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Semi-Homemade: Was That A Transgender?
Posted by Jillian Madison

sonya williams semi homemade sandra lee

The real story on this weekend’s episode of Semi-Homemade wasn’t Sandra’s tacky bird tablescape, or the way her eyes lit up at the sight of the unopened bottle of vanilla vodka. Oh no. The real story was Sonia Williams, the Semi-Homemaker who was invited on the show to share a recipe for O’Choco Cafe Cake (whatever the hell that is).

After the episode aired, several hundred FNH readers sent us emails and twitter messages asking us one thing: is Sonya Williams a transgender person?

sonya williams semi homemade sandra lee


Something was clearly amiss with her voice, and her hands definitely could never be mistaken for dainty. And what about that aqua turtleneck? Was it just an unfortunate fashion misstep, or a cleverly orchestrated mechanism to hide an Adam’s apple? And how about the awkward banter with Sandra Lee about her two children? Did she actually BIRTH these kids, or did she adopt them? Sadly, the world may never know.

A final note: I’m a big believer in equal rights for all people, and it bothered me to see how FAKE and condescending Sandra Lee was toward Sonya after she heard her speak and started wondering if she might be a man living as a woman. Sandra treated her like she was a leper whom she didn’t want to touch her for fear of catching something. The tension in the air was palpable, and the whole segment was one of the most awkward things I’ve seen on the Food Network in months.

Sonya, good luck to you, whoever you are. We do have one recommendation, though: next time, submit a recipe to Ina Garten instead.

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    217 Responses

  1. pork says:

    this hilarious anti-sandra lee site talks about this episode, too.

  2. Heya says:

    I don’t think Sandra was being fake toward her at all! She was just being friendly and her usual self, she even stopped Sonya from wasting the icecream left on the spoon- LOL. When I saw this on TV I didn’t think “omg a tranny!” or anything, and I think its kind of rude to out innocent people who didn’t even do anything wrong. Sonya was probably a woman btw, stop picking on her! :D

    • Derp says:

      If you don’t want to see people picked on, then I suggest you find another site to browse.

    • BurgerTime says:

      Heya I agree with you.

    • Rachel says:

      Hmmm… I guess I don’t see it. Not that I’m a fan of Sandra Lee, but in all fairness, she seems perfectly comfortable with her guest.

      Also, that ice cream concoction looks surprisingly tasty for something that came out of this show.

    • AROYO says:

      I agree with you Heya. I’m usually the first one to call out Sandra on her awful recipes and oft-times ridiculous tablescapes, I thought she was very natural here. She made caring inquiries about Sonya’s children and I really didnt think Sonya was a man at all. Whether she is or not is ofcourse nobody’s business but I also didnt think Sandra seemed prying or overly prudish with Sonya at all. I think Jillian is reaching here. This segment is perfectly normal (ofcourse I cant speak for the rest of the episode bc I didnt see it. But from what I see here, Sandra’s her usual self.)

    • lisi says:

      I agree with Heya. I’m not a fan of Sandra Lee, not normally, but I didn’t see her acting in a strange way at all towards the guest. She seemed pretty normal.

    • AnitaBath says:

      I’m usually with you Jillian, but this time you are wrong and Heya is correct. Sandra was as fake with this person as she is with everyone, no more awkward than normal. I do believe this woman is transexual, but who cares, this is 2012 isn’t it? Why is this even an issue?

      • Waldo says:

        I agree with Heya also. And isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say that Sandra was acting distant and uncomfortable around Sonya, but then Jillian asking such personal, prying, and embarrassing questions about Sonja’s body features and making assumptions that she is not truly a woman? If Sonja read this blog, that would surely make her more uncomforable than anything Sandy did on the show.

    • Abby says:

      I so agree with you Heya. I also think the title of this article is offensive. “Is that a transgender?” Really? Last I checked, transgendered people were still part of the dichotomy as fulfilling either “male” or “female.” I’m all for categories being added, but until one exists officially that does not have a negative connotation, this is simply unacceptable.

      If people think I’m overreacting here, imagine if this was fifty years ago and Sandra’s guest appeared white but had dark brown eyes and curly hair and big lips and spoke with a ghetto accent. Would it have been ok if Jillian had said “Is that a colored?” Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  3. Heya says:

    Oh another thing, I know that Sandra had her gay best guy friend on a few episodes ago so shes not like that or anything.

