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Prepare Yourselves: Fat Chef Is Coming
Posted by Jillian Madison

Just when you thought the Food Network’s programming couldn’t get any sillier, lo and behold: Fat Chef.

Premiering January 26, the six-part series will follow… you guessed it!… FAT CHEFS as they “venture to overcome weight issues with the help of therapists, nutritionists, and trainers.”

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because IT’S THE BIGGEST LOSER WITH CHEFS.

They even got one-time Biggest Loser coach Brett Hoebel (crickets!) to join the show. If you don’t remember Brett, according to his Wikipedia page, he coached the Biggest Loser Red Team for three weeks. During that time, all of the red team contestants were eliminated and he was asked to leave. So yeah. He’ll be there!

The riveting first episode pairs a morbidly obese pastry chef against a seriously obese soul food chef. They both blame their obesity on “long hours and stress.” I’ll take “crutch” for $1000 please, Alex. We all have stress. We all have long hours. Going by that logic, I should weigh about 8 tons.

I think I’ll be skipping this one. Personally, if I wanted to watch a bunch of morbidly obese people trying to control themselves around food, I’d go to Red Lobster on “all you can eat shrimp” night.

Your mileage may vary.

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  1. AbacoPeach says:

    Good grief! FN is REALLY scraping the barrel! I hardly watch it anymore. I finally got tired of having my intelligence insulted.

    • Disco Stain says:

      Perfectly stated, it is insulting.

      • AbacoPeach says:

        The final straw was when I watched the “Frozen Bacon Queen” (like freezing bacon is a novelty!) because I was interested in what she was preparing. She actually said she was throwing in some frozen green peas for color and that they were really great to have around because she buys them in the pound bag and can use as much as she needs and throw them back in the freezer!

        I said out loud (using Goofy’s voice): “DUH! I’m so effing glad you told me that. I would have never thunk it!”

    • laura says:

      I just can not do it anymore. I only watch chopped, and the shows by Anne Burrell and Alex. I will try to watch Worst Cooks since I like Anne, but if that egomaniac wins, I am going to be pissed..

    • Bob Tuschman will air anything i.e., The Pioneer Woman, that enhances FN’s bottom line. FN’s less about serious culinary endeavors and more about cheesy, uninspired content for the masses. Been to WalMart of late? Fat Chef will be a hit with that crowd.

    • Michelle Cooper says:

      This is a serious but quite subject in the culinary industry that has to be addressed!! Being overly familiar with the industry, I am aware of many overweight chefs that have severe health issues. I’m glad that Food Network is encouraging healthier lifestyles. Its long overdue.

  2. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Food Network: Come for the exploitation, stay for the schadenfreude.

  3. Mimarin says:

    This is hilarious. I usually love fat people shows (Half-Ton Mom/Dad/Teen, anyone?) but something tells me that this is just going to be poorly produced and silly. And that promo really irks me.

    “I can’t die; I’m a wife and a mother.”

    There’re all kinds of things wrong with that statement. Anyway, I was waiting for something about it to show up here. :D

    • Cherry Blossom says:

      Oh, goodness…I sadly have to admit that I also enjoy the Half-Ton Mom/Dad/Teen shows, along with Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic, Heavy, and The 600-lb. Virgin (which actually turned out to be pretty inspiring).

      I enjoy all sorts of “addiction” shows–like Intervention–and have to admit that I’m curious about this one, too. I’ll probably watch.

    • madigan says:

      I couldn’t agree more about that quote. It really rubs me the wrong way. She has such an entitled, condescending tone to her voice, like just because she’s a wife and a mother she’s better than someone else.

  4. Mom2Feebs says:

    Yeah. What a piece of sh*t show.

  5. Geo says:

    You might notice that the fat pastry chef in the glasses and red shent was recently on Sweet Genius. He was not, however, a Sweet Genius in the squinty eyes of Dr Lao.

  6. Dale says:

    So, basically, we now have complete schizophrenia on FN…”Here’s a recipe for double-chocolate butter cake with whipped creams!”….”You’re fat from eating too much! Lose weight!”….”Here, eat some more!”

    Yep. This makes sense. Its like how ABC now has a cooking show on at 1 and a weight loss show on at 2.

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      They should have Paula Deen host this atrocity of a TV program.

    • Blue Piano says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. You have Paula Deen, one of the network’s marquee stars, drowning her food in butter and/or deep fat frying, among other shows (anything with Guy Fieri) that are love poems to gluttony. And now FN wants to alert us to the health risks associated with obesity? So they can feel all virtuous by expoiting the personal problems of a bunch of sad, troubled people.

