spices.
        Wouldn’t use the butter…are you kidding??? I’d be dead after the first bite!!!

      • FoodieOne says:

        Now that’s not quite fair. Don’t forget the LEMON PEPPER (perfect accompaniment to the $25 per pound meat you’re using). And the disposable aluminum pans because basically you’re POACHING the most delicious, expensive cut of beef there is.

        Oh…and don’t forget about wind dynamics and how it would probably be easier to simply prepare this dish in the OVEN.


        • Good one Foodieone, Ladd’s comments about the wind drove me nuts. Really, did he study meteorology, chemistry and cooking meat all at the same time? Yea, I always stick my finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and how hard before I grill. What an asinine commentary.

  4. Suzette says:

    And the most craptacular announcement she made on her website is that there will be a Christmas special and more shows airing in January. Think she’ll use another 121 pounds? Bob Tuschman should be shot for this shit.

    • Jenn says:

      Oh yeah – Christmas = BUTTER!!! How many times do you think she’ll use heavy cream, lots more butter (if that’s even possible), full fat sour cream & mayo, full fat cheese, etc in the name of “Since it’s the holidays, we can indulge a bit since they only come once a year!”. I can’t wait to see her New Year’s special from the Cardio Rehab unit.

  5. Roger says:

    Great googly moogly!!

  6. Diane says:

    I don’t know what’s more gross, the last picture or all those vomit inducing gratuitous butter shots.

  7. khintx says:

    Is all that butter Ladd approved? kh

  8. I’m complaining to my cable carrier. Fed up with paying for Food Network and its shitty shows. Whatever happened to the Too Hot Tamales and Sara Moulton?

    • J says:

      Sara is over on PBS – you know, where actual cooking shows are. Season 2 started today.

    • Viri says:

      Ah yes, back when Food Network was actually about teaching people cooking techniques, instead of just food porn and moronic competition shows. Sadly I saw Susan Feniger as a judge on Chopped recently. =/

  9. Plumpy says:

    After the hilarity of Jillian’s recaps I was curious enough to watch this mess. What an abomination. Stepford Wife Ree admonishes her children for selecting a chocolate cake in the grocery store which Ree subsequently returns to the shelves. However, she then makes chocolate chip cookies for the kids which are loaded with fatty ingredients and sugar. A small slice of the chocolate cake would have probably been healthier.

    • Plumpy says:

      I should clarify that the chocolate chip cookies were last week. I couldn’t bear to watch this gag-o-rama this week.

  10. Erienne says:

    In the 14 days she was filiming her show she used…121 pounds of butter or 484 sticks of butter.

    She seems quite proud of it actually.

    Makes me want to barf.

    • Suzette says:

      Yes I posted that after Jillian reviewed the last episode. Think about it…… 6 shows and 121 lbs of butter? I don’t think the Sam’s club in my neighborhood stocks that kind of poundage. And at $12.00 per pound why in the hell would you pour butter on beef tenderloin? Maybe tar and feather Tuschman?

  11. foodismyfriend says:

    My theory on people who load their dishes up with butter, salt, cream…is that they don’t know how to cook so they try to “cook” by laying on this crap in an effort to make it taste good. She is pathetic. The show sucks. And FN has once again taken another step down as a network that is supposed to be about cooking.

    • coffee-n-toast says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Anyone can make food taste good if they put enough butter, salt and cream on it. I know she gets teased a lot on this site, but I think Ellie Krieger is a frigging genious. I’ve made many of her recipes, and anyone who can make healthy food taste that good is very talented. I wish FN would make more of an effort to “sell” her, because she has a good message and tasty food.

      • Megan says:

        I think part of the problem with Ellie Krieger is that she is extremely boring and annoying. I can’t stand to listen to her for the length of those dumb 30-second cooking commercials, let alone her entire show.

      • FoodieOne says:

        I’m totally with you on Ellie Krieger. I have owned her James Beard award winning cookbook for years! I may have been one of her 12 viewers, as I liked her show a lot.

  12. CZ says:

    You got a problem with butter? How about bacon?

    Your parodies on TFN dooshnozzles and dim bulbs are very entertaining and well done but please don’t become one of those new age food nazis.

    Let it go.

    • Gigi says:

      There is a difference between using butter and bacon here and there. But not as much as is being used. This makes me feel less guilty about the bacon I had for breakfast yesterday or the butter I use to cook mushrooms for my steak!