    • Beets Are Nature's Candy says:

      I didn’t see the episode, but I’ve met a few people who are gay-positive and even gay, but totally skeeved out by transgenders. Sandra could have 20 gay besties and still be “like that”.

  4. Cat Chow says:

    Birds for the ‘birdcage’ episode?

  5. Kitty says:

    She has absolutely no hips to speak of, no tuck to her waist. She is one large column. Her breasts are too large for her body type and much to round for a woman of her age. I work with professional crossdressers and all the signs of a newbie are there. I would be very, very surpised to learn this is a natural-born woman but I suppose there is always room for doubt…

    • Bubba says:

      You mean Aunt Sandy, right?

    • Kim says:

      really? I mean you really need to concern yourself with things of actual importance. My first question to you is…who cares whether or not this person is trans?…and how you would like someone to define you but how you look?

      Seriously…I have lost a lot of respect for this site because of this blog, and I am disappointed in people’s apparent attachments to gender…

      Let a person be who they are and stop concerning yourself with their gender performance. We all perform gender and who is to say who does it best or most authentically!

      • Abby says:

        I totally agree. Why does it matter what this woman has going on in her pants? She’s presenting herself as a woman, and that should be good enough for everyone who’s hung up on gender. I am a big fan of this website, but this post really bothered me.

        It is not only ridiculous, but a logical fallacy to assume that Sandra Lee was treating this woman in a negative way based on the assumption that she could be transgendered or transexual. I honestly think that is more projecting than anything, as I watched the clip and found nothing wrong with the way Sandra Lee interacted with her.

    • Beth says:

      Look at her hands.. Since you work with professional crossdresses, (didnt know professional crossdresses existed? dragqueens?) you should take note that a mans ring finger is longer than his pointer finger, where as, a woman’s pointer finger is longer than her ring finger. Look at the ladies hands in the video. You’re wrong!

  6. Kael says:

    That’s a bit uncalled for. Born a man or woman, she is what she feels most comfortable being and there isn’t really any need to be that rude about it. She’s not “hilariously defective,” she’s a person, and her physical appearance shouldn’t be considered a flaw or a handicap. And as far as saying “we instinctively laugh at them,” I’m not sure what group of people you are referring to when you say “we,” but I know I would never laugh at another person based on their appearance. This site is supposed to be all in good fun, but that seemed over the line. You shouldn’t segregate a whole group of people just because you don’t understand them.

    • AROYO says:

      I agree with you. I hope this site doesnt go down that road and start nitpicking on people for supposed “faults”. I think Sandra was very charming here (even her licking spoon thing–it seemed very natural and she looked like she was enjoying herself.) I think Sandra should have offered Sonya one of the spoons tho ;) If I were Sonya I would have been like, “Hey what about me?” Sonya seems like a classier lady than I! Good for her!

  7. JSS says:

    HEY’s postings need to be removed NOW. Look at yourself before you type.

  8. jenny says:

    yes indeed, I believe it is a he

  9. FNFAN says:

    Wow, what an insinsitive sub-creature this “Hey” is. I’m assuming he or she has never been ostracized or made fun of or put down in any way, shape or form. I guess it’s just a testament to the fact that there are still some seriously clueless, classless morons left in the world.

  10. Tatiana says:

    Sonya with man-hands? How about Sandra Lee’s hands??? They are HUGE, and I instinctively duck every time she sticks those sausage sized appendages out in a thumbs up sign.

    I thought Sandra seemed tense and uncomfortable, too, though I didn’t get a tranny vibe from Sonya. But then, Sonya didn’t seem to be a particularly gushing fan of Aunt Sandy, either, so why bother to have her on the show?

    BTW, has anyone else noticed Sandra’s tendency to speak in Yoda-talk? On this show, she said “… into the slow cooker this goes…” I’ve heard that several times before, as well.

  11. Syd says:

    That’s a man, baby.

  12. Kelly says:

    Yes that is a man. Did Sandra not know beforehand?

  13. Matt says:

    @ Hey, trannies are just regular human beings like you or I. for all i know she could even be just a Drag queen as well. just because someone is different then you doesn’t mean that it is ok to ridicule them for how they feel/act. I give Sonya Kudos for not being afraid to go out in public no matter who/what she is.

  14. Byrdie says:

    Appropriate. Semi-Ho hosts a semi-homo.

