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Posted by Jillian Madison

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  1. sierraskyesmom says:

    Nicely done, Miss Jillian. I love the last one.

  2. Ferryguy says:

    LOL ” you’re poor”

  3. Deaner says:

    Funny stuff, Jillian!

    • Brian Badonde says:

      It is a work of great pictorial satire, James Gillray springs to mind. The first picture points out that Mrs G often uses expensive ingredients, but wait there’s more! Ina’s liking for loose clothes and her friendship with gay men is beautifully put under the spotlight. Note the subtle use of hate speech. The second picture uses earthy language to express our purple faced frustration with Ina’s cooking skills. The third picture expresses the artist’s angry distaste; Ina is a wealthy woman and Miss Jillian is not we assume. A veritable tour de force! The Triptych of Hate by Jillian Madison.

      • Ferd Berfle says:

        Oh, aren’t you clever. Except there was no hate expressed. As Alex Trebec would say, “We’re soooorry, but you’re wrong.”

      • g1nks says:

        The comments section on this site is filled with several racist, homophobic, etc. people. I’m glad they have been inactive for the past few months and I hope this site doesn’t come back! One thing this site and I can agree on though. FN has been sucking for a while now!

  4. Sarah says:

    omg that is really offensive.

  5. Ally says:


    • FuryOfFirestorm says:

      Take a chill pill. I’m a homo, and I have no problem with it. It’s just a joke without any malice behind it.

      • Carly says:

        Yeah I’m sure you are. There is no way if you were gay that you would have absolutely no problem with it. I’m sure this is Jillian.
        Lesson one, if people are offended by a picture, JUST DELETE HE DAMN PICTURE. It really isn’t funny, even if you did not use a derogatory, offensive term.

        • Good Vanilla says:

          if people are offended, there’s a button on your computer that will take you away from this site. problem solved.

          • Bear says:

            I wouldn’t say I’m terribly offended by it, but I think it’s strange that on a site where Guy Fiere gets shredded for allegedly merely admitting he felt uncomfortable around a homosexual couple during the taping of a television episode, that the same site turns around and later ridicules homosexuals or transgenders in other posts or uses phrases they claim to find derogatory.

        • FuryOfFirestorm says:

          Yes I am gay. Want to see my profile on some gay dating sites? Look up FuryOfFirestorm on Just Us Boys, BearForest and BearFront if you doubt it, missy.

          • Amber says:

            Really, it’s great you don’t take offense. But just because it’s ok with you, you think you speak for all gay men, eh? My best friend, also a gay male, found this pretty offensive. And not JUST because that word was used.

            It was used as the punchline. OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT! There was no real wit or insight. I haven’t seen too many responses that go ahead and use that word — even those supporting the post in its entirety… I think there is a reason for that.

          • indian kid says:

            people are stupid wtf is wrong with people hating on gays grow up im in high school and im gay im more adult than these bitches.

      • alohamid says:

        Because we all know one member of a minority group is capable of speaking for ALL members of that group.

      • PutCreativeNameHere says:

        I’m a lesbian, and I get a little annoyed when Jillian says stuff like that, but all in all I like the website so I ignore it. Ally really does need a chill pill.
        Also, Ina really does surround herself with a fleet of flamers, so it’s not like Jillian’s lying, but the word doesn’t make me too happy. Would have been happier if she just said “gay.”

    • Punky Brewstein says:

      I could care less about the “f” word (yeah, I am a queer too)… but I didn’t find the first one funny,

    • Sam says:

      I am gay and I AM offended. I used to like this site. Never again. How dare you.

  6. Nikki says:

    Learn how to check over your post before you upload them.

  7. Chris says:

    hunky f** !!! very appropriate !!!

  8. Amber says:

    Oh please, Jillian or whomever, stop deleting comments. It makes you look a billion times worse!

    • FuryOfFirestorm says:

      Let me just establish 2 things:

      @Carly: I am not Jillian’s sock puppet. I have been posting on this site for at least 2 years, and in some of them I had clearly stated what my sexual orientation is. If you spent more time reading this site than getting offended by it, you would’ve known that.

      @Amber: I never claimed to speak for all gay people. Please show me where I stated such a thing. I’m sorry your friend was offended, and i’m sorry that you’re blowing a joke out of proportion.

  9. winnie says:

    Jillian you aren’t funny when you’re hateful.

  10. Synik says:

    Personally, I am not offended by the posting, but really Jillian, for someone who is constantly ragging on the FN for deleting negative comments on their website, this is not cool.

  11. Jane says:

    I like Ina’s recipes. Yes, she is a joke in her shents, but using the term “gay” in a disparaging manner is wrong.

    That is all.

