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Next Iron Chef: Just The Good Stuff (Episode 3)
Posted by Jillian Madison

And then there were 8!

This week, the finalists headed to the historic Orpheum theater in LA to meet up with Alton Brown:

Whoops, that’s not what happened. Let me try that again:

There we go! Much better. Anyway, the chefs settled into their seats and Alton gave a little history lesson on the Orpheum Theater. Then, the lights lowered, and the tacky yellow curtains rose. Movie time! What was playing at the Orpheum that night?

Damn it. That’s not right either. Apologies. Lots of technical difficulties here on FNH tonight. Let me try that one more time:

Ah yes. There we go. Sadly, a porno about threesomes wasn’t playing that night. It was just the Chairman yapping on and on about, well, nothing.

After the chefs finished watching some super up-close footage of his sweaty face, Alton explained the details of the first challenge. Tonight was all about ingenuity, as the gang had to transform disgusting movie candies into two dishes. And since Guarnaschelli won last week, she picked her candy first (she chose chocolate raisins) and assigned the rest of the candies to the other chefs.

So, who got what? Alex was nice to her buddy Anne and gave her root beer because she “wanted her to shine.” Meanwhile, Falkner got chocolate malt balls, Hughes got popcorn, Chiarello got gummy candies, Zakarian got cinnamon candy, Samuelsson got chocolate caramels, and Macmillan got sour patch kids.

And the award for “most obnoxious, pretentious comment of the night” once again went to Michael Chiarello for exclaiming: “Gummy candies? That’s a silly ingredient for a chef like me to work with.” Ohhhhhhh. A chef like you. So wait, let’s back up a minute. Gummy bears are a no-no, but shilling for MARIE CALLENDER’S MICROWAVABLE PASTA BOWLS is totally cool? Oh, okay. Got it.

michael chiarello commercial

michael chiarello commercial

michael chiarello commercial

I really hope Chiarello is a nice guy in real life, because on TV, he just kinda comes off as a jerk.

Anyway, since this is supposedly a cooking competition, the chefs got down to business and cooked for a few minutes. Blah, blah, blah. The only highlight came when Zakarian spent 8 years trying to work his Cuisinart. Apparently, he has 7 fireplaces in his home – but nary a food processor to be found. Such a shame.

And now, the judging! The best performers of the night were Burrell, Zakarian, and Falkner. The judges loved Anne’s root beer enhanced quail and root beer spice cake, but ultimately, Elizabeth Falkner was named the winner of the challenge. In fact, Judy Joo proudly proclaimed that Falkner… and I quote… “GAVE HER HER FIRST FOODGASM.”

The funniest part of the show was Anne Burrell’s facial reaction to Judy’s “foodgasm” comment:

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to know about Judy Joo’s orgasms, foodgasms, or any other kind of JOO-GASMS. I just don’t.

And while I’m at it, WHO THE F IS JUDY JOO ANYWAY? Does anyone who isn’t totally obsessed with the world of food even have a clue? I googled her and found out she’s an ex-professional banker who suddenly quit the business world to become a chef. And now she’s cooking at a Playboy Club in the UK and judging 10 people who are some of the finest chefs on the planet? Oh, okay. Just checking.

The bottom two performers were just like I called ‘em on Twitter: Beau Macmillan and Chuck Hugues. They went head to head in a 30-minute TOFU battle. Beau made a trio of tofu (never a good idea, because it gives the judges too much to criticize and compare) and Chuck made a crispy silken tofu.

In the end, CHUCK HUGHES went home.

And now there are 7. Next week, more stuff happens, more stuff is cooked, and another person is sent home.

That’s all she wrote! What did you think of the episode, FNH?

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  1. Tabitha says:

    Falkner’s starting to grow on me, mostly because she seems to have chops and not be a total bitchy egomaniac like Chiarello Callendar’s or Zakarian, Lord of the Fireplaces. I’ll be happy if she, Anne or Alex win, although I don’t think she’d be nearly as fun to watch as Anne.