      What a complete sack of shit this once enjoyable network has become.

  7. deaner says:

    I’m telling you, folks. As desperate as FN is programming is getting, the next logical stop for FN is a Ghost Hunters crossover.

    Can’t you just see it now? Guy Fieiri running around a haunted cafeteria (in glorious NV goggle black and white) trying to contact the spirit of a deceased lunch lady, all in hopes of finding the school’s lost secret recipe for swedish meatballs?

    • Marion in Savannah says:

      It’s either that or having Giada and Rachel and Guy competing to come up with something that the Toddlers in Tiaras will like to eat, between tantrums that is…

      • laura says:

        I am a social worker, and love that show. It is furture job security for me. I just know most of those kids are gonna need a therapist.
        I am sure they are going to tie the shows in together, FN really has nothing.
        I can not even stomach to watch Guy or Rachel. I do not give a S&*t who the cooks are.

    • Thom Stilton says:

      That’s funny. and probably gonna happen too.

    • lost says:

      I would actually watch that. At least it would be entertaining.

  8. Sarah says:

    When I’m looking for a good restaurant, I want a fat chef. You know why? Because fat people know what tastes good! I have honestly found that the thinner the chef, the less tasty the food.

    • FuryOfFirestorm says:

      Probably explains why “Suzie with the just-been-fucked hair” & Bob Tush-man keep putting Guy Fieri in every show and gave Claire Robinson the cold shoulder.

      • Dottie says:

        “Probably explains why “Suzie with the just-been-fucked hair”” –

        I’ve always described her by the “just stepped in dog crap” expression on her face.

    • Free Juan Carlos Cruz says:

      First of all, when I go to a restaurant, I want someone who spends more time cooking my food than eating it. And to counteract your point, there are PLENTY of thin chefs serving tasty food– John Besh, Ming Tsai, Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges, Dan Barber, Joanne Chan, just to name a few. I would be willing to bet that there are more successful thin chefs than heavy because they can move quicker in the kitchen.

      • Thomas says:

        I am sure “moving quicker” isn’t the main advantage they gain.

      • SKW says:

        Not sure I’d necessarily call Ming Tsai thin. He’s built like a refrigerator and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that.


      • Sarah says:

        “I want someone who spends more time cooking my food than eating it.”

        I want someone who isn’t so obsessed about their waistline that they’re afraid of eating their own food.

        Being health-conscious about your food is great, don’t get me wrong. If a person has diabetes, food allergies, or is worried about what he/she eats in general, being mindful of what you put in your mouth is a necessity.

        I’m talking about those rare times when you get to go all out and eat something made the old-fashioned way, with no healthly substitutions, no oven-fried preparation, and no skimping. Every once in a great while, it’s good to feed the soul and eat something incredibly decadent, be it savory or sweet. When I want something like that, I want a fat chef, because I know that he/she can appreciate the flavor of what I want and obviously knows how to cook it. Even Emeril said, “Pork fat rules.”

        You want a tall basketball player, you want a muscular football player, you want a dexterous piano player, and you want a fat chef.

        • Thanatos says:

          I’m a damn good chef and I’m thin. Extremely thin. It’s because I have an incredible metabolism, not because I’m “obsessed about [my] waistline that [I'm] afraid of eating [my] own food.”

          Personally I’ve found that fat people are fat because because they don’t give Fuck #1 about what they put in their food. Thus your reasoning (if you can call it that) is entirely backwards.

          • nursefoodie says:

            Absolutely agree. I have been heavy and I’ve been thin. When I was heavy it wasn’t because I knew what tasted good, it was because I thought EVERYTHING tasted good.

          • Girl Fairy says:

            Well said!! I’m thin, because when I’m not cooking or working, I don’t sit on my ass. I go to the gym, I work hard to stay in shape because I think weighing 400 pounds is gross. It doesn’t mean I’m not as good of a cook than a fat person, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

          • April says:

            I care very much what I put in my food. I also care how much of it I eat. All the things I cook for dinner are either recipes from Cooking Light, or are regular recipes that I’ve jury-rigged to make healthier. As far as 400 lb people being gross to look at…So are the stick-thin skeletors.

          • girlalive says:

            So you’re thin because of your metabolism, but fat people are fat because they’re stupid? Couldn’t possibly be anything metabolic for them as well?

          • Lisa says:

            Word. I’m thin and a damn good cook. I eat what I make.

