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Next Iron Chef Fan Vote
Posted by Jillian Madison

Have you braved the obnoxious pop-up ads and auto-start videos on Food Network’s website and voted for your favorite Next Iron Chef contestant? No? Because you can! And you can vote TEN TIMES A DAY!

Anyway, I just cast my vote for Anne Burrell because I wanted to see the results. And frankly, I’m shocked and appalled by them:

Anne Burrell is in 1st place. No surprise there.

ROBERT IRVINE is in position #2. And Chuck Hughes is in third place. Um, okay?

Since this is a fan vote, it’s not about what the food tastes like (since we’re not tasting it) or how good these people really are in the kitchen (since we have absolutely no clue). It’s an 11th grade POPULARITY CONTEST and the most well known and well liked faces win.

Personally, Robert Irvine has always annoyed the hell out of me, and I know nothing about Chuck Hughes other than the fact he thinks he’s cool because he can stay on a skateboard for 3 seconds. It’s only when comparing Robert and Chuck to the others on the list that I can see why the vote is turning out the way it is.

Bottom line: If Burrell doesn’t win, I’d like Guarnaschelli to win. And if Guarnaschelli doesn’t win, I really don’t care who wins. The rest of those contestants are more dull than the coat of paint on my grandmother’s 1989 Buick. Call me crazy, but the end of the day, would you really tune in to watch Beau MacMillan or Michael Chiarello compete against someone?

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    50 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    I like Anne and would love to see her as an Iron Chef. She has the right amount of humor to bring some life to kitchen stadium. I think that’s why I like Symon as well. Cooking should be fun and entertaining and Anne brings that to the table. I do like Robert Irvine too. As a gym rat I can appreciate how awkward he looks while cooking. I’d market Irvine as the “guys” chef over a douche bag like Guy Ferry any day. I am some will disagree on the Irvine thing.

    Keep up the great work FNH

  2. Jesseth says:

    I live near Montreal and I’ve been a Chuck Hughes fan for a long time. I can’t see him winning this competition though.

    • Ocean's Edge says:

      exactly – he’s well enough known in Canada for his ‘Chuck’s Day Off’ series on FNC – and he’s good, like the show, like him, … but he just doesn’t have the US fan base to win this.

      I think FN just threw him in there because a) we’ve seen him on Iron Chef, b) it’s a token gesture to the FNC watchers and c) his series recently wrapped up, so he has the spare time to do it.

      But win it? I’m not holding my breath. Definitely he and Anne are my favs.

  3. mac says:

    The Food Network and the Cooking Channel have both been in overdrive trying to push Chuck Hughes. Are the employees of the channels doing the voting?

  4. ButtaRumCake says:

    Cracked up laughing at the Mo’Nique gif!

    I swear I said HALE NO answering the question just like that before I saw the gif LOL

  5. Buccaneer84 says:

    My only problem with Anne is that she seems to over animate or over act on her show and it just doesn’t seem genuine to me. Aside from that, she is obviously talented and a great competitor. I’m not surprised to see Robert Irvine that high at all, he is my favorite out of everyone on the show. He works hard and actually helps people on his shows, which is something I respect. He may not be as animated or bright as Anne but I would love to see him win.

  6. D says:

    As a Brit I am embarrassed by Irvine, and wish he wouldn’t keep mentioning that he is originally from over here. He comes across as a proper tool, and the level of vanity for a man so ugly is quite astounding. Can’t imagine why on earth he should be popular.

    We seem to have lost Iron Chef over here for the moment, as the UK channel is just rammed full of cupcake shit, which is a shame as it is my favourite of the FN programmes. It lost a bit of interest once Batali left, so I very much hope and think that Burrell deserves to be back on the show. After her I’d probably say Guarnaschelli then Zakarian or MacMillan.

    • Alexandrite says:

      “…the level of vanity for a man so ugly is quite astounding.” D, you said exactly what I’ve been thinking about Irvine! Thanks!

  7. Mark H88 says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Robert Irvine, but I don’t mind him. I think FN forces him to play up his image. He doesn’t seem like he’d be that intense in person.

    But I wouldn’t like him on IC. When I saw the first commercial for TNIC, I called Falkner to be the winner and I still stand by it. My reasoning is that she isn’t well known and they are in desperate need of a female chef on IC.

  8. Fia says:

    I split my votes between Anne and Alex… but it only let me vote 9 times, so Alex only got 4 of them. Apparently the Food Network site can’t count… are we surprised? I’m sure not.

    In mostly-unrelated news, I found out today from Jason Sobocinski (host of the new Cooking Channel series The Big Cheese) that we share a brother-from-another-mother. Our brother-in-common, Adam Ezra, wrote and performed the theme and background music for the series. It’s weird to have the Cooking Channel on in the background while I’m dubbing around the house and hear Adam on my TV.