  2. CJM says:

    Oh darn! Chuck Hughes is one of my faves! Okay, Anne Burrell! YOU MUST WIN! I love you, girlfriend!

  3. Lisa says:

    I am kind of sad that Chuck got sent home. I enjoyed him. I am totally still Team Burrell.

    Chiarello and Zakarian can die from a fire from one of GZ’s *7* fireplaces or by food poisoning courtesy of a Marie Callender’s dinner.

    For some reason, I thought Samuelsson would annoy me more.

    Falkner and Joo need to get a room and get it over with.

    • Alton Rules says:

      “Chiarello and Zakarian can die from a fire from one of GZ’s *7* fireplaces or by food poisoning courtesy of a Marie Callender’s dinner.”

      Holy crap, it might be time to switch off the T.V. Lisa (or to up your meds).

      • Lisa says:

        Why? Because I want to have the two most obnoxious people I have ever seen on any cooking competition show leave? Preferably the planet Earth?

        • Alton Rules says:

          You wished for two men to burn to death just for being slightly annoying. You don’t see that as just a touch psychotic? And if they are the two most obnoxious people you have ever seen on a cooking competition, I envy you. I witnessed Guy Fieri and Duff Goldman compete, now that’s what I call obnoxious.

          • Erica says:

            It’s called a hyperbole. I doubt that she wants them to truly burn in all the fires. It’s a gross exaggeration used for emphasis.


          • DBK says:

            It may be psycotic, but i think watching over privledged a$$holes burned alive is what this country needs

          • uhhh says:

            Don’t be ridiculous. This is the freaking internet, people can say what they want. She didn’t say ‘I’m gonna go murder them’.
            Lighten up.
            If I’m not offended by your meds and psychotic comments(someone who has meds and psychosis), then you shouldn’t throw a bitch fit over her comment.

          • satanslilsunbeam says:

            I’m betting, just a possibility, though, that they were kidding about that comment. I could be wrong…maybe she is a pryo murdering blog reader.

    • Brown Sugar says:

      Joo, I don’t think Faulkner’s that into you. She’s growing on me, she seems level-headed and clearly can impress the judges with her food.

      I bet anything Chiarello develops an obsession with cooking gummy bears properly. Loved Alex’s tweet last night: “Who separates gummy bears?”

      • Yorke says:

        “Who separates gummy bears?”

        I do, but that’s just my OCD.

        • mkeller819 says:

          Actually, I separate gummy bears. The clear ones are my favorites, so I save them for last. And I only eat the same colors at a time. I do the same thing with skittles (saving the red for last). I guess it’s my OCD creeping up on me!

          • Yorke says:

            Exactly! Whether it’s gummies, skittles or M&M’s, you separate them into colors and eat them in reverse-order of your color preference. Doesn’t Alex know anything?

          • AllyJS says:

            I am so glad to know I am not the only person who does this.

  4. Mimarin says:

    I’m glad Anne got to show off a little. :D Also, her face during gasmgate was very hilarious.

    I’m also a Chiarello and Zakarian fan because they’re such prisses and I consider them funny! Sad to see Hughes go, he was such a cute and friendly puppy. :<

  5. Donna says:

    I think the whole thing is a setup. But then, FNH called that a while back. I thought Beau had the “you’re outta here” edit tonight; I was way wrong. Eh.

  6. Steve says:

    Did anyone else catch that extra long bum grab Chiarello gave Macmillan at the end?

    • Toler Flyrence says:

      Helloooo, wtf was that all about?
      I hope they know each other really well. That ass grab almost made me cringe as much as watching Chuck Hughes do just about anything–although his comment about wanting to throw up humanized him a bit.
      This is still one of the best competition shows I’ve ever watched on FN–even though the winner has already been chosen.
      I’m just hoping there’s a surprise Fogelson sighting soon!!!!!!!!!!

    • Annie says:

      Yeah I saw that too. Awkward!!

    • FOODIE says:

      ChiChi also gave Chuck a nice little pat on the lower back as they exited the theater at the beginning, too. Hmm….