  15. FNFAN says:

    She may be a transgender (aka transexual), not a transvestite. I wonder if Sandra had a WTF moment upon gazing Sonya for the first time.

  16. Vic says:

    I would be surprised if Sonya is a tranny. People come in all shapes and sizes. Some parts we like, but mostly we wish looked differently. I have broad shoulders and man hands, but the rest of me looks feminine. It just seems that Sonya may have gotten an unfortunate combination of gender features that doesn’t fit into our prescribed definition of male/female. Regardless, I applaud her for ability to let us look beyond physical appearance. Reminds me of a Susan Boyle moment.

  17. Dan says:

    It’s more than just an “unfortunate combination of gender features” Vic — that voice was definitely off.

  18. Erin says:

    @Kitty: “I work with professional crossdressers”


    I for one say we listen to Kitty! She has actual experience working with crossdressers and thinks Sonya is a “he.”

  19. Lana says:

    I saw on Manswers (haha, yeah. I watch it once in a while) that men’s index fingers are longer than their ring fingers, and the other way ’round for women. Apparently, that’s the *only* way you can tell!

    Regardless of Sonya’s XX / XY chromosome pairings, she has a lovely smile, eh?

  20. Meaghan says:

    If you don’t know, Food Network Humor, don’t ask. And if you can’t ask, don’t open up a blog post to allow ignorant people to speculate in the comments. I realize that deriving humor from the very real experiences of others, especially minorities, is kind of standard shtick for people, but I think it says a lot about the quality of this blog if you really have to go there. I feel like I’m at the lunch table with a bunch of 8th grade boys.

    • C says:

      Yeah and I think it’s really depressing to see so many people saying shit like “she is a he.” NO if she is transgender, then SHE is a SHE, if her identity does in fact match up with her feminine presentation. For fuck’s sake.

  21. Erin says:

    Oh get over yourself, Meaghan. I for one welcome open adult conversation about adult topics. One person here made hateful comments, which were immediately deleted by the blog.

    No one here is “deriving humor” by being mean.

    If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

  22. Alexis says:

    Agreed. Meaghan, get over yourself.

  23. Gregory says:

    I was about to comment on how tactfully FNH handled the issue. If they didn’t bring it up, they would not be doing their job.

    Meaghan you’re being a bit touchy.

    Allow me to say, I *AM* a transsexual, and even I did not find this post offensive. Jillian Madison came across as sympathetic to Sonya, not vice versa. And no one here has made derogatory jokes.

  24. Meaghan says:

    How is critiquing every inch of a person’s body and physique appropriate? Put your picture up on the internet and let people have at it. Allow people to speculate whether you’re “really” a woman or not. Let people casually call you a tranny when your hips aren’t wide enough. How is any of this acceptable? And not all of the inappropriate comments have been deleted, either.

    This entire paragraph: “Something was clearly amiss with her voice, and her hands definitely could never be mistaken for dainty. And what about that aqua turtleneck? Was it just an unfortunate fashion misstep, or a cleverly orchestrated mechanism to hide an Adam’s apple? And how about the awkward banter with Sandra Lee about her two children? Did she actually BIRTH these kids, or did she adopt them?” IS INAPPROPRIATE.

    Just because I object does not mean I need to “go elsewhere” (including Bermuda…thanks for that). I feel my opinion is just as valid as everyone else’s, which is why I share it. Keep the name calling to yourself, folks.

  25. Gregory says:

    Oh and by the way, I am of the opinion that Sonya is a cross dresser (not a transvestite)

  26. Dan says:

    Yep. I’m with FNH on this one. I hear Bermuda is nice this time of year.

  27. Hank Moody says:

    Gregory, thanks for being the sole voice of reason here.

    Meaghan, I’d avoid Bermuda. It’s expensive and there’s virtually no nightlife. I’d recommend Jamaica instead.

  28. Youknowwhoiam says:

    God. You know what? As a lesbian, I can’t stand overly sensitive people like Meaghan. People like you set gay rights back 100 years. You search for shit to be pissed off about, even when there’s nothing there to cause anger.

  29. Hannah says:

    My friends and I thought the same thing!!!

  30. Gregory says:

    I’m glad this post exists. It brings to light the discrimination that transexuals and cross dressers face on a daily basis (Sandra Lee was treating Sonya like she was a cancer patient with 2 days to live). It was awkward.