    • Kathy says:

      It’s not butter and bacon that’s the problem. It’s the amount that is being used on this show. I like butter and bacon as much as the next person, and I use both when I cook, but just reading the amounts used on this show is enough to make me turn vegan.

      All things in moderation.

    • C says:

      understanding that eating that amount of fat is bad for you is not being a food nazi.

  13. Gail says:

    I always have my kids ice down the beer when I have a party. This show has been a true disappointment. Does she cook anything that won’t kill you?

  14. Jess says:

    OMG I miss the Two Hot Tamales! And David Rosengarten.

    • Mitsy says:

      I miss David Rosengarten too!!! I learned so much from him!!! Wish he had a show ANYWHERE!!! By the way, have been watching Emeril’s Table…nice new show on the Hallmark Channel., He has toned way down but am learning a lot from him. It;s a lot like the old FN shows when you actually kearned about food you could eat!!!

  15. Thank God– Paula, the Neely’s and Ree are spaced across the US, or there would definitely be a shortage of butter. I hope they don’t get turned on to EVOO. They’ll never make it! (and Ladd will NOT approve!)

  16. pat says:

    She already looks puffy and whoever picks out her wardrobe (probably herself) should be shot . Her blouses are not flattering at all.

    • Katrina says:

      She picks them out. Then auctions them off on her blog. Seriously. She has made millions off stupid women buying her used crap and dying to be first to comment so they can win a mixer.

      • Suzy says:

        Sounds like you didn’t WIN the blouse you were after….

        • Katrina says:

          Sweetheart, I don’t need a flower shirt to wear before I fire up the stove and I can (and did) buy my own mixer and pots. It sounds like YOU are one of her sheeple, so head on back to the PDub pasture.

      • None of your business says:

        Obviously none of you have ever really checked out her blog. She DOES not auction off her blouses. She gives them away.

  17. Suz says:

    Paula, the queen of butter, earned her title. She comes from humble beginnings. Ree comes from the golf course. BIG difference, in my opinion.

    Paula may act goofy and look goofy and even cook that way, too. But, as I said, she has earned it.

    I’ m no big Paula fan, but Ree is nowhere in the ballpark. SHAME to FoodNetwork. Isn’t the President’s wife doing a campaign or something about childhood obesity?? I believe Okies get that channel on cable…..maybe gReed should watch the news.

  18. Eurodancemix says:

    Two things to keep in mind:

    1) She probably used all that butter during the taping of the series because of all the takes and retakes they have to do. That makes sense to me. Remember, there’s A LOT of wasted food on those shows.

    2) Didn’t anyone think that she may be using all that butter so she can slowly kill off her ungrateful asshole husband?

  19. poppy says:

    Health is definitely not an issue for Ree Drummond or her family. Neither is gun safety. In her show, they are shooting clay pigeons in “40 mph winds” using shotguns with no protection for eyes or ears while alcohol is present. Ree also reloads her gun after she is finished shooting, keeping her finger on the trigger. Those of you that use guns safely should be outraged! This is just another example of her stupidity and her quest for fame and fortune at any cost. I can’t believe this was allowed to air.

    • Jenn says:

      Those of us who use guns safely don’t watch PW!. ; ) Although, keeping in line with the theory posted above that she is plotting to kill that ungrateful asshole husband of hers, perhaps she “accidentally” keeps her finger on the trigger while reloading so if he “accidentally” gets shot, she can claim it was an accident!

  20. Catherine says:

    Those screencaps remind me of the Epic Mealtime videos on YouTube, where they make lasagna out of fast-food cheeseburgers and stuff like that. It’s so over-the-top unhealthy that it seems like it should be intended as a joke…. but we all know how FN rolls.


    That food just looks really disgusting.

  22. K says:

    Don’t care about Ree but what the heck is the black/grey mark on that woman’s stomach at the end? Looks like mold but hoping it’s a tattoo.

    • Jaune Flammee says:

      It looks like a hamster, though can’t say whether it’s a tattoo or a live one that crawled in there and got squashed.

  23. M86 says:

    That last picture actually looks real and non-photoshopped… Freaky.