  7. Justin says:

    I have an idea. When a chef loses on The Next Iron Chef, can they also be fired from the network? Food Network is taking the time to weed the chefs out for the show so why not take it all the way?

  8. lilol says:

    Strange that you accuse others of ‘sexual things’ when you really actually want to do it so badly that you’re dreaming of threesomes and cosplays

    • The Other Jillian says:

      What? I don’t even….that doesn’t make any sense!

    • Emily says:

      Oh my god….you so nailed Jillian on the head. You didn’t know that she puts on her Ina Garten shents (blue denim, black, or white – no shitty colors), turns on the good ol’ FN and smears herself in really good olive extra virgin olive oil (RGEVOO – as we FN cosplayers call it). She imagines herself in a delightful little sandwich of Guy Fi-eddy douchiness and Sandrunk Lee drunkenness….we call that the “Food Network Sandwich of Sorrow and Shitty Decisions.”

      I am so glad someone finally exposed Jillian for the rabid Food Network fan that she is…..oh…wait. That makes about as much sense as YOUR post, LILOL.

    • satanslilsunbeam says:

      Strange that most of the people that try to make snarky comments against this blog suck miserably at any attempt at actually being sarcastic…or making any sense.

  9. quu says:

    Did you notice the baseball style ass-pat at the end? My wife rewound it twice on the DVR… could not believe it.

  10. Jenny Z says:

    I heart Anne Burrell’s face.

  11. shouldbestudying says:

    I never liked Alex’s actual cooking show but she’s really growing on me. I do on the other hand want to run over Zakarian with my Toyota Corolla and then back over him.

  12. chiarello only kinda comes off as a jerk? no no, the guy is a jerk. i’ll never forget this one episode of his i saw, some christmasy type thing and he was making jars of some crap to give to his friends as presents. what happened when they came over for gifts? HE MADE THEM COOK AND ASSEMBLE THE JARS.

    merry christmas, best buds! now make the present i’m giving to you. aren’t i the best friend ever?

    • Yorke says:

      He was really smarmy on his Easy Entertaining show. It’s funny that people keep saying he’s gay because on the show he shamelessly flirted with every woman within eyesight.

  13. Cj says:

    I hate the sound of that stupid huge door with the knives on it. Is it just me, or is it overly loud and obnoxious? Do they really have to make such a grand entrance through those huge doors?!

  14. dja says:

    I really dislike Judy Joo. What happened to Donatella Arpia?

  15. Jersey Girl says:

    Is Judy Joo trying to be a dollar store knock off of Padma?

    • tich tran says:

      No because unlike Padma or even the chef FAILURE Bourdain(having restaurants closed due to using finance for drugs, fired, etc), she is a REAL CHEF(trained by the hot temper but TALENTED GORDON RAMSEY). Even though she had NO FORMAL TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE before bravely coming up to Ramsey and asking for a job. And this at a time when she was in her late 20-early 30. Other chefs like Bourdain and his friend Chang would never hire a “old” person out of culinary school to work as a prep cook(called in europe commis or commis chef) or even line cooks(called by europeans or Escoffier CHEFS DES PARTIE ie “station chefs).

      • tich tran says:

        My bad she went to FCI(Flay’s school) but still based on what I know never had pro kitchen experience before Ramsey.

      • Heather says:

        Your RANDOM CAPITALIZATION really makes me DOUBT your claims EVEN MORE for SOME reason. I just dont KNOW WHY.

        Ramsey is entertaining, but his US shows are scripted as fuck. I used to be up his ass too, until I watched some shows of his that weren’t on Fox. He barely curses and loses his temper at all on the UK shows. On US TV, he’s an actor first and a chef second. In real life? I’d know if I had the money, but I don’t.

        • Craig says:

          I’ve noticed that too about Ramsey. He’s calm and normal on his UK shows with some casual swearing, but nothing like his US shows. He looks like he’s about to have stroke over the smallest things on US tv and just explodes all the time. Obviously performing for the audience, not genuine.