            People need to get rid of this idea that healthy food isn’t as tasty as this unhealthy crap that they’re used to. In that sense, usually the stuff that is made the old fashioned way is going to be healthier. But it doesn’t mean you gorge yourself on it.

            Most people are mindful of what they eat *because* they don’t want diabetes and other health problems.

  9. sprode says:

    This is an embarrassment to all that is holy! I’ve also just about had it with my intelligence being insulted.

    Don’t cross me, FN, or I’ll dump you faster than you can say “History Channel.”

  10. So are these people what Rachael Ray would call an “eatie?”

  11. Rachel says:

    Is it possible for a whole network to jump the shark?

  12. huh? says:

    The only fat chef I want is Justin Wilson “The Cookin’ Cajun,” who was known to ask to see the chef before he ate in a restaurant. If the chef was skinny he didn’t eat there, if the chef was tubby/fat he’d eat there because by his logic if the chef was fat he was eating his own food, if he was skinny he wasn’t eating the food.

  13. Aaron Traas says:

    So… FN now has their own versions of Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. What next? A Jackass ripoff featuring Duff and Guy? Keeping up with Rachael Ray? Yo! Food TV Wraps?

  14. Marcwulf says:

    Anyone notice the thought bubble on the blackboard behind Mr. Redshent kinda looks like it’s coming from him? He wants you to ask about his catering!

  15. AnotherCommenter says:

    Anthony Bourdain’s book Medium Raw has a great chapter about deciding whether a culinary career is right for you. Cooking involves moving around people in tight spaces, bending to low fridges, and lugging pans up and down stairs. As he puts it, you can gain weight over the course of a long, illustrious career in the kitchen, but you can’t show up overweight on day one or you’ll never survive.

    • tich tran says:

      I don’t know about that? Bourdain also say you shouldn’t go to cullinary school in your late 30(ie after 32 years of age). Ramsey may agree w/ him on fat chefs but not necessary w/ old chefs. Look at chefs like Elsie Ramos(HK season 1 which was more like Masterchef). She was in her 40 when she started HK. She did pretty well for a beginning chef. Of course someone may say she wasn’t a chef but a “line cook”. Well a line cook is a chef(a station chef/chef de partie to be exact). And if you don’t like her being called a chef well a pastry chef is also a “chef de partie”(ie line cook).

  16. BurgerTime says:

    Flame me if you want, but I’m actually looking forward to “Fat Chef.” It looks like one of those shows that will be so bad it’s good.

  17. Axemen23 says:

    I have to say, I admire the fact they’re upfront with what the show is about. Some examples of shows that could follow suit

    Toddlers and Tiaras: Child Whores.
    The Bachelor: Desperate Daddy-Issues.
    Storage Wars: Deviant Dumpster-Diving

    Got any others?

  18. Alexandrite says:

    I’m disgusted but not surprised that FN has this Biggest Loser ripoff because every basic cable channel these days has its own selection of reality shows that follow the same basic storyline: One with has-been celebrities (they work cheap), one with psycho brides, one with trashy moms pushing their lil’ darlins into dance/pageants, one with addicts of various types, etc. As a person who’s struggled with her weight all her life, I’m also sick of seeing obese people set up as sad, sniveling objects of pity living on the fringes of society. There are millions of us who are doing something to change our eating habits for the healthier and being positive and sometimes even combative about it. And we don’t have some skinny a-double-s trainer browbeating and abusing us every step of the way. We deserve respect, but we respect ourselves.

    • Sue ZQ says:

      You may respect yourself, but I would think that the
      people who sign up to be on these shows and get browbeaten and abused by some skinny ass trainer don’t have much in the way of self respect, otherwise they wouldn’t be on that show

  19. Girl Fairy says:

    Wow…I really do think other than the occasional Iron Chef America, (which I really just watch for Alton’s input) I don’t watch FN at all anymore, because anything decent that is left (which isn’t much) is on the Cooking Channel. FN is just reality shows, competition shows, and reruns of R Ray, Paula Deen & Giada. How awful. At least on Cooking Channel you can still find Good Eats, Ellie Krieger, Laura Calder, Nigella Lawson, Alex’s Day Off, Extra Virgin & Simply Baking. I still pick up the occasional FN magazine, but they have absolutely ruined that network.

  20. Elysianladie says:

    Brett Hoebel looks like David Anthony Higgins.

  21. Summer says:

    “I can’t die: I’m a wife and a mother.”

    As if people who are neither are less worthy of living. That woman’s nasally, whiny voice and you-owe-me attitude are more than enough to lead me to not watch this.