    Like you said in a previous post, this show really is the new Semi-Homemade. But in reality, it really is a combo of Semi-Homemade and Paula’s Best Dishes. Way overdone, tacky, annoying, unhealthy, butter-filled, and full of nail-on-chalkboard southern accents. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere… Their “pioneer” way of life makes me laugh. What farm has a “lodge” and maids? *rolls eyes*

    This episode surprised me. Her douche cowboy husband actually said thank you to her. My jaw dropped to the floor.

    On a minor note, I’ve noticed that all of her recipes on her new show were on her blog. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? New recipe on the show, then post on blog?

  24. Buuuuur says:

    I myself am a huge fan of obscenely decidant fat laden foods. I indulge when I can afford it.

    But damn girl

    Those screen shots make me want to hurl. She seems to have no tact with this kind of food. She throws butter, cream, and bacon like fatty snowballs all over the heaps she calls “food.” If she could make a loaf of bread using bacon instead of flour, she would.

    If you are going to go this culinary route, than study from those who do it right. These types of food are about making something as crazily good tasting, as artfully layered, and as incredibly decidant as possiible by any means possible. She gets it very wrong. She just combines as many fatty things as she can and uses butter like it is some kind of politcle statement.

    This type food is made to taste soooper soooooper delicious, sodalicous even! From all that I’ve seen of her food, it forgets the “good tasting” part. Just fatty flavors on top of other fatty flavors garnished with fatty flavors with a side of fatty flavor. The food looks very flat and one note.

    As for the woman herself? She is like a horrible chimera of Paula Deen, Ray Ray, and aunt Sandy. She uses Paula’s shock jock food, parading of her family, and overuse of the “down home” personality. Rayray’s milking of her one note cooking style and being much more of an (irritating) personality than a cook. The worst? She has Aunt Sandy’s achingly obvious fake sincerity and setting the view of women back about 200 years.

    She is an oozing blister on the upper lip of food network and they keep insisting it is a beauty mark.

    I hope her show is the beginning of the end for true of food network. They keep pumping money into these pseudo clebracheifs and you can tell their network is decaying because of it. From Guy Ferry’s disaster of a tour and to the overpowering odor of desperation that emanates for the channel on a now constant basses, I feel it’s days are numbered. It would be nice to see some actual cooking get done.


    She would get stomped on chopped. Than Alex would coldly stare her down while crinkling her nose and devour her whole as revenge for daring to slander the good name of the food genre she loves so much! Alex only has the best taste for ultra decadence. You don’t get such a generous ass from eating just any fatty food.

    • Jen says:

      You should email this to her website.

    • bunny69 says:

      Beautifully written! You expressed my exact sentiments about FN and clearly defined the problem with that network. You’re right about the pseudo celeb chefs but I have to add to that the absence of the cooking competitions that were at least to me, the highlight of their network. The chili cook-offs, Pillsbury contests, the pie competition, the gingerbread and wedding cake competitions and the chuck wagon cook-offs used to show real people cooking and/or baking real food that the average joe could appreciate. Those shows were inspirational and made me and probably the general viewer believe that there was a chance to show off our cooking talents and maybe win a little something along the way. The new shows are so manufactured, scripted and downright fake so as to make the experience of watching painful….

  25. Anne says:

    Oh my – watched for a couple of minutes……then checked out.

    Bad show. Really bad show. Little House on the Prairie meets Paula Deen.

    Where in THE HELL do they find these people?

  26. Kathy says:

    I can almost forgive that I’ve yet to see a recipe that’s even remotely complex, something interesting we’ve never seen before.

    But I can’t forgive how lousy she is in front of the camera. I keep thinking how hard judges are on “The Next Food Network Star” contestants.

    She’d never make it past the first round. She is entirely too stiff, her jokes are dumb and I spend the entire time feeling sorry for her. And yet she gets a show. Incredible.

  27. Jimmy says:

    OMG I watched this bitch for the first time yesterday. WTF! Who is this crazy, fat pancake face FAKE BITCH. How could food network even give this women a show, she has no personally and SHE LOOKS CREEPY AS HELL! Her SEXY, CRAZY husband-nows he’s worth watching!

    • SnickleFritz says:

      I’ve never watched the show but from the pics I’ve seen and I couldn’t agree more. She just creeps me out, the way she looks. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly, but it’s just freaky to look at her.