  12. Ryan says:

    I have to agree. The first one did not sit right with me. Why is that kind of derogatory language necessary for the joke? Between that and the Sandra Lee/transexual post, I’m questioning if I’ll continue to visit this site.

    • Myles says:

      I completely agree. I love this website but after these two posts I’m very disappointed. Not cool at all..

      • Viv says:

        I was JUST coming into the comments to say the exact same thing. JILLIAN!! You should so not be condoning that bullshit hater-speak. Not great.

    • Ryan says:

      And just to clarify, Ina’s obsession with her gays is hilarious. Just not calling them f*gs. Secondly, I don’t think transexuals are immune to mockery, but that entire post was about her being transexual. The real question is, who invites someone onto their cooking show to scoop ice cream into a loaf pan?

    • Lauren says:


  13. Ball Peen says:

    My comment was deleted. I didn’t think it was offensive. Just making a joke. I guess someone didn’t think it was funny. Too bad that wasn’t left for others to decided for themselves.

    • Good Vanilla says:

      please repost… I missed it…… the server was down on my end. Don’t know why everybody are such babies today….

  14. Jillian Madison says:

    Loosen your fucking panties, people. It’s funny. And get a grip if your comment was deleted – repost it. We had to do a server restore.

    • Jenna says:

      …actually, no, it isn’t funny. I have always loved your sense of humor and supported your site whole-heartedly, but that is incredibly offensive language. It is completely unnecessary.

      • sandyscirroticliver says:

        Not funny? it’s fucking hilarious. What’s even more funny is reading the ‘I’m offended’ comments. How do you people make it through the day without hiding under your sheets in the fetal position sucking your thumbs crying about how mean the world is?

        • jillian madison says:

          Again, it’s because all the negative comments are from the same 2 people… commenting under different names to try to make it look like there’s a flood of people opposed to this post. It’s quite hilarious, really.

          • Someone New says:

            I think I need to start doing that. Multi-posting under different names, I mean.
            Are you suggesting that spamming websites with your opinion doesn’t convince people you’re right? MADNESS!

          • Brandon says:

            So, Jillian, now you’re trying to twist the attention from yourself to your readers? Get over yourself. You made the mistake here, not anyone else. Admit it and stop scrambling for a scapegoat.

    • Di says:

      Technical problems, as needed hahah

      Hey it’s YOUR site

      • cloverleaf says:

        I, too, was offended by the first image’s unfortunate use of the word “f*g”, but have to defend Jillian when she said there were technical problems. The forum went down and yesterday’s threads and posts were lost, so that was not an excuse.

        • Amber says:

          Actually, the first 3 (which are all praising her humor and wit) were posted yesterday and they magically still exist.

          • cloverleaf says:

            In my response to Di, I was referring to the member’s forum on this site, not this page. There was a glitch on the site, but unfortunately, the first image of this post wasn’t lost. ;)

    • Amber says:

      That’s where you are wrong, the first one isn’t funny. What IS funny, however, is that your technical issues seem to only involved the people who were calling you on it.

      If you can’t tolerate that some people find hate-speech indefensible, maybe you shouldn’t post it? You’d have time to managing those pesky servers.

      And for goodness sake, you had an entire post that opened a woman up to all kinds of public ridicule, when all she did was dare to be on TV. You can’t even seem to take 20 or so people telling you that they thought your humor was offensive? Please.

    • Amy says:

      Okay, Jillian. I can understand you telling people to loosen up, but you can’t really dictate to people what’s funny and what isn’t. If you think it’s funny, fine, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is or that others think it is. You state “It’s funny.” as if it’s a fact.

    • Elysianladie says:

      Jillian, I absolutely agree with you that it’s funny, but there’s also the side that thinks it isn’t funny and I agree with them.

      You’re a lovable hardhead, and the majestic Queen of Snark, but the first picture of this entry did not make many people’s days.

    • chris says:

      Eh…it wasnt the funniest thing cause its been posted before…the real tragedy is Ina’s greasy looking hair in that pic….I know the moderators arent homo haters and so its fine with this homo….besides…laughing at offensive things makes life fun….

      and if something offends you….bitch moan groan comment complain….WELCOME TO THE INTERNET. (Its a system of tubes you know…)

    • Joe says:

      No. It’s not funny. You have a whole host of people telling you it isn’t. You just don’t want to hear it.

  15. Emily says:


  16. Ginger says:

    it’s a snark humor site. It’s supposed to be on the edge and it was. We all know Ina is over the top with everything she does. If it offends your sensibilities to read something about her, then read about Guy or Sandy the lush.

    • Ryan says:

      Except it’s not the joke on Ina that is offensive to those that have commented. It is the use of a derogatory term. Using the word “f*g” is not reflective of Ina–it’s reflective of Jillian (for creating the image, I assume, as well as finding it appropriate to post.)