  31. retro says:

    Listen .. if you put yourself on TV you have to be ready for whatever comes. If someone CHOOSES to appear on television it’s fairgame. That being said, FNH was very fair to this man/woman. It’s a subject worth sharing a laugh about IMO.

  32. HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken says:

    Love this post Jillian but the comments here are better than the original story! LOL
    That goofy-assed looking tranny on Semi-Ho made me laugh out loud at just seeing the picture on the website.
    WTF? We can’t laugh anymore? We can’t make fun of our differences? People who are offended by a “humor” site poking fun of situations that are, indeed, quite humorous can please kindly fuck off. Jillian, I love you and your brilliance, please continue to do that voodoo that you do.
    And for all of you sensitive PC shitheads out there, don’t even try to confront me…I’m a transexual, cross-dressing, sausage-handed, gay, adam’s apple-concealing, Korean star!!
    P.S. I’m Korean

  33. jimmyincinni says:

    Haha right on hewhosename

  34. jenna says:


    BRAVO!!! That was hilarious and I could not have said it better myself!!!

    We all have differences – why not laugh at them?!

  35. Malarie says:

    Wait… HeWhoseName is Korean? I heard Debbie is, too!

  36. FNFAN says:

    “Oh and by the way, I am of the opinion that Sonya is a cross dresser (not a transvestite)”

    Actually, being a cross-dresser and a transvestite are the same thing. Transexualism is what differs-a man living as a woman or vice versa, usually with hormone treatments and/or surgery.

  37. littleshotlarry says:

    It’s really quite pathetic the lengths people will go to to justify being assholes. The tone of this post that there was something wrong with Sonya. I don’t think pointing out this prejudice make’s me touchy in the slightest. Nor can it be rationally said to put gay rights back in any way shape or form. What it does is fluster assholes that want to defend their supposed right to point and laugh at people that don’t fit their perceived sexual/racial/ethnic norms.

    Congratulations, assholes, you’ve won yet another battle by shouting down the humorless!

  38. Just Jill says:

    I did not see this episode, but after reading the post, I was a little surprised that FNH would dicuss what I think to be moot issue. Whether Sonja is a man, women, cross dresser, who cares? Shes a cook (prolly a better one than Ms. Lee)! But lets face it, this site is dedicated to making fun of The Food Network and the people on it. There have been posts regarding the gender, race, clothing, and stupidity of many stars of the Food Network. Meaghan, I get where you are coming from, but a little humor isnt a bad thing and it was good natured (sp). And FYI, this is one of the most interesting Blogs comments section that I have read as of yet on this site. Keep it up Ms. Madison!

  39. hisantros says:

    The folks who are angry need to lighten up. This is funny, and interesting. Sandra’s reaction was a bit odd .. and come on, if you go on tv as a transexual you are expecting people to notice.

  40. Jen says:

    I think (s)he looks a little like Michelle Obama.

  41. HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken says:

    @Jen: hillarious…!

    Personally, I think “it” looks like fat Reggie, post-Valerie Bertinelli diet with a tarantula flopped on his head.

  42. HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken says:

    …sorry, I meant to include supporting evidence to back up my statement:
    if you compare the moobs on Reggie and on “Miz Thing” they are identical.

  43. Shel says:

    In my best Austin Powers voice…

    “That’s a man, baby!”

  44. DKM Marlink says:

    “Actually, being a cross-dresser and a transvestite are the same thing.”

    Hey, FNFan, you’re half right. :) The two words USED to mean more or less the same thing, but have drifted apart in meaning over the years. The current distinctions are, cross-dressers just enjoy wearing the opposite gender’s clothing, while transvestites do so as a nifty sexual fetish. Some people still use the words interchangeably, but that’s mostly (but not entirely) people who aren’t part of either scene. Pretty much everyone I know in the cross-dressing and transvestite scenes use the two words to mean two different things (and I consider them the main authority on what’s proper to call them!)

  45. Shel says:

    Also…who cares really. It looks to me like Sandra Lee just can’t stand anyone being in her kitchen besides her…man or woman. I bet she was just worried that Sonja would move one of her centerpieces, or spill flour on the counter. GOD FORBID!

  46. HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken says:

    @DKM – I will just continue to call them all fags who will roast in hell for all eternity…love and kisses!
    P.S. I’m Korean
    P.P.S. I HOPE that you know I’m teasing…

  47. Stephanie says:

    I think after today, we are all Korean.