          • Kim says:

            It’s so scripted that he closes a restaurant for any reason around the 20 minute mark. I used to like it, but can’t watch the same tired, “we’re closing it down” rant.

      • ct says:

        You know, I could watch Pixar’s “Ratatouille” and be able to toss around those same French cooking titles.


      • Dave Geek says:

        Okay, so because she asked for a job she’s a real chef… oops sorry I mean a REAL CHEF. As opposed to Bourdain who cooked professionally for decades. And the justification for this? Because he got fired or places went under? Hate to break it to you but that’s part of working in the restaurant business. Ramsey’s had restaurants go under and I’m sure he’s left places he’s worked involuntarily. Bourdain ran kitchens thus he is a real chef, or a REAL CHEF if you prefer.

        FYI this is coming from someone who started working in kitchens in his early 30s with “NO FORMAL TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE” so I guess I must be a “REAL CHEF” too. Except wait, I’ve been fired from places and places I’ve worked have gone under. So am I not a “REAL CHEF”? It’s so confusing.

        • tich tran says:

          I never said you can’t be a real chef w/ restaurant closing. It just that Bourdain bashes other “chefs”(including “fake” private chefs(his word) although Antonine Careme the father of haute cuisine was a private chef). It called hyporisy. And in europe you don’t have to ALWAY RUN the whole kitchen to be called a CHEF. You could also run a part of a kitchen. Like the word CHEF DE PARTIE. In fact if you study the bridgade a pastry chef is , for most of history and still in europe is mostly a CHEF DE PARTIE(“LINE COOK”). Ever heard of being a section chief. That what a CHEF DE PARTIE is. Although when you want the ‘CHEF’ in a restaurant you, of course, want the head chef(de cuisine).

    • Bellus says:

      Snooty foodie Judy is a phony. She can’t pull off the prententious, obnoxious attitude then talk dirty. Pick one or the other or better yet…get yourself a man Judy! This chick is in dire need of some serious attention. FN execs need to “vote” JJ off of the show!

  16. tich tran says:

    Judy Joo wasn’t just an ex banker turned chef but one trained by the foul mouthed but talented GORDON RAMSEY.

  17. Mel says:

    i vote for anne or alex. everyone else can gtfo. especially queen chiarello, and “it was cooked perfectly” samuelsson.

  18. Deaner says:

    Joo is apparently also an Iron Chef on the UK version of that show. I thought this clip was sort of amusing:

    I think I saw Iron Chef Martin in Braveheart…

  19. Ally says:

    I actually enjoy NIC a lot more than most shows on the food network (god give me back the 5 minutes i turned on Sweet Genius for).

    I thought the judging was fair again tonight and the right person went home. I liked Chuck Hughes, but he never seemed very creative to me.

    I can’t stand Samuelsson, he seems so pretentious, and ditto for Chiarello, although don’t hate too much on his Marie Callendar’s gig… those meals are pretty good for frozen meals. =x

    Strangely I do like Zakarian though. Maybe it’s his glasses.

    Could have done w/o the “foodgasm” crap. Just say it was delicious like a normal person lady.

    I’m rooting for Anne Burrell, Alex G, or Zakarian.

    Anyone else disgusted at the thought of coconut soup with sour gummies floating in it?

  20. Dr. L. says:

    I’m thinking Judy Joo is in a long dry spell…NOGASMS. Oops, now I’m doing it.

  21. Matt says:

    No one’s mentioned the singular reason AB gave for Judy Joo being on the panel:

    When he introduced her, he said that she was an Iron Chef herself. Specifically, she was on Iron Chef UK. The Wikipedia article makes it sound interesting on several levels: it was a team-based competition and it was a strip show (on five days a week), but it didn’t work out.

    I don’t know why you’d try to make it a strip show—I think people would get tired of that pretty quickly. Then again, in England, they make “series” of 6-24 episodes for a show and that’s all there is; renewal is often not expected and some series are not written to be renewed. So maybe it was only supposed to be for 20 episodes or so, all airing in one month, who knows.

