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Giada’s Butterflied Pork Chops Look Like… Something Else
Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. Betty Crocker says:

    Oh my. I’m speechless.

  2. Deen says:

    Oh.My.Goodness. A total pork chop vajayjay. All she needs is some bechamel.

  3. Alec says:

    As long as she doesn’t add brown gravy.

  4. Busta_91 says:

    Oh dear lord…

  5. Gayle King says:

    My inner 12 year old just laughed pretty darn hard.

  6. Dan says:

    $50 says they pre-cut it to look like that, and showed it up close like that on purpose.

  7. Casa says:

    this is way to funny- think our minds are in the same gutter. However, someone go to my post previous “from quotes” candus is up to no good. Catch it before it is all deleted! Have more will try to get in before it deletes too!

  8. Zach says:

    I hope she didn’t stuff that with sausage.

  9. Casa says:

    The “passionate foodie” is the “The FOOD magazine” and is for sale in the uk. Candus can’t delete everything. Not gonna buy into warren Beatty, however someone else was trying to make a point! If you google Foodmag. It will take you to domain for sale! She can’t put it up in the US- we all know she’s an idiot! After you google foodmag first site up should be wwwsedocom and I know it’s her- asking price- make an offer! Trash, just trash!

  10. Trini says:

    I’ll never be able to eat pork chops with a straight face again.

  11. Stephanie says:

    wow…totally missed that when i saw the episode the other day…YIKES!

  12. ughrly? says:

    *blink* i………… Knives need to never be associated with that…

  13. Motzi Greps says:

    Nice and healthy and pink! Any OBGYN would be proud!

  14. inawannabe says:

    Oh how funny.

  15. Byrdie says:

    That’s the last thing I needed to see first thing in the morning. gak.

  16. inawannabe says:

    Fingers anyone?

  17. Tatiana says:

    Gives new meaning to the expression “to pork” someone.

  18. oh_come_on says:

    Giada cut the chop in her palm. Some novice’ll end up in the ER.

  19. Syd says:

    Scandalous! I am completely offended and appalled.

    OK, I’m really jealous that you found it before I did.

  20. CherryRose says:

    Oh, geez! Coffee all over my monitor and keyboard.

    “Gives new meaning to the expression “to pork” someone.”


  21. DesignerJeans says:

    She is porn, just not enough to be flagged by the tv censors.

  22. Sarah says:

    Does it make it’s own gravy ?

  23. Alex says:

    If I weren’t already gay, this would’ve made that way.

  24. Alex says:

    Of course I meant, made “me” that way.

  25. KATIE says:

    her boobs look so heavy and bothersome :/

  26. pumpkin.pi says:

    And the way she says “see isn’t that pretty?” And then goes to “stuff” it with her “filling”

  27. suebee says:

    Giada looks like she’s enjoying herself WAY too much!

  28. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    Hummm. Does look familiar and y’all is nasty.

  29. Ali says:

    sadly, she did add a brown sauce all over at the end of the video :/

  30. Cari says:

    Geeze…that makes Georgia O’Keefe look subtle…

  31. Andrew says:

    I don’t get the photo suggestion… I have not had much experience with women and do not understand.

  32. Jamie says:

    I saw this episode twice last week and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so blatantly obvious and yet they aired it. I was actually blushing at certain points and was worried my husband would walk in and think…well, you know.
    Too freakin funny. :)

  33. Jeff says:

    On a simaliar note that the comments have suggested, this reminds me of the table scene of Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Trailer:

  34. Peaches says:

    I shared this with a friend – this was her comment:

    that’s the first time i’ve ever seen a tits and twat show!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

  35. Alex says:

    The second picture reminds me of something Oprah Winfrey said a while back: “My va-jay-jay is painin’!”

  36. foodnetworksnark says:

    I am waiting for a guy to say “I would hit that”

  37. Glock says:

    I’d eat it.

  38. Tatiana says:

    To paraphrase a line from the late, great Soupy Sales:
    “I love pie! My mother makes my apple and Giada makes my banana cream.”

  39. CherryRose says:

    Does Giada have one of her famous “foodgasms” when she takes the requisite tiny taste of the stuffed pork chops?

  40. Cannon says:


  41. Kitty says:

    I wonder how anyone could think that didn’t look sexual. Which exec thought that was an innocent butterfly cut? XD

  42. houstonray says:

    Um…I’m really. At. A. Loss. For. Words.

  43. Cushie says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw it! I kept praying no one walked in the room at that particular moment because I would never hear the end of it.