      • bunny69 says:

        Maybe she’s supposed to be the anti-Giada…Perhaps the FN honchos think that all women who live on ranches and/or farms resemble the “Pioneer” Woman and are therefore more relatable to that creature…I lived on a 40 acre spread in Riverton, Utah some years back and I can assure you that the foods I made required very little butter or oil to taste good and I sure as hell don’t have the face of a turnip dressed in bad clothes!

  28. Katrina says:

    The difference is Paula can actually cook and her recipes are ones she either created herself or gives credit for where she got it. How many times has she said “this recipe comes from ________ y’all!” She gives credit the old church cookbook! And Paula worked her big buttery butt off while raising two kids. The woman can cook. I didn’t say cook healthy, but she can cook.

    Ree rarely, if ever, reveals that she found all those recipes in cookbooks dating back to when Moses walked with dinosaurs. And what is worse is that she screws them up and claims them for herself and her ree-empire. I’m not the biggest Paula fan, but she’s more credible that this woman.

    • No Nic says:

      Hear, hear. She had ganked recipes from Bartlesville community cookbooks, quite possibly some of the same ones my grandmother contributed to (although it depends on religion, as each church had their own competing group–ha!).

      For all I know, she’s featured one of my late grandmother’s real farm (lived through the depression) recipes. IDK, though–Grandma cooked with lard, but she didn’t pile butter sticks on top of meat and potatoes and call that “cooking”.

      For real, now–has Ree ever even dressed a chicken on her blog?

  29. Betsy says:

    What the heck people? If you don’t like it, DON’T WATCH IT. Simple as that. While I don’t agree with the fat content of many of her recipes, I doubt anyone out there in TV land is actually fixing her meals on a daily basis to feed to their families. These are once a week or once every couple weeks kind of meals. Not an everyday thing. I like her recipes and I am a good enough cook that I can figure out how to replace the butter with healthy ingredients. Apparently the complainers haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

    • Suzy says:

      Here, Here……sounds like their shows didn’t get picked.

    • lark says:

      Or if you don’t like this, Betsy, don’t read it. ;-)

      Ree Drummond is a grease stain on the good home-cooking and genuine hard work of hands-on ranching families across the US.

    • Christopher says:

      *ahem* this site is called FOOD NETWORK HUMOR.

    • KristenS says:

      You do realize which website you’re on, right?

    • Dunicha says:

      I feel I shouldn’t have to take a recipe I saw on a COOKING show and replace the heart attack-inducing amount of fat with healthier ingredients. If it doesn’t seem fit for human consumption on the show as she presents it, then I’m not going to make it; I will find a recipe that is healthy and tasty to begin with.

      Also, I don’t like the show, therefore I DON’T WATCH IT. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these recaps.

  30. Mystrich says:

    I watched this episode. She kept saying “It seems like a lot of butter, but with all the people we have, it’s fine”

    If I counted correctly – I counted 12 sticks total – which equates to a total of ONE STICK PER PERSON.

    • Sally says:

      So, just under 1000 calories/person in butter alone for that meal. Don’t forget to add the heavy cream, sour cream, mayonnaise and bacon in addition to the butter!

      That’s ir-ree-sponsible!

  31. Mystrich says:

    Also, please say we’ll be seeing a review of Sweet Genius.

    • Katrina says:

      I couldn’t get into that show (shocker). I am however, interested in the Halloween war thing. If it’s just a bunch of time deadlinesto make craptastic food, oh well. Nothing new. If it’s seriously scary hunting down offending chefs/hosts and hacking them into oblivion, I’m popping popcorn with 15 sticks of butter wearing a flowery shent and semi-douchelord sunglasses on the back of my head. How fun could that be?

    • khintx says:

      AMEN! That show is just begging for a writeup! Does it take place in the bat cave? A sugar spaceship? Is that a sacrificial sugar alter they bring their desserts to? How wierd is that show? He’s bizarre. The ingredients are wacko. The inspirations are strange. The whole thing is just wierdly wierd. kh

      • bunny69 says:

        I agree with you; that Sweet Genius show is really super-weird!! And the bald guy totally looks and (now that I actually watched it) a lot like Udo Kier!! Now that’s weird…Just sayin…

    • JF says:

      Sweet Genius was utterly creepy and just plain weird…and it still couldn’t hold my attention. Do we need a shot of Ron pressing the unnecessarily large button every time an ingredient comes out? Do ingredients need to arrive on moving/rotating tables in the first place? So stupid.