    According to the Wikipedia wiki thing, Joo was 3-0 in her Kitchen Stadium UK battles.

  22. FOODIE says:

    I watched last night, but was totally disappointed that my Chuckie Wuckie went home.

    I, too, was taken aback by ChiChi’s “…a chef like moi” statement. Wow.

    I kept wondering how in the hell they were going to make meals out of those items. Well, they did, and for the most part, it worked.

    • KrazyKatLady says:

      I was apoplectic when I heard Chiarello’s “chef like me” statement. I wanted to throw something at the TV. He was on Top Chef Masters and totally arrogant. I was so disappointed when he madeit to the finals but happier when the gracious Rick Bayless won the title. I hope Chiarello goes home soon.

  23. Bellossom Ranger says:

    Dang, skipped this episode after the first ten minutes to play Sims 3 because I wanted to focus on the Iron Chef America Thanksgiving battle between Flay/Symon and Garces/Forgione. My house staff at the group home stopped doing their work to watch them cook. One said her mouth was watering!

    FN, you succeed again at making old ladies drool and no, that’s not a jab at Judy’s “gasm’ comment. :)

    Still, yay for Whoppers(the brand of malted milk balls I usually find in the store) winning the Chairman’s Challenge, and meh for Chuck getting the axe. I never watch his show ANYWAYS. :p

  24. ILuvCupcakes says:

    Did anyone notice when Zakarian tried to assemble the food processor, someone (another chef, producer or whatnot) told him to flip the top over to put it on properly. Then he says “Im glad I figured it out” WHAT????? I couldnt stop laughing. Hey Einstein, YOU didnt figure it out!!!!

    • Girl Fairy says:

      Yes!!! I noticed that as well, I was actually yelling at the tv “YOU didn’t figure it out!!” He’s an ass but apparently the guy can cook, he’s had the best looking food in the whole competition.
      I really like Chuck Hughes & was disappointed he was eliminated so early in the compeition, but I never expected him to win. Totally think the other guy should’ve gone home, he’s never done anything very memorable except yell at other competitors during the elimination challenge.
      At this point, I’m hoping for Alex or Anne to win. Chiarello makes me want to punch my tv & while Samuelson can cook, I think he’d be boring as an IC. I almost want Lord of the Fireplaces to win just to see him bitch & moan on a regular basis in kitchen stadium.
      (Still, to date I think the best NIC moment was during last week’s epidsode when Chuck said that he thought Zakarian would have someone else running for him to collect his food!!)

    • stoup says:

      I couldn’t believe he said that, either. I’m so sick of him. He’s an ass on Chopped, and even worse on NIC! He needs to go home next.

    • Allie says:

      Totally noticed it. I was all “bitch you didn’t figure out shit, the camera guy helped you”

    • Eurodancemix says:

      I think it was said sarcastically…realizing he had a major doofus moment on national TV.

    • Kay says:

      I was laughing out loud too when Geoffrey was trying to put the food processor together. It totally reminded me of the clips of bumbling idiots they put on infomercials where people can’t seem to figure out how to use the simplest of kitchen tools!!

  25. Susan says:

    I’m rooting for Anne because she’s just plain cool… and a lot of fun to watch.

  26. Melissa says:

    My favorite (along with Anne’s foodgasm face) was Alex calling Geoffrey a “princess”…. Please tell me i wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that?!!

  27. stoup says:

    Elizabeth Fualkner reminds me of Chaz/Chastity Bono. They could totally be related.

    Michael Chiarello is the whiniest queen on FN.

    Alex Guarnaschelli irritates me to no end. I cannot stand her.

    Beau Macmillan always looks like he’s going to burst into tears.

    Marcus Samuelsson is about exciting as a bowl of oatmeal.

    Geoffrey Zakarian acts as if he has a corncob up his ass.

    Anne Burrell FTW!

  28. Allie says:

    I also asked who the fuck Judy Joo was. Neither of us had a clue.

    ALSO. Was Chuck wearing manpris, or just baggy shorts?