  48. Shel says:

    But I took spanish in high school? I don’t know how to speak Korean.

  49. Shadowy says:

    All that matters is that Sonya is, in fact, Korean.

  50. Stephanie says:

    That’s okay Shel, Debbie doesn’t know how to speak Korean either.

  51. Byrdie says:

    She may be Korean, but is she Southern Korean?

  52. Jen says:

    @Stephanie: That’s a bunch of bulgolgi!

  53. Kitty says:

    @Erin, If you’ll believe it: it’s a part of my hobby, and no, it’s not a sexually-based hobby. I’m not sure how best to explain, but I come into contact with transexuals, cross-dressers, gays, straight, all walks of people every time I participate. I’m familiar many levels of gender bending, from professional to newb.

    But, I’m certainly not an expert. Even a professional cross-dresser can get confused by another of their flock. There’s always room for doubt ’cause some people are just that good–or, just that confusing!

    Oh, and Sonya is wearing a wig–Again, working with cross-dressers. Most have probably already noticed and simply wearing a wig won’t indicate properly if she is a he or not, but it’s worth throwing out.

    @Lana, I saw that episode of manswers and I think you have their facts right, but I also read something online that pointer and ring finger length can also indicate if a man is gay or not. Personally, I don’t think beng gay is a “chemical imbalance in the brain” and thus the fingers grow this or that way from estrogen, but it is the common stigma that male cross-dressers are gay so–Psychological debate, blah blah. Another thing to chew on though I hope it won’t jump-start a debate other than Sonya.

  54. oh my goodness says:

    i just want to try that cake… it sounds good!

  55. JohnLuvsFoodNetwork says:

    Who cares? She seems nicer and more genuine and probably a better homecook that our super super simple Sandra lee. Sonia, You Go Girl!

  56. FNFAN says:

    Here, here, Sonya seems warm and genuine and the cake does sound like something I’d try myself.

  57. Jessi says:

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents that as a lesbian myself, I too am really irritated by easily-offended and overly-sensitive people. Really, I found this post both enlightening and entertaining, and either way, Sonya was far more entertaining and friendly to watch than Sandra Lee is any day of the week :P

  58. BITTER says:

    She had HUGE hands…

  59. FNFAN says:

    Someone (Sonya) on the Food Network that seems pleasant and genuine. Whodathunkit?

  60. Beestinova says:

    I’m not falling on either side of the current debate here, but I have to say that just because somebody has less-than-feminine features, that alone doesn’t mean they’re not female. I was born and continue to be 100% female, yet I have a very masculine shaped body – my bust, chest and waist measurements are all within an inch of one another. I have a large frame, I have pretty big feet and broad shoulders and I don’t carry extra weight on my legs – when I put on a few too many pounds, it’s always around my midsection. I have a deeper voice than most women and in fact have been mistaken for a man several times both over the phone as well as in person (in person was back in the 90′s when I was in college, the grunge look was in and I wore a lot of plaid flannel shirts, also my hair was short). However, I have given birth without the benefit of fertility treatment, and I curse being a woman for a week every month, so I definitely am a woman.

    I don’t appear or sound as manly as Sonya here does, but I’m just saying…

  61. Beestinova says:

    let’s try that again… my bust, waist and hip measurements…

  62. Stepahanie says:

    @ Jen: What do you mean by bulgolgi?

  63. FNFAN says:

    I think it means bologna.

  64. randys says:

    @johnluvsfoodnetwork. I care .. its funny, no one is asking if she is nice WHO CARES about that.

  65. FNFAN says:

    @ Randy, in the immortal words of Ally Sheedy…”I care…”

  66. Monica Roberts says:

    Do some of you people even read some of the comments you write or realize just how deeply you’re immersed in white privilege?

    Whether you clueless peeps realize it or not, you are playing into and perpetuating the ‘Black women are unfeminine’ stereotype that dates back to slavery.

    The fact you’re slamming people on this thread who have called you out on it as ‘lacking a sense of humor’ or ‘overly sensitive’ is prima facie evidence that you are wallowing in white privilege.

    Just in case it escaped you in science class, you get half your genetic material from mommy and half from daddy, and we are all blends of features from our parents.

    Just as there are plenty of cisgender women who have ‘masculine’ body builds or combinations of features considered ‘masculine’, there are also cisgender men who have body builds and features that are considered ‘feminine’.