      • jeneria says:

        Sweet Genius was liked Chopped + Iron Chef + a female HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. With its setup there is no way an actual talented pastry chef can win.

  32. Lisa says:

    It isn’t the butter and cream and cheese that are unhealthy though…the potatoes she’s putting them on will make you fat faster than the bacon and toppings. It’s science. Really, look it up. I just lost 30 lbs. eating ‘fatty’ food like butter and cheese but NOT eating potatoes and wheat.
    I will be so happy when the truth about ‘fat’ goes mainstream.

    I do love this blog, though! keep it up:)

    • Sam says:

      Actually its not ‘science’. Science is understanding what carbohydrates are and how they work in your body as compared to fats and other foods.

      The reason why you can eat a lower carbohydrate diet and lose weight while doing so is because a fat takes less kilocalories of energy to burn than a carbohydrate. However, fats do not provide the energy you need to get through the day and allow your body to build muscle. Also, in order for this to actually work you need to cut out things like rice and other starches, not just ‘wheat and potatoes’.

      It is much healthier for your body and you will have lasting effects longer if you eat a balanced meal and cut back on fats. The fats will affect you later when you realize that you have heart disease. Please do not go saying things are science that aren’t. Scientists get kinda ticked off when you do.

      • Gail says:

        Sam are you a scientist? If not, why get your hackles all up about it; I’m sure they can take care of themselves. As for the science of “fat is bad” you do realize that Ancel Keys, (the king of “fat will kill you”) manipulated data back in the 70′s to back up his theory that fat was bad which is where all the low-fat hoopla originated, don’t you? No? Then get to reading pal and stop busting other peoples chops over that which you have no knowledge of. Animal fats and tropical oils (coconut, palm, olive) will NOT make you fat nor will they cause heart disease (uh, your body creates it’s own cholesterol which is what sticks to your arteries, not the stuff you eat). Wheat and sugar are what makes people fat. True story. Google that shit, Buddy and find the science for yourself. Lisa did. I did. People truly interested in the health of others (check out Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Michael Eades, William Davis, Gary Taubes, et al) have done an amazing job of passing on information that hasn’t caught up to mainstream doctors and nutritionists. So, please, Sam, do your OWN research before you castigate someone else for the research they’ve done.

        • Lisa says:

          It actually IS science. Science that the wheat council and other USDA (read: $$ driven) organizations choose to ignore to scare people into eating WAY more carbs than is healthy for your body in a day. Did you know that eating the wheat suggested by the Food Pyramid translates into 3 CUPS of sugar in your system? Yeah, even the 100% whole grain variety. It turns into sugar. Which makes insulin released, which signals your body to store fat. Not burn it. Rice too, and potatoes.
          I stand by my statement, scientifically (if you are interested in TRUE science and nutrition, not just the one rammed down the throats of the American public): Eating the toppings the Pioneer Woman put on that potato is healthier than the potato.
          (ever hear of an ‘essential carboydrate’? No? Oh, that’s because they don’t exist and are NOT essential. Essential fatty acid, oh, yes, THEY exist. Not essential carb, though.
          Fats do NOT cause heart disease. Look up the “Lipid Hypothesis Debunked” or do a simple search on “Does fat cause heart disease?” and you will find the answer.
          Inflammation, however, does. Guess what causes inflammation in the body? Those oh-so-essential wheat products you hold in such high esteem.
          PS: thank you Gail, for being a voice of reason:)

        • April says:

          I don’t care what those guys say..if you eat more calories than you burn, you’re going to gain weight. Period. The laws of thermodynamics are not mutable.

          • Dana says:

            You’re dead right. The whole idea of a low carb diet is eliminating the hunger sensation so you will eat less.

            If you eat more than you burn off, whether it be potatoes and rice or burgers with mayo, you will gain weight.

  33. Summer says:

    I know this is horribly shallow and I apologize but…this woman is hideous. I mean, she is butt-ugly. Perhaps it wouldn’t affect me as much if she didn’t think she’s the cutest li’l thing ever. She’s ugly. She’s not aging well and just has a gross face. The whole forced aren’t-I-so-cute-and-my-hubby(yes hubby ugh)-and-I-are-still-hot-for-each-other thing makes me barf.

