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Dear Food Network, Your Website SUCKS. Love, EVERYONE.
Posted by Jillian Madison

NOTE: I wrote this article and originally posted it here on FNH on February 2, 2009. Here we are, almost 3 years later, and the Food Network still has one of the the shittiest websites on the face of the Earth. Every single complaint below is still valid, from the pop-under ads to the auto-start videos.

food network website is horrible

Dear Food Network,

In case you guys were too busy stocking Guy Fieri’s dressing room with Axe Body Spray to notice, YOUR WEBSITE SUCKS. Why did you update it with this rubbish when the old one was just fine? Didn’t you learn anything from Lisa Rinna’s lips? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Allow me to outline the problems for you:

1. Humongous, obnoxious videos on every page. That start automatically. And play 30-second ads first. Are we being punked? Not everybody has (or can afford) a fast internet connection, you geniuses. Did you guys all order some take-out Chinese and sit around a big round table during a meeting and come up with this great idea? Giggle at your cleverness in between bites of pork fried rice as you decided to piss off and alienate your loyal viewers, all in the name of making a few more bucks for your already full wallets? Way to go!

While the huge, monitor-sized videos are awful, the 30-second commercials that play before the actual content are INTOLERABLE. You know how to get me to NOT buy Truvia or Wheat Thins? By cramming them down my throat on every one of the 85 pages I have to click through while trying to find the recipe for Ina Garten’s buttermilk mashed potatoes.

I’ll take it a step further. As bad as the videos are, as painful as the 30-second commercials can be, the worst part is that the VIDEOS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PAGE I AM ON! Nothing at all! I click on an Anne Burrell  link, and get a video about Food Network challenge. I click on an Alton Brown link, and get a video with Hungry Girl telling me how many calories I burn by eating celery. Like anyone gives a shit! Who built this website? Sandra Lee after an all-night Grey Goose and grapefruit juice binge?

2. ADVERTISING – EVERYWHERE. There’s the ad playing before the video. There’s the ad in the the top right corner. There are ads in the header and the footer. You guys aren’t happy with the $995 billion you made last year, fine. But a NETFLIX POPUNDER AD? Are you serious? That is so pathetic that it borders on laughable. What is this, a Geocities webpage? Popup ads are extremely irritating… sort of like accidentally brushing up against Ina Garten’s prickly,  unshaven leg under the covers in the middle of the night. So come on, get with the times, Food Network. Popunders went out of style, along with Jessica Simpson, back in 2003.

3. PAINFULLY BAD LAYOUT, NAVIGATION, AND DESIGN. There is way too much going on. It’s like a foodie cornmaze from hell, with twists and turns that leave you frustrated and angry. Even a simple recipe search takes a minimum of 6 clicks, 4 shots of whiskey, and 2 Hail Mary’s.

Bottom line: the only thing I can easily find on is a new reason to hate Rachael Ray.

So, here’s to hoping you pull your heads out of your bums, hire some decent chefs, and start calling professional web designers. Hell, take the money from Aaron McCargo’s budget if you have to. No one will even realize it’s missing.

Love and cheesecake,

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    82 Responses

  1. Jenna says:

    Guy..Axe body spray…gawd!

    “Love and cheesecake”..fabulous!


  2. Pluff Mudder says:

    Their web-site matches the network… all fucked up. They even run those damn popups on the shows. I’m trying to watch the one good thing on there (Good Eats)and one of those damn popups covers what AB is trying to demonstrate. Errrrrgggghhh!

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  4. Voula says:

    Thank you for pointing this out. I wonder who is responsible for the website. I stopped going .It was frustrating me. I gave it go.

    I know that white haired dude that looks like a charactor from Star Wars is in charge of programming, maybe the Susie chick we see on The Next FN Fix is the one to blame.

  5. April March says:

    6 clicks, 4 shots, & 2 Hail Mary’s. Priceless, yet true.

  6. leah says:

    All I can say is AMEN!!!

  7. Miseenplace says:

    You are so right about this crappy FN site!

    I want to know what kind of crack the web designer was smoking!