  17. Montag says:

    Holy fuck, people. If you’re this easily offended by hilarious shit then clearly this site isnt for you.

  18. Anna says:

    DELETE THE FIRST PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • sandyscirroticliver says:

      make your own site, problem solved for you and all the crybaby losers who got participation trophies in competitions as children or didn’t keep score because someone’s feelings might have gotten hurt or just go away instead of trying to change things TO SUIT YOUR PURPOSE!!!!

  19. Mike says:

    Just get rid of the first picture. The rest of the post was at least a little funny.

    Otherwise this just proves you are homophobic.

  20. Matt says:

    I know there is a fine line between edgy humor and derogatory name calling, but I have to say that, in my view, this line was crossed. To all those saying to “lighten up”, would you feel the same way if the post was of the Neely’s hanging with their N word friends? Both are disparaging words. And both are really unfunny.

  21. Brandon says:

    Since my earlier post was “lost,” I’ll re-comment: Jillian, I am a HUGE fan of all of your work – I check the PopHangover sites daily, and they are a wonderful distraction from my own job. I even subscribe to this site in particular because your skewering of the Food Network never ceases to make my day. And as a gay man, I have always found your humor refreshing and, while cutting-edge, also inclusive. So please, don’t get on here and try to change minds, telling us to “loosen [our] f***ing panties.” No, just admit that you should not have used f*g in a post, and move on. Next time, try homo, or gay, or even puff. Anything is better than f*g, and you know it.

  22. jennylola says:

    Damn. We can bomb the shit outta countries, and go to war, but everyone is getting worked up over the first pic here? I actually let out a huge laugh. And then I got over it. can’t we all get along?

  23. Just Browsing says:

    I love how people are actually DEMANDING that she remove the first picture. Especially the posts written in ALL CAPS like it’s yelling and trying to be threatening. lol If you’re bothered then leave…and stay gone.

    Personally, I can totally see Ina using that term freely with her gay friends.

    I might be wrong, but I think this was possibly inspired by the hell-raising people did in the Sandra Lee post.

    I appreciate that this website isn’t PC and please, let’s not compare F** to using the N** word. Not even close.

  24. pat says:

    What’s up with the malware warnings?

  25. Spencer says:

    My post was ‘lost’ aswell. I’m a huge fan of this site- visit it at least once a day. F*g perpetuates hate whether you realize it or not. It’s not funny, it’s not snarky, it’s not ‘over the top’ like Ina- it is inappropriate and ignorant for anyone to use that word in the year 2012.

  26. Kev says:

    When changing the channel away from this fat, snobby pig, remember to use the GOOD batteries in your remote.

    How easy is that?

  27. Miss Silver says:

    I’m pretty sure the first one was meant to be portrayed in a satirical way; i.e. it parodies Ina Garten’s patronizing vibe, rather than demeaning the gays. Lighten up, please.

    • Amber says:

      But the thing is — she was actually demeaning while patronizing — and that really isn’t funny. It was a poor attempt at humor.

      Ina is patronizing about poor people, people she doesn’t know (Jennifer Gardner) and sick children that want to meet her — but not really gay people. I don’t watch her show everyday or anything, but I have seen several shows that involve her gay friends over the years and she doesn’t seem to treat them them like zoo creatures on display. If she did, your argument might make more sense.

      • Miss Silver says:

        I think it parodies her ‘I’VE GOT GAY FRIENDS’ thing, if anything. She acts like it’s the fucking BOMB or something, and that she’s Mother Teresa for the gay community.

    • foodieinalabama says:

      Miss Silver is exactly right!!! Geesh. I see stand up comedians all the time that use language like that and everybody laughs,,, everybody is so damn uptight these days under the anonymity of the web, it is such a DRAG!!

  28. WesternLady says:

    This is hilarious, but I still *heart* Ina!

  29. AltonFTW says:

    As a gay male, I find (and use) the word ‘fag’ to mean a REALLY gay person. I also use it to describe gay guys that exemplify the the whole stereotype. So IMO, the guys on Ina’s show are experts in the art of faggotry.

  30. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    To everyone telling Jillian to remove the joke:

    There’s this thing called the First Amendment, or as some people like to call it, the right to free speech. This her site and she has every right to put up what she wants. When the WBC holds protests the funeral of a dead soldier or homosexual, I get angry, but it is their right to say what they want to say, weather I like or not.

    There’s a whole bunch of people out there using the word fag in a hateful, non-humorous context, in order to bully gay kids to suicide. How about you guys channel your outrage toward that?