    She can’t cook. She’s a bad photographer. What does she have to offer? Oh that’s right – nothing. I never watch the Food Network anymore. Ever. I do watch the Cooking channel but it’s starting to get hijacked by FN spillover. I’m a PBS fan for true cooking shows.

  34. Kev says:

    If you have to drench your food in butter to make it taste good, you’re a shitty cook.

  35. Alexandrite says:

    Isn’t there some way you can decry Ree and Paula’s overuse of butter besides ridculing Paula’s size with Photoshopped underwear and putting Ree’s head on a photo of a pathetically obese woman? It’s true, obese people are the only ones it’s OK to make fun of anymore, and I’m not sure I want to be a party to this. Grow up.

    • Nubb says:

      I thought they were just making fun of Ree and Paula not all the obese people of the world.I didn’t get that at all.You’ve seen this website before right?Yeah,sometimes Jillian comes across as a bit mean spirited but she’s damn funny and I don’t think she means to cause harm to anyone.Try not to take it so seriously.

    • M86 says:

      Sigh… Look at the website you’re at.

      But, we can all admit that her show is horrible.

    • JF says:

      Giada’s giant head and teeny little body have been made fun of too, either by Jillian or readers. I don’t think the last pic in this series was meant to imply that Ree is fat, but to drive home that her recipes use a shitload of butter/fat without any apparent regard to health concerns.

  36. Jenny says:

    They’re not making fun of obese people, they’re making fun of Ree Drummond. Get it straight.

  37. Kev says:

    Butter is good, butter is your friend and there’s nothing on this planet that goes better with lobster.

    It’s phonies like Ree and Paula who overcompensate for the fact that they’re mediocre cooks by drowning everything in the kitchen in butter. It sends a bad and unhealthy message that cramming as many calories and cholesterol as possible into everything you’re making just to make it palatable is okay.

  38. Lisa says:

    It actually IS science. Science that the wheat council and other USDA (read: $$ driven) organizations choose to ignore to scare people into eating WAY more carbs than is healthy for your body in a day. Did you know that eating the wheat suggested by the Food Pyramid translates into 3 CUPS of sugar in your system? Yeah, even the 100% whole grain variety. It turns into sugar. Which makes insulin released, which signals your body to store fat. Not burn it. Rice too, and potatoes.
    I stand by my statement, scientifically (if you are interested in TRUE science and nutrition, not just the one rammed down the throats of the American public): Eating the toppings the Pioneer Woman put on that potato is healthier than the potato.
    (ever hear of an ‘essential carboydrate’? No? Oh, that’s because they don’t exist and are NOT essential. Essential fatty acid, oh, yes, THEY exist. Not essential carb, though.
    Fats do NOT cause heart disease. Look up the “Lipid Hypothesis Debunked” or do a simple search on “Does fat cause heart disease?” and you will find the answer.
    Inflammation, however, does. Guess what causes inflammation in the body? Those oh-so-essential wheat products you hold in such high esteem.
    PS: thank you Gail, for being a voice of reason:)

    • April says:

      Your “true science” is my “junk science.” To each their own. Carbs, fats, sugars, and proteins all have a place in a healthy diet. In moderation.

      • Lisa says:

        I’m not ‘inventing’ what carbs and sugar do to the human body. (that would be junk science).
        There are no two ways around it. It is a fact, and I guess the truth hurts. It isn’t a secret. You can look it up. And I never said all carbs. I said wheat, potatoes, pasta…What those foods do to the body vs. what butter and cream do is a scientific fact. Ask any nutritionist. To me, and based on scientific/nutritional FACTS, sugars and most carbs and ‘healthy diet’ are oxymorons.

        • Sam says:

          It is junk science. It is science that no one can agree on. It is based on real science in first tier journals. But then many many people take that and skew it from its actual meaning. If you want me to believe its real science please provide sources from legitimate tier 1 or tier 2 journals from the past few years to support your claims. If you can’t, then its not real science.

          • Lisa says:

            Can you provide me with legitimate sources that state sugar and wheat are ‘essential’ and have to be included in our diets? “Everything in Moderation” isn’t really applicable to all things. Crack, in moderation, for example. Or poison…wouldn’t want that, even in moderation. For some people, and most people, sugar and wheat ARE poison.