  44. Cherylf2112 says:

    What is up with her singing stuff?? Like PERRRRRFECT or BEAUUUTIFUUULL. Today on the bowling alley rerun she did that like twenty times. I had to change the channel.

  45. Jay says:

    LMFAO, o wow……that looks delicious!

  46. Teague says:

    Overload…brain freeze…

  47. Richard says:

    Giada is a gorgeous Italian American. I love Italian because I am Italian and OH…would I… she is hot and she can cook. Gay guys go back in the closet.

  48. Richard says:

    If it looked that good….Id eat it all the time….unlike the gay dudes speaking earlier…said it would make them turn gay if they were not already. Get out of town!!!Lock yourself in the closet bitches..Man her pork looked ready to eat…LMAO

  49. Nikki says:

    When I saw this episode I thought the SAME THING! HAHA

  50. Tyler Peel says:

    WTF?? How did she get my fleshlight?

  51. Darcie says:

    As an aside, the top photo makes her bobble-head look even more huge. Even her boobs shrink in comparison to that gourd. I simply can’t watch her show – between her enormous bobble head, sighs of ecstasy, and stupid closeup shots, it’s a wonder I haven’t gouged out my eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon or pierced both of my eardrums with a sharpened chopstick. Gaahhhh!!

  52. Punky says:

    I’m sure her closet case husband would never figure it out

    PS: Her baby is butt-ugly!

  53. Scot Z says:

    Well….. at least it doesn’t smell like dead fish!

  54. Giles says:

    speaking of which, she has a massive head

  55. Giles says:

    time for a foodgasm

  56. Kev says:

    I refuse to believe that any of this was unintentional.

  57. Eurodancemix says:

    To all my lesbian friends: chow down. As a gay man, keep that little pink chop far away from me.

  58. So There says:

    OMG. Why does she always have a low
    cut top on. Cannot watch her show.
    When she says aaaannnnnnnnnndddddddddd
    my ears bleed.

  59. Scarab83 says:

    I would definitely have sex with that pork chop.

  60. AcidCash says:

    i could totally use that for practice

    nom nom

  61. nonamesue says:

    Oh, if only hers was that pretty!
    (I’m presuming of course. I’ve never seen her uh…uh…whatever you want to call it, but I think it is a safe bet the pork looks better.)

  62. Deaner says:

    *sigh* Giada, my little pork chop, why must you tease me so?

    (She may be annoying at times, and speaks her own dialect of EYE-talian, but still. Anytime, anywhere, like the fist of an angry god.)

  63. Max says:

    When I saw the headline, I was so sure before even seeing the picture, that it was going to be a picture of food resembling a penis….so imagine my pleasant surprise when it was actually a vagina!

  64. Sweet peppa says:

    Yeah she overdoes the sound effects but she has a cool,likeable style.

  65. Alexandrite says:

    So typical of Giada and inappropriate for the rest of us.

  66. DougDoo says:

    She could fry that after I fuck her.

  67. Lisa says:

    Could have been worse, it could have been Paula Deen.

  68. elmer the fudd says:

    That’s what hers looks like when John Meyer is finished with her. Poor Todd, he only get the brown round.

  69. Kev says:

    I often come close to having sexual fantasies about Giada, but then I remember I have standards so I fantasize about Nigella instead.

  70. Anita Bath says:

    Why is Giada holding my vagina? I deserve to know what she stuffed it with! I was drunk, OK.

  71. RR's Pompoms says:

    I guess after so much cleavage it was the next logical thing.

  72. Jess says:

    Wow, a re-post? That’s no fun. Surely food network has done something horrible lately. Perhaps that creepy chopped sugar knock off?

  73. MikeyG says:

    Hmm… Heading to the fridge right now.

  74. Ted says:

    That looks like it should be featured on Down Home with the neeley’s. They all should get a room.

  75. MoreBeef says:

    I need to find a video clip of Giada I have seen where she is rubbing down a turkey wing. Looks like the best hand job evar! An d she is of course moaning and ooing and ahhing in the backround as the professional cameramen at the food network arezoomed in tight on the wing…

    And that pork chop is totally NSFW, is it wrong that I have an erection..?

  76. Radikel says:

    I’m thankful I did not see this episode. The fact that she went on to stuff that chop is hilarious. I’m afraid if I HAD watched it, any local carpet cleaning ads would have lead to a meltdown. Cheers to sanity.

  77. So There says:

    I’m buying Giada a turtleneck sweater for Christmas.

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