    QUOTE: “Hell, take the money from Aaron McCargo’s budget if you have to.”
    Yeah, stopping him from making sloppy joes with beef tenderloin and redirect a few bucks to the website!!!!!!

  8. Hairball says:

    I want to know which idiot decided that the link to the TV schedule belongs halfway down the page on the right hand side.
    Put it up top where I don’t have to hunt for it!!

  9. Becca says:

    SO TRUE!! I had to give up going to the website too. Now if I need a recipe, I just google chef’s name + name of dish. Much less frustrating. And I use my Tivo as a program guide since I can never find the one on the website without having to wade my way through Guy Fietti with food running down his beard.

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  11. orchidgal says:

    Just try to click on a recipe from a show’s episode list. Half the times the link doesn’t work and the recipe is simply not to be found.

    The calendar for the programming schedule is a joke as I have yet to figure out how to get to a day in a different week.

    Proof FN hates us?

  12. GLADOS says:


    • Lisa says:

      I use the FN toolbar in Firefox and can NEVER find a recipe. When I use google it’s much easier and I can usually find a recipe at other sites.

  13. DC says:

    I gave up going to the FN website a long time ago. My recreational computer is old and crotchety and she doesn’t appreciate the multitude of graphic-heavy items she has to process just so I can find out what that kind of booze I need for that yummy looking cocktail Sandra Lee just swilled. Hey Food Network, I’m a graphic designer and your busy site offends my design sensibilities. You need to fire your design agency. LESS IS MORE! I suppose that’s why they’re the Food Network and not the Web Design Network.

  14. bailey says:

    Seriously?! Why can’t they fix it? Just make it work….talk about the SLOWSKI’S!!! I just want a recipe – but it is torture e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e. Fix the website, take all the garbage out of it…..

  15. lise says:

    Went to review a recipe since the new website changed could not for the life of me find the recipe I finally had to google it how sad is that the web site is so screwed up I had to google a recipe to find it. The website kept signing me out when I when to post the review. Who ever hired the website designer should be terminated emediately it is clear that they did not know what they were doing when they hired the web designer they got taken!
    I will check back site in 6 months to see if they got the hint no one likes the new changes.
    My fifteen year old son could have done a better job.
    Take a hint food network if it is not broke don’t fix it! Simplicity is key you got to much crap going on on your website!

  16. diana says:

    I have Verizon FIOS and is still slow. I love looking up recipes, but I have given up on their site. SUCKS!

  17. Jon says:

    Yeah Dear Food Network, change your website to something without so much flash its rediculous how long it takes your website to load on a really fast computer. Forget about using an old computer to look a recipe its impossible. Your website offically is one of the slowest websites on the net, congrats.

    Your former fan

  18. Tatiana says:

    Yesss!!!!! A few days ago, I was trying to find an Ina Garten recipe for a friend who, just like you said above, does not have a high-speed connection. The fact that I was going in circles for 10 minutes was frustrating and made me feel like an idiot to boot. I finally had to do a search and even then I had to scroll through the “archives” for 5 minutes before finally finding the recipe. And all the time, things were singing and blinking at me from up, down, and to the sidebars. Horrible!

  19. romandj says:

    OMG! I am so glad someone else noticed. I used to love this site. I could quickly find and print almost anything.
    Now after waiting 2 minutes for the home page, I enter my search item wait 2-3 minutes for 900 recipes to load when I only need 3 or 4 to choose from, then wait 3 minutes to read and select the one I want, 2 minutes for the Netflix $#%^&&*( page to pop and go and then anothe r2-3 minutes to print it. Heaven forbid I hit the back arrow. We are talking 5 more minutes. I have complained to deaf ears for three months. They don’t care. How terrible for them and shame on them.

  20. Danny says:

    “I click on an Alton Brown link, and get a video with that annoying little punk from Ask Aida.” LMFAO that jewfro kid is so annoying! he was on a comercial for like ipod or verizon where he was listing songs throughout his life ’cause they were like so many of them on his mp3..yeah.

  21. PJ says:

    OMG! Love the food network tv program BUT to access the recipes is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT. It truly is torture as stated above by another frustrated user. I have high speed internet connection and from my computer,other recipe websites seem to be easier, take less time and are actually enjoyable to navigate. Why can’t Food Network fix this problem?