  9. Crimdellacrim says:

    I just don’t understand the popularity of that fake cockbite Irvine. I still remember on his first show, he was doing a dinner for Priscilla Presley, & she requested banana pudding. He mixed everything all together, & she was flipping out ( this was back when her face moved). A monkey would know how to layer his nanner puddin! Another time he was making mashed potatoes, ran low, so added instant. He said it didn’t matter! If he wins this, they should just go ahead and make Pioneer gal & Mr. Sweet jeans Iron Chefs!

    • BurgerTime says:


      Irvine actually used instant mashed potatoes on one of his other shows?

      I watch Irvine on “Restaurant Impossible” every week, and he regularly chews out and criticizes restaurant owners who used instant potatoes or canned foods.

      Irvine insists everything be made from scratch all the time because anything else “is not cooking.”

      • Crimdellacrim says:

        Yes! I think he was doing a big dinner for some kind of military base or carrier or something similar. This was on before he was exposed as a fraud–when the intro suggested he was some special forces hotshot.

        • Ronnie says:

          I guess soldiers get the instant. They should be glad they aren’t eating MREs. They will eat the instant potatoes AND THEY WILL LIKE IT.

  10. A non y mus says:

    Alex doesn’t seem to possess any skills except whining and having panic attacks. I hope she’s ousted, and soon.

  11. Ben says:

    I’d prefer someone who actually adds something to the current Iron Chef lineup, from a food perspective. You know, because the show is about food.

    Which to me means the following people should just quit now:
    Guarnaschelli (who I hate, btw)
    Chiarello (though the show could use more smarm)
    Falkner (still don’t understand how she gets on these shows)

  12. alligirl says:

    Looks like this post worked, as Anne is up by a 33% to Irvine’s 27%. Keep voting, peeps! :D Anne is a breath of fresh air compared to most of her ‘competitors.’

  13. AK says:

    You need to become better educated with all things Chuck Hughes. His show is the best cooking show on TV right now.

    • Viri says:

      If not the best, then pretty close. He’s hot, he’s unpretentious and he makes fun, yummy looking food on his show. He gets my vote. I don’t care if the Cooking Channel is positioning him to be the next big star. At least I like him…which is more than I can say for most of the other IC contestants. Plus anybody who beats that leprechaun Bobby Flay always scores some points with me.

    • jj says:

      Yeah, Chuck’s Day Off (and Bitchin’ Kitchen, for that matter!) are better than 99% of what’s on FN these days. I’m very much a Chuck Hughes fan; yes, he’s easy on the eyes (never a bad thing) but from what I’ve seen, he’s original and creative and has fun in the kitchen. I hope he does well.

    • SPA GIT TEEEEE says:

      But …. he has eyes like Bruce the Shark.

  14. Adarkara says:

    I love Chuck. I watch him every day after work. He is so adorable, funny and good-hearted. He seems really genuine. While he might not be a good iron chef, he is still awesome.

  15. Erv says:

    Alex has always been my fav. Robert is in second it because people see his as an Iron Chef. Remember his main show is about meals for a hundreds of people in a couple of hours (like an Iron Chef.) Still we’ll see who the producers… I mean judges pick.

    • Plumpy says:

      On Chopped Alex always seems to have sand in her vag, however she’s grown on me and I actually like her. Do I think she’ll win? No, but it’s fun to watch her compete.

  16. Katie says:

    I have yet to see the show, but judging by the vote it really is a popularity contest. Marcus Samuelsson is the only valid choice on the list, but many Food Network watchers have no clue who he is. Fail

  17. MelfinaPan says:

    I’d like to see it go to either Alex or Anne. I’m having a hard time picking between the two. They’re both amusing to watch and I enjoy how they talk about food.

    Irvine doesn’t bother me that much. I assume people are just itching to see another Anne vs Robert showdown so that might also be why the votes are they way they are.

  18. Erosempai says:

    I like Irvine. He reminds me of a British actor from Doctor Who. The 9th Doctor in fact. He’s much better then some if the others. I still like Anne though. Alex rubs me the wrong way.

  19. Boke1 says:

    The thing I like about Iron Chef is that there’s a limited amount of listening to the chefs talking. That way my exposure to Irvine’s overbite-induced lisp and Chiarello’s gagging Ls stop are at a minimum. Whoever wins has big orange Crocs to fill.

  20. Amy says:

    I like Robert. And I would like Anne if she didn’t speak in such an annoying manner.

  21. MARTIN says:

    I think Chuck or Anne would be great Iron Chefs. I have been to Chuck’s restaurant and the food is simple with amazing flavor. He also seems like a very cool guy. My favorite though will always be Anne. She is a winner and her recipes are really great.

  22. shouldbestudying says:

    Alex is a pretentious annoying ass wart. GO ANNE!! Everyone else sucks. Although I must say, as a straight man, there is something strangely sexy about that Faulkner chick…

  23. Sea Hag says:

    I’m on the Chuck Boat too, I’ve met him before and he’s actually a cool guy and a cutie pie. His food is great too.