    Just an FYI, unless a person declares themselves to be trans, they ain’t. Nor is it our business if they are.

    • Good Vanilla says:

      white privilege is bullshit. It’s what makes it okay to be racist against white people. oh wait. it’s only racist against blacks. my bad.

    • uh says:

      I’m black, and your entire ” white privilege” argument irritated the crap out of me. Shut up. What really sets race relations back a hundred years is people like you who assume that any criticism, witticism, question, or slight critique against anyone who happens to be black is a form of racism. Newsflash: no matter what color her skin was, there would have been a question mark over her gender. Regardless of her race, she looks masculine. If you painted her white, she’s look the same. Go whine about how unfair it is that anyone dare have anything to say about a black person somewhere else. Get a life.

  67. Micah says:

    Pardon my french, but Monica Roberts, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    This is a humor blog. No one here was rude. No one wants to hear a lecture on how we’re just privileged white folks.

  68. Byrdie says:

    Pretty bold to assume everyone is white, don’t you think? After all, SOME of us are Korean.

  69. Roxie says:


    You need a lesson in proper grammar. :)

    You sound uneducated.

  70. Joppy0091 says:


    I must agree too. Monica, this is a humor site. FoodNetworkHumor makes fun of EVERYTHING. YOUR sensitivity propagates controversy. Everyone on this site enjoys a laugh. BLACK OR WHITE, GAY OR STRAIGHT.

    I am NOT offended and I live in NYC and am a proud Lesbian. Dont speak on MY behalf. Im GAY and loved the post.


  71. Brown Sugar says:

    Monica, I’ve never heard the stereotype that black women are unfeminine. Seriously. In 37 years, not once. And FYI, using “clueless peeps” in one paragraph and “prima facie evidence” in the next one seems a little inconsistent. And maybe a little pretentious.

    Can we all agree: Sonya is way prettier than fake blondie?

    • Ball Peen says:


    • Starbuck says:

      Well, she’s certainly a lot more genuine. And her ice cream concoction looked like something I’d like to eat, which is more than I can say for anything Aunt Sandy’s ever made. I think she should take over the show.

      Was Aunt Sandy sober? Is that why her interaction was so awkward?

  72. hey says:

    lollin..not sure which is funnier, the tranny or the comments here

  73. FNFAN says:

    I see that the hideous HEY sub-creature has returned. And I’d rather see a Sonya show than half the dreck they have on FN any day.

  74. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    She may be a transgender (aka transexual), not a transvestite. >>>>

    If so, she really needs to up the hormone dosages. Her hands look about as manly as Rachael Ray’s (BTW, as a former cab driver, I used to be in contact with drag queens all the damn time. I found them interesting, entertaining and highly amusing. Plus they tipped well. No judgment here whatsoever).

  75. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    Do some of you people even read some of the comments you write or realize just how deeply you’re immersed in white privilege?

    Whether you clueless peeps realize it or not, you are playing into and perpetuating the ‘Black women are unfeminine’ stereotype that dates back to slavery.>>>>>

    WTF?? No honey, it isn’t that “black women are unfeminine,” it’s that this particular black “woman” is unfeminine.

    Pardon me whilst I return to wallowing in Native American privilege (LOL).

  76. HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken says:

    The name “Monica Roberts” in Korean translates to “Clueless Bitch”. It’s all coming together now…because, of course, I’m Korean.

  77. Byrdie says:

    Gee, I THOUGHT I smelled soy sauce in the air….

  78. Stephanie says:

    I nominate HeWhoseNameMustNotBeSpoken to be the ambassador for Korea.

  79. Eileen Forward says:

    Monica Roberts is an uneducated unemployed former drag queen from Houston who looks NOTHING like a real woman ( That may be why she is so sensitive on the subject.
    She lives and breathes for one reason – to have people discuss her genitalia.

  80. Jasmyne Cannick says:

    Monica Roberts may look and act like a man, and “she” might be overly sensitive about her very dark skin and lack of make-up skills, but she is NOT, as most people think, a “she male gorilla.”
    Monica uses words like “meme” over and over to disguise her lack of White Privilege (aka education) but she also displays a Harriet Tubmund wish to “move to Canada.”
    But Canada has laws disallowing felons from even VISITING, which is obviously RACIST.