  22. Kim H says:

    I NEVER use anymore for a recipe.

    It hangs my computer up and is just annoying – trying to start videos, popunders, etc.

    Screw them. I go to other sites who actually WANT people to cook.

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  24. Allen says:

    I stopped visiting their website after getting so frustrated searching for recipes. It took so long just to fine one…never mind spending hours searching the site for a simple meal.

  25. christine says:

    I wrote and complained to food network regarding their videos on the website. When I go to read about a Chef I don’t want to watch a video about the Chef, I want to go and READ. If I wanted a multimedia experience on the web I can go to youtube.

  26. byrdie says:

    Christine, writing anything to FN about anything is as fruitful as banging your head against a brick wall. It’s pointless. They NEVER respond, ever, ever Never. THey don’t care. So, as they say…fogedabowdit.

  27. Peter says:

    Why can’t I change FN from being my homepage…I have tried everything to no avail

  28. Miranda says:

    Finding this article is the greatest moment ever. It is 100% accurate. Now I know I am not alone in my contempt for the food network website. I love the Food Network and have learned many techniques and infinite knowledge from it but the website is just not worth the time. Not only is everything mentioned in the article true but the main purpose of the site, to be able to search for recipes, is futile. When you enter your subject in the search you are flooded with recipes that have nothing to do with what you are searching for. And forget trying to refine your search. Refine it by rating and you get a five start recipe rated by one person at the number one spot and a five star recipe rated by 200 people at the number fifteen spot. Well of course it’s going to have five stars if only one person has rated it. I’ve chatted with the support on the Food Network several times and I am positive my comments go no further than that despite their promise of passing my comment to managment. Rest assured I will be contacting the Food Network support and informing them of this article. I’m sure it will go no further that that but at least one person from their staff, however inferior will know.

  29. Miranda says:

    I just entered a search for baked beans and saw a recipe for a lemon tart in my search, LOL. What a joke!!!

  30. ChefChet says:

    That new show about Mexican Cooking… The hostess is a babe, but do you notice how her “accent” comes and goes?

  31. Pat Robins says:

    Congratulations. I absolutely commend you for launching this website; I came across it when I Googled, “food network website problems”. As clearly explained by you and your readers, this is not a glitch with my computer, but massive programming malfeasance on their part. On one hand, could it be ignorance? Or, on the other, intended over programmed advertising that will defeat the purpose if no one can sustain their site on their computers. Whatever it is, I visited the FN website two years ago and didn’t come back until today (3/15/2010) and a brand new 4GB memory Dell. Now, what is the problem with extremely slow loading, deayed refreshes, etc? I will not return to FN again after tonight. Just wanted to keep your complaint log current.

  32. steve says:

    What do you expect? The Food Network used to be good back in the old days–now it’s just one never-ending commercial. No one I know will watch it anymore.

  33. Sharon Farago says:

    I will not use Food Network again. Repeat I will not use Food Network again. It is slow, slow, and slower. Many times I can’t do a search. Extremely frustrating and I don’t need it. Once in awhile I can see, but this is a daily occurrence now. I’d rather be stuck in traffic, honestly.

  34. Tiffany says:

    Hilarious, spot-on post! I hope FN gets the message.

    I work in the software biz – a systems engineer I know told me he uses the FN website to test network performance because it’s such a hog.

  35. Jason says:

    First rant of 2011!

    While all the pop up adds and videos are annoying, it’s the search engine that really pisses me off to no end. If I want to read or print out say Alton Brown’s Beef Jerky recipe you would think that by typing in “Alton Brown Beef Jerky” it would come up with the recipe… NOPE tells me “Sorry, no recipes were found for alton brown beef jerky” What kind of lame 1990′s search engine are they employing here? I now do the same as the others above and google “Alton Brown Beef Jerky”. google works every time!

    Dear Foodnetwork… please at least add a decent search engine..