    • Allie says:

      Er, by “baggy” I meant “fitted”. Of course.

      • Eurodancemix says:

        Manpris were the *rage* in Montreal this summer. Only a few guys can rock ‘em, most (like me) can’t. Those were not manpris that little Chuck was wearing. As much as I like him, he’s not at all fashion-forward.

        He had on fitted shorts that, honestly, could have been much shorter and tighter on him, and I would have been very happy with that. :-)

  29. David says:

    Please tell me you saw Chiarello patting Macmillan on his ass about 5 times at the end of the show!

  30. Jennabella says:

    I love Anne. She is by far my favorite chef in this competition. But…I found it weird that last week she was all, “I’m perfectly happy being in the middle of the pack,” even after the judges called her out on it. Then this week it’s, “Yay, I’m FINALLY out of the middle and going to the top!”

    I just found it strange. I really hope she wins. I definitely won’t ever watch ICA (not that I watch it all that much now, anyway), if any of these other asshats wins.

  31. Bill E. Bob says:

    To tell you the truth, I’ve been watching the repeats of this on Saturday. So even though I know who goes home each week, the Mrs. and I still watch it for the “train wreck” value.

    Which brings me to another point…

    Our FN watching is WAY down. We only really watch on Saturdays. The only things we really pay attention to are Anne’s show, Ina, and occasionally ICA.

    Everything else is basically either “point and laugh”, watched for the “train wreck” value, or from a “WTF??” standpoint.

    I mean, Cupcake Wars?? Seriously??

    I could take the list of shows on FN, and pare it down so that they wouldn’t need two networks.

    How are some of these other shows so popular? I mean, do people watch Giada because they want (as my wife describes it) Cal-Ital? Or is Giada just eye candy, with the cooking being secondary?

    And is it just me, or does Clair Robinson have sort of a “Sarah Silverman” look to her? And the same question goes to her…she stole the 5 ingredient idea, and some ingredients “don’t count”. WTF is up with that?? I mean, is she supposed to be eye candy, too?

    What’s the appeal of Guy Ferry? Not with one, but TWO shows?? One of which were he’s just pigging out…

    And a BUNCH of re-runs…

    • Plumpy says:

      Chopped is about the only show I watch now and that’s not “appointment TV.” I can literally feel more brain cells vanishing after watching anything on FN.

  32. ChrisEW says:

    Anne, Alex and Elizabeth are the only ones I’d care to see win. The guys in the competition seem to bounce between cluelessness and dickishness.

    It’s weird, Chiarello doesn’t really do anything overtly rude, but he really does come across as a bit of a prick each episode.

    I also agree Judy Joo is the weak link in that judging panel. I’d assumed she was just some food blogger. Never would have guessed she was an actual trained chef.

  33. Boke1 says:

    I happen to love gummy candies. I put them in everything! Salads, soups, stews. I also enjoy Pixie Stix on my cereal.

  34. tich tran says:

    I repeat myself by accident since I wanted to make sure my point get into this blog. As for Ramsey being fake no that not true. Watch Boiling Point where it was a DOCUMENTARY on Ramsey getting his Michelin Star. It just after becoming a celebrity star the network(s) told him to tone it down. Plus his mother was “horrified” by what she saw from her son on tv. Although I don’t agree w/ all his methods(including threats). But he is far bettter than most other chefs , including Bourdain who have a issue w/ “old” chefs(those who started in the business after 30), hotel and private chefs(even though Ramsey was both a private and hotel chef), The only issue for Ramsey is being FAT.

  35. Pishposh says:

    Second place for most arrogant quote of the night: Marcus Samuelson, for saying that the judge Simon Majumdar was flat out wrong and that his cake was cooked perfectly.

  36. BERGER says:

    Anne baby FTW!
    As far as the judges go, I’ve always liked Michael Symon and Joo doesn’t bother me nearly as much as that pontificating Panjandrum. He looks and sounds like what would happen if Alfred Hitchcock swallowed Ben Kingsley.

