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Rachael Ray Coins Annoying New Word
Posted by Jillian Madison

SAMMIE, CHOUP, and DELISH are so 2011. It’s 2012, and Rachael Ray’s got a new catchphrase!

In a quote from the New York Post discussing her horrific new “celebrity” cooking show, Rachael said:

Going in, I knew that Cheech and LDP were good cooks, but a lot of them just wanted to become better at working with food and consider themselves foodies because they are eaties… they eat a lot.

Congratulations to Rachael Ray for finally managing to find word more annoying than “foodies.”

(photo/tip via Eater)

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    42 Responses

    • Otaddy says:

      Not another cutesy word… I still cannot stand hearing the words “Veggie” or “Sammie”

      It’s times like this I wish I were deaf.

  1. VictorV says:

    Umm, seems like we already had a word for this…called Eater…you know, like the source cited.

  2. Ball Peen says:

    I thought Rach looked pretty cute on the new show. I would like to eatie her, please.

  3. Mark says:

    Who the hell is LDP?
    As happy as I am that you are watching this instead of me, I fear that coverage of it is feeding the trolls at food network.

  4. Free Juan Carlos Cruz says:

    Seriously!? Most of the contenders do not even look like they “eat a lot”.

  5. Lana says:

    And for her next trick, Rachael will invent the word, “cookie.”
    One who cooks.

    • ButtaRumCake says:


    • caleigh says:

      Rachael Ray was susposed to be a cooking show??? She throws something together @ the end of the show, covered with CHEESE & or GRAVY. Looks like someone gave it back.
      She’s laughing all the way to the bank.
      E.V.O.O, how lazy can you be? Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  6. Cindy says:

    Is that the annoying husband Cusimano right behind her, on her coattails?

    • Ferd Berfle says:

      Looks like it. He’s trying to get her attention so she’ll give him his allowance money to score some, um, well, buy something he’d like to buy.

      • Alexandrite says:

        He’s reminding himself that even though she’s a crashing embarrassment, as long as she’s working, he doesn’t have to.

  7. Jeff Balla says:

    Rach will have to continually explain that she isn’t talking about ice cream.

  8. Hal says:

    Put some hotsauce on it! Put some hotsauce on it! Put some hotsauce on it!

    This stupid phrase is stuck in my head now. Thanks Rachel.

  9. P.O.S. says:

    The guy standing behind Rach is checking out how huge her arse is getting.
    And, her annoying catchphrases are just stupid.

    • MARTIN says:

      FYI: That man behind her is her disgusting, ugly, hobo husband (John Cusimano) often featured with RayRay in her late night travel / eatie adventures.

  10. Voice of Damnation says:

    Back in my day, we had our own word for people who eat a lot; “Fatass.”

  11. sprode says:

    Eaties… sounds like something your little sister came up with before she could speak adult English.

    Cutesy but frivolous and never appropriate.

  12. Ana Nimous says:

    Eaties…isn’t that related to Cooties?

    Or is it a new variety of Wheaties?

    Give me a frickin’ break.

    While she deserves some (not a lot, okay?) credit for giving folks who don’t ordinarily cook the thought of actually entering that room with those electric things in it and preparing a meal…why does she feel she needs to talk to people like they’re two?


  13. ColK says:

    Does she call people who like her rear “Butties”?

  14. Kate says:

    Just when I think she couldn’t possibly be more annoying, she comes up with a new one. Make it stop.

    • Alexandrite says:

      I’m a linguistic purist who still cringes every time she hears “veggie,” so you can imagine how
      “Yum-O,” “Nutrish,” “Moppine,” ad nauseam, sit on my stomach. She’s the very epitome of the 21st-century celebrity who shows her contempt for her sheeplike following by coining cutesy-pootsy words and laughing at them behind their pathetic backs.. And her pit bull is named “Isaboo”–with a name like that, no wonder the poor pooch goes around biting off other dogs’ ears!

  15. Britt says:

    It looks like the guy to the left has a napkin ready to wipe her greasy face for her after she’s done.

  16. H.R. says:

    OMFG. I thought she would’ve disappeared by now. Just what we need, another effen stupid catch phrase of hers. Is she going to get this one in Webster’s too? Like EVOO wasn’t bad enough. How stupid do you have to be to think this is cute and clever in any way?

  17. Boke1 says:

    I’m digging Keith Partridge’s old shirt on the guy on the left. Sassy!

  18. Ginger says:

    Or Greg Brady’s old shirt , or maybe Bobby Sherman’s. LOL Cool, man.

  19. Dr.L. says:

    Give her some elbow room, boys. She’s an eatie, you know.

  20. Fia says:

    The couple off to the side are hilarious. She’s like “OMG, what a gluttonous pig! How embarrassing for her!” and he’s like “Holy crap, that bitch fit the whole thing in her mouth! I’m in love.”

  21. Steve says:

    I’d rather be called a fatty than an eatie.

  22. Galateasca says:

    Poor Rach…too much “eaties” and she’ll have to go “poopies”.

    Have you ever noticed in her earliest shows that she moves her hands so much she looks like an air traffic controller or a semaphore flag enthusiast? I guess her publicity people had her tone the arm waving down a wee bit.

    • Girl Fairy says:

      Oh, lol..that’s why I couldn’t stand her from the beginning, her crazy hand gestures, I felt like she was swatting at flies constantly. But you’re right, she’s toned that down a bit. I’ve just never been a fan of hers because I simply don’t think she’s a good television personality- she’s got an awful voice, and an all-around highly annoying personality- and the WORDS! EVOO, Sammies, Delish, etc, etc. I mean, it takes a half second to say the rest of the damn word!!! Oh, and don’t forget the garbage bowl! Only $20! I just feel like she’s screaming into the tv “I’m going to dumb down cooking, make up cutesy words, and you’ll buy my awful cookbooks and overpriced products!”
      She may be a very nice person, I don’t know and really don’t care, but she is not someone I want to watch on tv. Unfortunately she’s also now all over the Cooking Channel, which I watch more than FN.

  23. Plumpy says:

    Rachie, I-ie so-ie sick-ie of-ie you-ie.

  24. Bonzy22 says:

    jfc this bitch. I really do not understand how she is stlil around and making millions fuck our society

  25. Kwanzaa Kake says:

    Sounds like we have the winner for a name if she ever opens a restaurant.

  26. DivineCroissant says:

    You guys won’t believe this, but I was reading a book called “Fashionable Food” (a history of food fads since about 1920), printed 1995, and the term “eatie” is in there! Talk about timing. I thought immediately of RayRay’s “new” word. I guess it isn’t that new. The author also made a distinction between “eatie” and “foodie,” and the term seemed somewhat derogatory in context. It was toward the end of the book, but I can find it exactly if someone needs it. (BTW, the book is fantabulous if you like food history. I have absolutely no official link to it, its author, or its publisher. Promise.)

  27. I suppose it’s not as bad as being called a “piggie,” but it’s still pretty silly.

    I wonder if she has an entire PR team that dreams up “new words” for her to use.

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