  36. Claudine says:

    The only problem that I have is most of the recipes call for cheeses and other expensive items that ordinary persons, especially in this economy, can’t afford. It seems like to me the Bag Lady and others have forgotten where they started from, and the people that got them where they are

  37. J. King says:

    The really annoying thing about the FN website is that they only allow flattering, fawning comments to recipes. I commented that I preferred real butter to Paula Deen’s 5 tablespoons of margarine in her gumbo recipe, and immediately got an email that my comment didn’t meet their rules. I wrote back to them with a complaint. Now I’ve been 86ed from their site. Screw ‘em!

  38. steve says:

    Now the Food Network is back to serving up pop-unders on top of a TV network and website already crammed with advertising.

    I’m banning them completely and have told them so for this reason. I encourage others to do the same.

  39. Skats says:

    I stopped going to Food Network LONG ago for that reason…it seems as though they prefer to hock their personal agenda rather than recipes. I go to now.

  40. thegolli says:

    If you are searching for a recipe that was shown recently, it’s not so bad, but ones that are archived are almost impossible to find.

    What’s even worse is if you want to find a blog for a particular show. They are so afraid of comments or some of their shows that they don’t have them or you have to put them wherever you can.

    Several of them have had to be shut down to the type of comments made about the program. A good example of that is: Bama Glama.

  41. Scot Z says:

    Much like the honey badger, Food Network don’t give a shit.

  42. State of Confusion says:

    I was just over there at the website and have had no problems. Videos do not start automatically for me. I guess it helps to have a good ad block program because I am not bombarded with advertisements either.

    Look into a good ad block program and it may solve your problem.

  43. qwertygirl says:

    I know this is a really small thing in comparison to the other frustrating things about FN’s site, but here goes: WHY CAN THEIR COMMENTS NOT ACCEPT A CLOSE PARENTHSIS? Look at ANY set of comments, and you’ll see that for everyone who types an open parenthesis, THERE ISN’T A CORRESPONDING CLOSE. I myself have typed comments on there, and I know I use both open and close, and close never shows up. It’s really just frustrating for us punctuation/grammar nerds, but it’s still an irritating bug that has been there for years.

    Also, it’s maddening that they delete poor comments. If you accept comments, you ACCEPT COMMENTS, for better or for worse. Unless there’s actual profanity, or someone is being completely inappropriate and threatening people, you are obligated (IMO) to leave it up there. If this were their personal blog, then fine, but people use the comments to determine if they want to make a recipe. Deleting the bad ones is dishonest and misleading.

    Plus it makes it really hard to follow the discussion if the comment that sparked the discussion has been deleted. But that’s a personal problem that I have because I am amused by all the people who go on to scold people who make personal comments about the individual chef and admonish them to restrict their remarks to the recipe itself. I just love that they think that’s going to make a difference. Like someone is going to get ready to comment, read that finger-shaking from “erikatastic” and think, “Gracious, I was going to make a scathing comment about Chef Anne Burrell, but having read this tirade about not making personal comments, I shall refrain.” Yeah, sure.

    • Lauren U. says:

      I have always wondered that, too, about the close parentheses!! What the eff is up with that?!

      • qwertygirl says:

        Bug in the software that no one ever bothered to prioritize. I work in tech/software dev and that’s all it is. Doubtless it has a P4 ranking in their bug tracking software, because it’s just annoying and doesn’t actually impact user experience. Still, it’s been YEARS. FIX IT already.

  44. sprode says:

    Well someone’s gotta pay to keep Guy Fieri’s hair wackity-dackity…

    • sprode says:

      Personally though the few times I’ve been there I haven’t had any problems – must be the heavy ad and flash blocking going on here.

      Thank you Firefox, you are awesome.

  45. kpipe says:

    it’s simple…it’s internet 101..and yes…i admit…i’ve been doing it for over 20 years…have a person use webtrends or other internet tracking programs..and you will SEE where the TRAFFIC goes…and where the TRAFFIC DOES NOT GO…simple..and because they’re on the top of a mega-empire..and they know it…then validates it…they don’t care and we just want good food info…so..there you have it…not that foodnetwork chefs ever ask them for stats/traffic on their pages…or do they? hmmmm…

  46. Kate says:

    The Chew’s website is even more frustrating to use than FN’s, which is sad because I’m getting to really like the show.