  37. Old71 says:

    Who the hell is that bald guy judge with his fake accent and pompous comments. What a jerk! Never heard of him or the Judy Joo show either.

    • Cayenne says:

      Talking about fake accents, anyone else notice that Judy Joo’s vevvy Bwitish accent has faded as much as Arty Farty’s did on Next FoodNetwork star?
      If this show were on the level, all the judges would be true master chefs and Beau McMillan would not be a competitor.

      • tich tran says:

        Well she was born here in USA. It is just she later moved to Britain , lived there , and also got married there. Of course also got a job there including Executive Chef of the Playboy Club. Nothing wrong w/ being a private club chef. Although some chefs compared working in hotels, restorts,etc as working for “mafia”.

  38. Eurodancemix says:

    Now that hunky hottie Chuck is no longer on the show, I’m done.

    Honestly, all the chefs are talented, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Nevertheless, I would still want either Anne or Alex to win.

    And it will probably be Anne who wins because Jillian called it from the very beginning and she has a knack for that stuff.

  39. Martin says:

    In my opinion, after eating at most of the ICA Chef contestant restaurants, I do believe that Anne and Geoffrey are the best chefs and I hope that the best win, although I do also like Alex’s restaurant a lot also.

    Chiarello is really an ass and his food is not that great. His food tends to be over-priced, bland and the depth of flavors are not there. Also he seems so pompous on this show.

    My Personal Rankings Are:
    1. Anne
    2. Geoffrey
    3. Alex
    4. Elizabeth
    5. Marcus
    6. Beau
    7. Michael C.

    I also believe that Jillian knows her stuff when it comes to reality TV and my bet is that she is right — a woman will definitely win this year for all the reasons she gave in her previous post.

    Cheers to All!! I love this site and all the fun comments..

  40. SixDegrees says:

    Dang – I totally forgot this was on. Again. I got engrossed in an independently produced special on The Cooking Channel that was actually…good? I’m still not sure, but I couldn’t stop watching “The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia”. Apparently, this is the first foray into the Big Time for a guy who’s been doing a…culinary show?…on local access stations in the Bronx for a couple of years now. I will definitely watch more if they throw more funding at him, just because it’s so…odd.

  41. Melissa D'Asshole says:

    Anne always has some stupid skirt on. They look like lamp shades (because they don’t move!) and are plain ridiculous.

  42. jj says:

    I was 90% sure Chuck was going to go before they were even seated in the theatre, and 99.99% sure by the time they walked out. In a way that was nice because I didn’t really have to watch the episode to find out what happened, although I did tune in from time to time for parting glimpses of cutie pie Chuck.

    Note to FN: Nobody watches a sporting event when they know who’s going to win/lose, and many tune out (see above) when the score is lopsided. Capice?

  43. cheddarpretzels says:

    The women don’t suck this year. I mean that in the nicest way possible. :)

  44. Ash says:

    can someone please teach michael simon how to use chop sticks? that is all

  45. Thomas says:

    Falkner won’t win this contest. All she is doing is “remodeling” foods. It isn’t very creative, and she’ll hit a wall.

    • Robert says:

      I also think Falkner is going to be given as positive an edit as possible because Food Network has painted her as a total lunatic twice before on Challenges. Why do you think so many message boards call her Crazy Cave Lady? Because Food Network edited the gingerbread Halloween challenge to make her look like a total nutter.

      She’s talented, yes, but her true skill is baking. That’s not going to be enough to win this season.

      • Craig says:

        I thought that was her. The edit was something like “the judges aren’t qualified to judge my work”. She made some weird thing that I could’ve made and called it avant garde. Since that, I’ve always thought of her as the talentless crazy lady, but it could’ve been editing, as I’ve since learned.

  46. Rob says:

    Anne Burrell: She is definitely growing on me. I never really cared for her before, but I really hope she wins this.

    Elizabeth Falkner: I expected her to be gone within the first couple of weeks, but she’s actually showing that she knows what she’s doing.