  24. Hannah says:

    I think we should all rise up and vote in the most boring, God-awful chef on the show just for spite. Like Spike…I can’t stand the little bastard, but wouldn’t it stick it to FN if we voted for the worst twit in the mix? AND HE WON?!
    Just throwing that out there.

  25. Alicia says:

    I LOVE this site but I loathe Anne AND Alex… They are my two LEAST favorite people on the show. I would love for Chuck to win…. he has a great personality and if I hear Anne growl at me one more time I will lose my damn mind…

  26. Emily says:



    No, for real. People LIKE Anne Burrell? How is that even possible? Have you guys ever seen her or heard her speak or watched her on TV? She’s absolutely ghastly to look at and her voice and mannerisms are like nails on a chalkboard. She is easily the most annoying girl creature on Food Network. And yes, that includes Giada, Rachael, Paula, Gina, Sunny, and Sandra.

    Honestly, it makes no sense that Guy Fieri (whom I also detest) is crucified around here, while his female clone is given a free pass to have even douchier hair and equally annoying mannerisms.

  27. D says:

    Spoiler alert. Like the shadow shot, shown at the beginning of the promos which was more then likely the giveaway that Anne would be. the very least is the three in the shot are the last three standing. Robert will be going this week. I had sent a screen shot to your email and can’t post it myself. If everyone looks at the future show promos. Alton starts standing in front of 8 jars of candy, thus this if from the 3rd show. The chefs as they are running towards the jars are 8. Who’s missing? Robert.
    Keep up the good work, enjoy the info and humor, and I agree with Alton, we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves.

  28. Gypsy says:

    The power of this blog is mighty. Alex Guarnaschelli is now in third place, ahead of Chuck Hughes. I can only conclude (based on my completely scientific testing method of looking at the order in which I looked at things, which is about as valid as anything we see on Next Iron Chef) that your call for her to win if Anne Burrell does not is the cause.

    I enjoy watching Chuck Hughes in the kitchen. And I’m part Canadian. So I wouldn’t mind seeing him win. But Irvine’s only appeal that I can see is that he has massive arms (whereas Hughes’ arms are massively tattooed) and he thinks he’s sexy. And some people think that thinking you’re sexy makes you sexy.

  29. TheKeyLime says:

    Wasn’t Spike eliminated last week? People must really hate MacMillan and Falkner.

  30. Dorset says:

    Alex Guarnaschelli was just so nervous. It gave me some perspective on her judging style on Chopped (I get the feeling she’s a really harsh and picky judge for others because that’s exactly how she judges her own food), but she seems like a prime candidate for dropping out of the competition because she can’t handle the pressure, not like someone who can compete on a regular basis.

  31. SixDegrees says:

    The lineup this season is disturbingly inbred. Every single contestant either already has a show on FN or has appeared with regularity on one of their shows. In the past, at least, they would pull in contestants from outside the network who would bring fresh new ideas along with them. Now, I guess, FN is simply interested in deepening their echo chamber, or they’ve lost so many chops with the actual culinary community since moving to an all-game-show format that they simply can’t draw real cooking talent from outside anymore.

  32. that girl says:

    I don’t get how people like Alex. She’s neurotic and annoying. She can’t handle pressure. Every time I see her squinty, judgmental facial expressions on Chopped, I want to change the channel. I wouldn’t watch Iron Chef if she won.

  33. Plumpy says:

    Love Anne. She knows her shit and has an interesting, quirky personality without being an off-the-wall fucktard. If Robert wins it will totally spoil my Iron Chef experience.

  34. Mystrich says:

    I honestly agree it’s almost definite Burrell wins. I feel like they’ve been grooming her for this, given all the contests she’s been on (and Irvine will be in the final 3 to keep their rivalry going). The fact she has Iron Chef experience helps too.

    But who knows. I don’t particularly care since I don’t watch Iron Chef often

  35. Tabitha says:

    Just FYI, Anne & Chuck are tied for 1st right now @ 24%. What is this world coming to???

  36. Craig says:

    episode 2 wtf? what is the point of giving challenges to the competitors if the judges are going to ignore their own rules? in episode 2 this disregard for the challenge parameters set by the judges was disregarded twice. Irvine should not of had to compete in the chairmans challenge in the first place as zakarian failed to understand the actual challenge of ballpark food and Chiarello served raw unseparated egg. Additionally during the cookoff with the peanut 50% of Chiarellos dish didnt even have the secret ingredient! At this point they should just rid the show of specific ingredient/scenario contests and just have them all cook a dish each week and base the whole competition on who can cook the best dish every week as it doesnt seem to matter that the competitors can staywithin the boundaries of the challenge. They say that they want to hold these chefs to a higher standard yet turn a blind eye when these “super chefs” dont follow the simple rules set out before them. I demand a recount!

  37. TruFoodie says:

    ANNE BURRELL?? Are you kidding me? She is sooo annoying and hard to listen to her Kermit voices and view her orange skin and finger-in-an-electric-socket hair. Can’t stand her!

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