  47. Allison says:

    “Bottom line: the only thing I can easily find on is a new reason to hate Rachael Ray.”

    That is a perfect sentence. Thanks for that.

  48. Catherine says:

    who is aaron mcargo?

  49. SusieQ says:

    This is my first rant here, but the subject forced me to comment.

    Everything said about the website is so true! If you put in “Ina Garten salads” in the search engine, you end up getting “nothing here by that name.” Well, hell, if I knew the damn name I wouldn’t need the search engine!

    I just Google everything now.

    Does anyone from the show ever try to use it?

  50. coffee-n-toast says:

    A few years ago Scripps bought Recipezaar (now, and guess what. The website SUCKS now.

    They took away premium memberships (which allowed users to pay for the option to not see ads among other perks) and failed to refund payments for many months.

    They added so many pop-ups that their customer support area was mobbed by users telling them to knock it the fuck off. They did… a little. Now when you sign in, at the very moment you put your cursor in the ID box, a Netflix ad pops up and makes the user make a fist and grit her teeth in anger. It’s very frustrating – especially because many people spent many hours entering their recipes for safe-keeping to a website that was great and is now complete horseshit.

  51. Brook Monroe says:

    I just went there in Chrome. No videos. No ads. There’s a picture of Ray-Ray hanging off Guy Fieri like a cheap sweater–good thing I didn’t have plans to sleep tonight–but I don’t see any of the other eye-gouging stuff the rest of you are talking about. Could my ad-blocker be saving me from that mess?

    Yeah, that’s it. Tried it in IE9 and there’s an ad for … something. I’m not sure if that’s cheese, yogurt, or multi-purpose adhesive. And Ray-Ray is still hanging off Guy Fieri like a cheap sweater–good thing I didn’t have plans to sleep this weekend.

    Wait–Tyler is making his Ultimate Guacamole. Oh, there’s an ad before the video. Okay. HEY. That’s MY recipe for guac, except I don’t use olive oil (WTAH?) in it.

    So, there you have it. Ad blockers. They don’t block Tyler Florence, but you don’t have to see that ad for…whatever that was. Might have been cheese. Maybe yogurt. Or glue sticks.

  52. Roy says:

    How about the fact that all these years later they still have a massively limited online video selection? I mean REALLY I can’t watch the latest episode of something? If they’re up, I sure as heck can’t find it.

    It’s a godawful website. It’s horrendous, it reeks of mid 90′s.

    Food Network, you can afford better shit. We all know you can. Stop being cheap. I bet you’d make a damn lot of money if you cut a deal with Hulu. Didn’t they do a survey where they might offer certain channels for a few cents more on Plus?

    I would PAY good money for that. The Food Network CEO’s should be completely ashamed of that mess they represent their network with.

    • FuryOfFirestorm says:

      I already have Hulu Plus, so getting access to every episode of Good Eats, 5 Ingredient Fix and Elie Kreiger’s show would be amaze-balls.

  53. Thanatos says:

    What’s sad is that a ton of companies, organizations who without a doubt could afford to completely overhaul their website every month if they wanted to, have websites that were designed in 2001 and then promptly forgotten about. It’s just incredible how many higher-ups don’t understand how important a good website is.

  54. Plumpy says:

    Agreed 100%. Hiring a 7th grade webmaster would be an improvement.

  55. shouldbeworking says:

    There’s also the banner adds at the top that expand to take over the entire screen. They also expand again if you accidentally scroll over them. But the ones I hate the most are the random videos for car commercials or starbucks that take over the entire screen and grey-out the rest of the screen. Every time one of those takes over my screen I die a little inside.

  56. Anna Nymous says:

    for the love of God, not Hulu.

    It’s bad enough that half the videos aren’t viewable outside the US — Hulu would make it so that NOTHING was viewable outside the US.

    Wake up, assholes — there’s a big world out there beyond US borders — and there’s a hella lot of us living and traveling beyond them.

  57. James says:

    fat chef

  58. DerekLutz says:

    I have a bookmark folder for cooking and food sites and just realized the FN website is not in it. Pretty much sums it up.