    Alex Guarnaschelli: Also growing on me, but I feel like I could start getting sick of how frantic and worried she gets when something goes wrong.

    Geoffrey Zakarian: Bothers the eff out of me. What a pretentious douchebag! After his 4 fireplaces comment and his disregard for the challenge last week, I can’t even stand to see him with his smug smile. GTFO!

    Michael Chiarello: Pretentious and douchey as well, but not nearly as bad as Zakarian. I used to watch his show with my mom and we didn’t believe him for one minute that he was straight and thought they hired a “family” for him to use in his shows. I also hit the rewind button a few times to make sure I saw what I thought he did when he grabbed Beau’s ass at the end of the episode. I think Chiarello is a chubby-chaser!

    Marcus Samuelsson: One word. Boring.

    Beau MacMillan: It’s nice to see a fellow person from the South Shore of Massachusetts (He’s from Plymouth, MA which is very close to where I live) I don’t see him as Iron Chef material, probably won’t be on much longer.

    • Rob says:

      Also, those judges they have are ridiculous.

      Michael Symon is the only one that I feel knows what he’s talking about.

      The Bald British Bastard (or BBB) is obviously going for that “foreign asshole judge” thing.

      Judy Joo (or ghetto Lucy Liu) can’t make up her damn mind about what she’s looking for. Also I hope to never hear the word “foodgasm” ever again, especially coming from her.

  47. Meve says:

    Well at least Chuck being eliminated means I might see him around in the city. I probably won’t watch NIC now that he’s gone. As a Montreal girl, I was rooting for him.

  48. GIRLCHEFINRI says:

    I used to LOVE Falkner, but since she tattled on a competitor on “Challenge,” she can shove it. Guarnaschelli is too smug and self-satisfied on her own shows and makes me nauseous. Chiarello is too pretentious – like Zakarian, but he’s actually been in a kitchen. I hope it comes down to Burrell v. Samuelson and she kicks his arse!

  49. douchebagakarian says:

    Was anyone else totally annoyed at douchebagakarian’s repeated barbs at how Falker only won because the challenge was 50% dessert. What an F-tard.

  50. satanslilsunbeam says:

    Does anyone know when Alton Brown’s “Mr. Howell from Gilligan’s Island molesting a Banana Republic” line of clothes is going to hit the malls? I think he’s great, but his outfits on this show are insane.

    Michael Chiarello is a tool. I don’t like him, his personality, and everyone I know that has met him says he is no different in person.

  51. Krazee D says:

    Faulkner is growing on me too. I would be cool with Anne, Alex or Faulkner winning. Good thing I was sitting on the couch when I saw Anne’s face or I would have hurt myself falling out of a chair.

  52. Olivia says:

    In the first episode they said Judy Joo is on Iron Chef UK, I’m so confused by that. When did that happen?

  53. cody says:

    Yeah… only thing I don’t like about NIC and ICA… The chairman…

  54. DebbyK says:

    Chiarello is just as popous and pricky in real life. My husband used to deliver to his restaurant and said he’s one of the biggest assholes he’s ever met.

  55. Carlitalicious says:

    I have to say, I am surprised Chuck Hughes went home. I thought his whole idea of what he did w/ that popcorn was great! It looked delicious.

  56. Kat says:

    I’ve met Chiarello in person, and he was nice enough, but he just came off as really arrogant.

  57. UncaChazzy says:

    I haven’t seen Chuck Hughes that much, but I’ve seen his show a few times and he seemed like a somewhat more likable version of the Tyler Florence Dave What’s-his-Name type of tv chef.

    I never realized just how fat his ass was though, until seeing him on this show.

  58. anna margan says:

    Judy Joo is one of the 4 Iron Chefs for the UK.

  59. McWinner says:

    I agree about Judy Joo! That’s something that’s always been strange about Iron Chef America judges. A lot of the time their credentials for being judges on Iron Chef are that they have already been Iron Chef judges, and presumably eat food a couple times a day.

  60. Deejay says:

    Anyone else notice how swishy Chiarello’s hands are when he’s talking? o.O

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