    Well – I really didn’t need a reason to not watch. That tool and her stupidly annoying comment just tipped the scale. Ha!

  22. Andy says:

    Okay, I’ve read no comments so what I say is mine. This has to be the WORST show ever that got through the Food Network. It’s sad enough that you put “chefs” through zany stunts to get on the network (normally they only fail to end up on the Cooking Channel which might be a step up actually) but now you are adding a weight concept to this??? What’s next, the alcoholic bartender show?? What has happened to this network? I used to tune in and what legit chefs making real food…sadly I think that era is gone.

  23. YOUBUGME says:

    Isn’t that Newman from Seinfeld?

  24. Pat says:

    My comment about “Fat Chef” is that one of the participants is another well-known and popular chef from Cleveland. They are starting to promote the show locally. He has not been able to say much to the media due to contractual obligations, but he has lost a lot of weight (maybe 75 pounds?) and is offering a new, healthier section of his menu with calorie counts. Not saying that all places should do this, but I applaud his efforts and I hope that the show adds to his personal and professional success.

  25. Mal_Pal says:

    I too like those “out of control people” shows. But those are different. Those shows are on health, well-being, and medicine oriented channels. They are also not laden with the typically overweight person saying things like “I ate a doughnut this morning now I’m scared I’ll have a heart attack” or worse yet, ” some pencil neck life coach slapping that doughnut out of someone’s pudgy hand. Those shows are a glimpse into the “how are you still even breathing?” aspects of life. Granted these chefs look majorly overweight, but I do not tune into Food Network to watch big people involved in the food world saying things like “I’m going to die” and “it’s like being an alcoholic.” I watch Intervention for that for my weekly dose of morbid misery. I especially don’t tune into FN to watch large people struggle to exercise and get blasted by trainers and nutritionists. Everyone and their mother is screaming about weight loss on every single other media outlet and FN should be the one place we can go to not have to listen to it for 5 minutes.

  26. Janine says:

    Personally, I HAVE to watch this. To me, there is no single thing in this WORLD more revolting, disgusting, or cringeworthy than a fat person. I cannot wait to watch this in order to scream curse words at these people when they appear on my TV screen. And NO, I’m not overweight, and most people would call me slightly *under* weight, though for ME, I’m a FAT PIG (currently ~96-ish pounds, and am struggling to get below 90 again – at 5’3″).

    I have to watch this. I realize that I have serious issues myself, and I am the first one to admit that, so nothing anyone says will be at all suprising to me. But I feel the way I feel, I’ve felt this way, about fat people, for more than half my life (since age 19; I’m now 46), and I’ve done a really good job of damaging my own body with my eating disordered behavior, though I certainly haven’t actively restricted in 20 years. I’m talking about the damage I did 20 years ago that I cannot reverse. You would never want my life.

    • April says:

      If there were a god, hypothyroidism would be in your future.

      • Scruffy says:

        If there were a god you wouldn’t have hit Submit on something that makes you sound even more pathetic than her.

      • Janine says:

        Interesting…considering I’ve been hypothyroid for the last almost-30 years and it hasn’t caused me to gain ANY weight — in fact, I developed my ED and LOST all the weight I lost SINCE my hypo dx AND my diabetes dx; but I have the REAL diabetes, Type 1, insulin-dependent, diabetes, and not fat-people’s Type 2 diabetes. People do not HAVE to be fat. They DON’T. Perioid.

        • Butter, Y'all says:

          Your’e right, people don’t HAVE to be fat. They can change their lifestyles. Similarly, you don’t HAVE to be a b!tch, but your’e being one.

    • Ina's Twin says:

      Dear Janine,


    • Summer says:

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  27. Jeanine says:

    As a chef who has just lost 60lbs and counting myself I look forward to this show, but will probably be disappointed. It could be very helpful to people to not only learn about nutrition but also how to cook nutritous food that tastes good.

  28. Neuf says:

    I’m assuming Paula Deen is going to be a contestant? I mean, she’s got the diabetus ‘n all. SHOCKER!

  29. Beets Are Nature's Candy says:

    I don’t care what anyone says… I’m watching this!

  30. SixDegrees says:

    Unless it features chefs so fat they have to be airlifted out of their homes to compete, I’m not interested.

  31. Ina's Twin says:

    Slow down, people. I happen to know one of the female chefs who is going to be on this show. Besides being an accomplished chef, she’s an amazing teacher and best-selling author. There is more to the show than watching chubby foodies try to lose weight. Give it a try…you may be pleasantly surprised.

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