  59. Spanky McStupid says:

    Helen Keller could create a better website than Food Network.

  60. Linda says:

    FireFox AdBlock plus FlashBlock gives a pleasurable viewing experience. No videos loading, no ads, no flashing do-hickeys. The page is a little busy, though.

    • SixDegrees says:

      I second this recommendation. Install both of these, and your browsing will be much faster and more pleasant, not just on the hideous FN site but everywhere.

  61. Lauren says:

    I must have a blocker or something because I don’t get any of that…no popups, no auto start…I do however get the netflix popup everytime!

  62. Chef Symon's Pork Fat Impacted Colon says:

    Hell, take the money from Aaron McCargo’s budget if you have to. No one will even realize it’s missing…

    Uhh, yeah we would. Without sponsored Closed Captioning subtitles, nobody would know what in the hell he was saying. Then again, that’s probably a good thing.

    FN could always trim the Citron budget from the Walmartha Stewart of the network. I don’t think one less case of vodka would reduce Sandra into a gelatinous mass, curled into the fetal position like a crack addict going into detox.

  63. J says:

    I just wish they would relabel the link at the top: “Recipes on TV” to “Schedule”. It makes so much more sense! Half the shows on the channel aren’t about teach recipes, but competitive cooking, traveling, etc. Just call it what it is!

  64. Bellossom Ranger says:

    /You know how to get me to NOT buy Truvia or Wheat Thins? By cramming them down my throat on every one of the 85 pages I have to click through while trying to find the recipe for Ina Garten’s buttermilk mashed potatoes./

    I feel your pain, Jillian. I have the same problem whenever I try to load up one of my favorite Let’s Plays on YouTube – half of the videos force me to watch unskippable 30-sec TV commercials which I can ignore on the actual Food Network channel!

    If you hate FN so much, may I suggest Cooking Channel? The shows there are much more reasonable and the only time they have competitions is when they rerun classic Iron Chef episodes on the weekends. Everything else is cooking shows or travel shows.

  65. tina says:

    i just went to click on your guy fieri eating in reverse video and had to watch a 30-second ad on some energy drink

  66. Sharon Lea says:

    Thank you for talking about their awful, hard to navigate website. As a long time lurker here, this topic finally got me to post!

    Their search engine is awful. Instead I
    1) Pull up the TV Guide website to see the name of the epsiode of the show I was watching
    2) Pull up Google and insert name of show and name of episode to use their search engine to find:
    3) the actual recipe I am looking for

  67. Logan says:

    Just a tip… if you google a certain recipe such as “Ina Garten food network buttermilk mashed potatoes”, you can find it right away and avoid navigating the hot fucking mess that is their website.

  68. AB says:

    I thought i’d be smart and look up a recipe on my phone on the way to the store to pick up ingredients, sounds easy right?

    Except while looking for my recipe, i got a pop up, ON MY PHONE? Seriously, not only am i paying more for my data on my phone, but you’re going to pull me away from your own website for some stupid pop up.
    How bout a decent mobile version or app?

    Not cool

  69. HM says:

    So glad to see this post! I thought something was very wrong with my computer. Would love to see more comments about “Fat Chef”. I really do not need a FN show that is intended to make me feel bad about food. I feel sorry for the chefs, but just stop eating so damn much!

  70. dazk says:

    Ok, this was funny….made even more funny by the fact that I had a pop under ad for quibids when I closed the page! Priceless

  71. Jay says:

    Food network blows! Their website is just another indicator of that!

  72. Tony says:

    The new recipe box format is terrible. A simple list would be great. The ability so search you recipes would be ideal.This is not leading edge technology.

  73. MARY says:

    I will never understand the reasoning behind making things so bad that you just want to SCREAM!!!! I was in schock when I went on the website to find this mess! I thought something was wrong with my PC, NOT! Well I guess they have to follow the same format as the FN channel on TV, SUCKS SHIT! Hope the foodnetwork is happy now that they not only lost viewers but internet as well. SIANARA FOODNETWORK ITS BEEN REAL!

  74. Califc says:

    I am going to find every website I can that will allow me to voice my opinion on how badly Foodnetwork’s website SUCKS!!!

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