    • Ryan says:

      Do you not get that appropriating the term this way leads to truly hateful people or even younger people still learning what is and isn’t socially or morally acceptable finding it okay to use it? Jillian doesn’t have to take down the first post. But you have to understand that she has an opportunity to look back at what she said and ensure people that she doesn’t condone hate speech, and yet she hasn’t.

    • refgwerv sdvc says:

      except the first amendment is about the GOVERNMENT suppressing people’s right to free speech, not individuals. so oop@u

  31. Dr. L. says:

    LOL! I am a Jillian sock-puppet…

  32. Laidbackbud says:

    Every time I watch her, I can’t help but be sad that Chris Farley is no longer with us to nail her fat, stupid, snobby ass in an SNL skit! I wish someone would give it a go……

  33. Laidbackbud says:

    I’m only sad that Chris Farley is no longer with us to do a deadpan, nail her fat ass to the wall impression. I hope someone on SNL will take a stab at it soon!

  34. sandyscirroticliver says:

    the people who say the word fag is hateful are just plain wrong. It’s an adjective i.e. 1. arousing or deserving hate. One only finds it hateful if they are looking for a reason to police others or to cover theirs own insecurities. Otherwise it’s a descriptive word to describe overtly gay people as acknowledged by one of the gay commenters. Whether one agrees with Jillian’s sense of humor or not (I do as its irreverent and unapologetic) this site is a dictatorship not a democracy and as such I do not believe that said writer of this site gives two suits whether the minority finds anything offensive or not. Nor do I think she is a bigot and if she was who cares. The site entertains me. Anyones parents, or struggles in life do not concern me as that is not why we come here. It is to laugh and the fag panel made me laugh. Not because I ‘hate’ gay people , but because it works in the vein of the shent wearer speaking of such. I go in peace

  35. refgwerv sdvc says:

    i have questioned for quite some time wether or not you’re a homophobe and i think i’ve come to a pretty solid conclusion over the past couple of days

    i think me and fnh are over.

  36. Scarab83 says:

    It’s all about context and intent, people. Words are neither inherently good, nor bad. The obvious intention here is joking. Learn to distinguish intent and you won’t sound like such a thin-skinned sissy.

  37. Pat says:

    I am poor and I am offended.

  38. YouGoGrill says:

    I am a loyal FNH fan, and I show it to everyone and have never ever had a problem with anything being too offensive on this site. Nevertheless, I could do without the word choice in that first picture…

  39. DearZeus says:

    The first one doesn’t bother me too much, and I am gay. It was kind of jarring that that specific word was used. Still better than the “Was That a Transgender” post though.

  40. Becky says:

    Wow. Quite the tempest in a teapot. I thought it was amusing, I think the shit-storm of offended commenters is hilarious.

  41. Starkeisha says:

    Ina <3 I'm getting fairly good at predicting when she is going to call something "really good" before she actually does. :P

  42. proud cracker says:

    Omg, I am so offended by all of the people that are offended by the first picture! Jillian, don’t you know we have a right to never be offended???

    • Bear says:

      As long as in the future when, or if, Guy Fiere or whomever else on Food Network uses the “f-g” word we don’t get posts of indignation and fury about it.

  43. proud cracker says:

    Maybe you morons didn’t get the memo, fag now means annoying Harley rider!

  44. alohamid says:

    WHOA, #1 was offensive and unnecessary.

  45. Justwow says:

    Ya know, I’m offended by all these realty shows promoting things that shouldn’t be (teen preggos, toddlers and tiaras, etc..), you know what I do? I change the f-ing channel. Same applies to the web ya whiney ass bitches, MOVE ON! LOL

  46. sweet peppa says:

    I think people are paranoid about offending certain groups in society but everyone else is fair game.
    Do you think it’s funny to make slurs about alcoholism in references to Sandra Lee’s show?
    Is it funny to slant obesity in reference to Ina’s shent?
    Or does it offend?
    My point is that we could dissect every comment and find a reason to label it as “offensive”.
    I think we have become too thin-skinned as a culture. We can’t take a joke anymore and that’s stifling creativity.
    Humor diffuses that latent mean streak in all of us and we have to be able to laugh at ourselves and others without this acidity.

  47. bellus says:

    Ina really is clueless when it comes to the economy and regular people. I live in the real world of budgeting, watching weekly sales and clipping coupons. I would love to use only the “best” vanilla but I buy whatever I can afford. Ina is quickly becoming a Martha Stewart clone. She seems nice enough on TV…?…but still clueless.

  48. bellus says:

    Oh…and I don’t care about her gay friends or her big ol’ shirts. She’s a chunky lady…big shirts are best really.

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  50. Justwow says:

    OMG, your language offends me SO much, please make it stop! The humanity! Lame. Go troll elsewhere loser.

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