  39. Nipchee says:

    Side note:(I looked at Ree’s blog and noticed it says calf nuts on the tops of her page.I thought “Does she mean actual calf nuts? If so, that’s kind of gross.” I mean I know they obviously castrate them, but to put it on top of your blog page? So I typed calf nuts in google because maybe there are nuts that are called calf nuts or something and 2 gross pictures showed up.From her.So clicked on one and it took me to her blog page and apparently she put freshly cut calf nuts on her husbands hat and in his belt loop and took pictures of it.Then she took a picture of calf nuts lined up.That’s disgusting.I know you gotta be tough when your a wrangler/rancher/farmer, but geez! Show some respect towards the animal!)

    She used all that butter and it says on her blog that she aims to use even more! Seriously? I can understand because of shooting and testing recipes but dang, that’s still too much! I wonder if anybody ate all that food or did it go to waste? Meanwhile there are alot of hungry people in the world…WTF?

  40. Mary says:

    I had been a fan of ree but saw her new show and was sickened. No personality and the whole thing was hokey. Also, those kids have the worst table manners! If she is going to brag about homeschooling them,well, teach them to keep their elbows off the table and take their hats off at the table also.

    • M86 says:

      I hate to say it, but I was a former fan of her blog (the recipe part). Then I realized how fake her and her family is. It’s disgusting.

  41. Zed says:

    I put bacon in everything. I put butter in everything. And I don’t give a fuck. It tastes good.

  42. polly says:

    I was mentally calculating food costs the entire show. Tenderloin on sale, $12/pound. Butter, $2.50/pound and she used at least three pounds of butter. For all of Ree’s talk about her garden, where’s the vegetables? Oh, that’s right, Ladd hates vegetables and Ree cow-tows to that big baby.

    How about some affordable food? I think Food Network with the exception of Sandra Lee and Melissa D’Arabian’s very poor math skills alleging they make affordable food, Food Network has forgotten we are in a recession. Yet they plaster ads about charities for hunger in the middle of these shows that are pure gluttony.

    I did complain to my cable provider. Oh well, at least Good Eats is on the Cooking Channel six times a week.

  43. Kay says:

    Because of FNH I have started watching PW just to see Jillian’s write up’s and read the comments, because I totally love a good old fashioned people slamming party!! Are these still popular on frontiers? Something that has bothered me, that I’ve not seen commented on is her freaking Popeye mouth!! How come the one side of her mouth only works half the time?!?!?! I’m no doctor, but perhaps she has like 12 stokes an episode b/c of all her food, hence Popeye mouth…..

    • No Nic says:

      So bad it’s good, or just so bad? Discuss.

      Ree always strikes me as someone who never says what she really means and it’s like her face is twitching from the constant struggle to hide the bitchface yearning to break free.

  44. Katie says:

    It looks like she overindulged with the Botox and Restylane along with the butter.

  45. R-U-Kidding says:

    Popeye Mouth – LMAO!

    Considering how over the top this show is, I wonder if FN is airing it solely to get us (and other snarky online foodies) “off the scent” of their high-priced “celebrities.”

    PW is surely low-budget. I bet Ree works for minimum wage and even has to supply the food.

  46. PeteC94 says:

    I’ve been a fan of the Pioneer Woman’s Blog for a number of years now but this show is just plain awful. I don’t know why I should be surprised by this.

  47. May says:

    I’ve been watching the show, and while I agree she does use a lot of butter, I thought yesterday’s food looked pretty good and definitely the kind of food we eat here in Texas. I think the comments are way too mean spirited. I thought this website was made to poke a little fun at food network hosts, not be totally hateful. I think it’s great their family works and plays together. And the husband is very typical of the guys around here raised on a ranch. Besides, he’s so cute.

    • Dunicha says:

      Please don’t lump all us Texans together. I was born and raised here, and I don’t think I could stomach that much butter and cream and fat in a week, much less at one meal. My husband worked on a ranch growing up, and he knows how to both eat his vegetables and say please and thank you.

    • No Nic says:

      My family is from OK, KS, and MO and they most certainly do not think a good dinner consists of white potatoes with cream, butter, more butter, some bacon bits, mayo, sour cream, and butter. BLAND!!!

      Whatever happened to Texas chili? Or Tex-Mex? (OMG crack.) Or all those German-American pies and cakes and dumplings from scratch? Or the simplicity of a really fresh steak, not over-cooked? Or bison meat?

  48. Crazy Person says:

    The buttery comment is the comment of the week. I cannot bring myself to watch Pioneer Woman again. Watched it once, which was one too many times. I did a Wikipedia search on Ree to find out where she was originally from when I learned she is from Bartlesville, OK. WTF??? She isn’t from upstate New York or some shit like that. Ree wouldn’t know what a real Pioneer Woman was even if she met one. I find the name of her book laughable. It should be titled Over Privileged Country Club Girl to Country Club-less Girl. To be a pioneer woman, she needs to get in her covered wagon and head to town for groceries. She needs to make her own butter with a churn and sew her own clothes. She still lives in her home state. Not exactly headline news….

  49. orchidgal says:

    I’m just thankful that Jillian is willing to watch this dreck and recap it so that I don’t have to.

  50. Lauren in Mo says:

    Well, I love her, her husband, her kids, and her ranch. Guess you have to be an open minded midwesterner to “get it”. Duh….bigotry stinks

    • bayou says:

      I grew up in Montana and her ranch, as it’s portrayed on the show, is not a real ranch by any stretch of the imagination and her husband acts in a way that the ranchers I knew growing up would never behave. He’s completely disrespectful. I don’t know much about her, I’ve only watched a few episodes and I haven’t read her blog, but whatever “pioneer” or “ranch” persona she’s trying to emulate is completely hollow and false.

      • No Nic says:

        Yeah, but with his 150000 head of cattle you can damn well kiss his ***. Oh, sure, it’s not in keeping with Midwestern values–fabulous wealth never was–but he can afford to be snobby to the neighbors and **** near anyone else.

        His money buys her lifestyle and you’d better believe he doesn’t let her forget it.

    • May says:

      I agree. People sure think they can tell what a person is like by watching a few minutes on TV. They probably were so uncomforable with cameras all over the place that they don’t act the way they usually do. Especially cowboy types – they don’t show a whole lot of affection in public. And if he was as rude as people think he is, she wouldn’t be so crazy about him.

      • Dana says:

        He’s also very rich. Women put up with a lot of shit when a man is loaded with money, never noticed that?

        Maybe they’re not acting. Maybe this is what they’re really like and what you can hide on a blog, you sure can’t hide on tv where your personality shines through every word and move.

  51. Amy says:

    There are some ANGRY people up on this website, LOL…That being said, I have always enjoyed FNH…keep up the good work! SO FUNNY!!! Shockingly to many who’ve commented here, I also enjoy Pioneer Woman and most shows on The Food Network. These shows are for entertainment purposes. If you don’t like, don’t watch. My husband actually enjoys The Cooking Channel and PBS for the “real” cooking shows.

    • Hakuna Fritatta says:

      After learning about the pwsucks site here, I expected the show to be awful. Ree wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought she’d be, however, my dad was from Oklahoma and ate more or less like this (Good Morning Elmer!) For 10 years I watched while he had heart attacks and coronary bypass surgeries. Nope, won’t be watching this, or cooking it.

  52. Chucks says:

    I’m not even going to lie to you. Those potatoes are freaking delicious. I make it into a casserole. It’s terrible for you but they are amazing.

  53. Your Name says:

    Butter is good for you! It must’ve butter from grass fed cows! What do you want her to use.. Margarine?

    • bunny69 says:

      Butter’s great but just not so much of it…There are other ways to season food without using so much butter, bacon grease, oil, etc…Ms. Dash is a great seasoning to use on taters, steaks, chicken, salads, etc..Just sayin…

  54. Cherry says:

    The one thing that annoys me is that on her website, when she is explaining the recipes, she puts such unnecessary comments. Like, on one, she is showing her mixing bowl (as if we dont know how to mix ingredients), and she goes

    “Measure one cup, and dump them into the bowl with the butter. Look! Groovy! You can see my ceiling. Trippy, man.”


  55. Daneen says:

    Is that Alex Guarnachewhateverthefuck in the after photo?

  56. brista says:

    Since Ree is adding pasta and bread and other junk to her butter, I don’t consider it healthy. However, eating fat in general doesn’t make you fat…Traditional fats like tallow, lard, and yes even butter are okay. It’s industrially-processed seed oils, grains, and an excess of processed carb “food” (all those cereals and snacks and “treats”) that make people fat. Read up on paleo!!

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