  81. SpiderLady says:

    Yall are so mean to make fun of Mike (“Monica”) Roberts! He may have not been Miss Gay Texas, but he at least TRIED. And now that he is stuck in BumFuck Kentucky in a small apartment with 3 other queens and living on welfare, it is easy to understand that he would wake up every morning to his “google news alerts” on anything to do with his drag name or anything “tranny, transy, black cis” etc.
    This gives his life a purpose and meaning!!!
    Y’all should respect an elderly trans-man like “Monica” for at least being alert “24/7″ to any percieved slight that s/he can use for fodder for his low self esteem “wanna be an internet blog star” diatribes..

  82. MissRhonda says:

    I must violently disagree with prejudice affixed of the comments made to the derogatory concerning Mr. Monica Roberts’ excellent and fact-laden points of justice.

    First, not one here has challenge what Mr. Robers referred to as “the myth that black women are unfeminine.”

    This is exactly the kind of stereotyping when persons evaluate such Black women as:

    Lil Kim
    Grace Jones
    Monica Roberts

    Just because these women of colour are often crude, vulgar, masculine and inarticulate, this is not a proper basics to dilimneate these facts.


  83. Steve says:

    @ Lana:

    “I saw on Manswers (haha, yeah. I watch it once in a while) that men’s index fingers are longer than their ring fingers, and the other way ’round for women. Apparently, that’s the *only* way you can tell!”

    That actually isn’t true. I’m a male and my index fingers are shorter than my ring fingers. The difference in finger lengths occur in either gender.

  84. Creme de Cocoa says:

    So what if Serene and Venux mother and father is the same person?

    It is just like how they “closed the casket” of Michael Jackson and THEN Janet Jackson showed up, so you still don’t know if they are the same person.

    But, no, I do not understand why so many masculine older black cistrannies still wear HUGE shoulder pads and can’t do their make up.


  85. Me says:

    I went to school with Sonya and all of you should be ashamed at your comments – its about the food people who cares about anyone’s gender, and for all that must know she is a female and always has been, poor woman cant even enjoy her moment because of this crap – let her be for Gods sake

  86. FNFAN says:

    agreed, ME

  87. CookieMonster says:

    That was so a man

  88. danny says:

    That woman is a fucking man. Holy shit.

  89. Memoria says:

    I don’t if this was mentioned already, but if she is a transvestite, she could have had kids as a man with a woman before she went through the changes. So, it is not usual at all for a transvestite to have kids.

  90. Memoria says:

    *”transgender”, not transvestite.

  91. tony says:

    I SOOOO agree with everyone! WTF! what was that! LOL

  92. Memoria says:


    Tyra Banks
    Gabriel Union
    Lauren London
    Members of old R&B group, Vogue
    Janet Jackson
    Jennifer Hudson
    Half of Halle Berry (many people forget she’s biracial)

    …a few examples of feminine Black women. As a black woman, I have never ever heard of Black women as unfeminine. That goes against the old (and probably current) stereotype that Black women are promiscuous and were used as sex slaves for centuries. Why would a straight (usually White, slave master) man want to mess around with a Black, masculine woman? So, while there are masculine women in this world, I can’t say this characteristic is all dependent on race/ethnicity. Also, you were the first one to introduce race into the discussion. I didn’t even think of race until you put forth your ridiculous assumptions.

  93. Say What? says:

    But Sonia isn’t a woman, not a real one anyways. She looks like a………….tranny. Lookit those shoulders and HANDS….they are MASSIVE!!!

  94. Lauren says:

    I was totally offended by this! If she is SO WHAT! I am not sure I will ever watch this channel again. If I were her I would feel totally offended by the actions and the comments…Shame on you!


  95. Suze says:

    This article is both rude and ignorant.

  96. Karma says:

    I have to give a big ol HAHAHAHAHAHA from looking at the picture and then at the last comment (This article is both rude and ignorant) Freakin hilarious. Now I’m off to actually read the article..

  97. lourdes66 says:

    Holy ^%#$!!!!! THAT’S A MAN IN DRAG!!! WHATTA QUEEN!!!! Bet Aunt Sandy was piiiisssed to find out she was punked!!! But I looked up the recipe and it might just be worth trying out. Thanks She-Man!!

  98. Baldon says:

    LMAO!!! This is the funniest comment page I’ve read in a long time… haha…

  99. Alison says:

    Not a transvestite. A transvestite is a man who gets pleasure from wearing women’s clothes.

    A transgendered person is someone who is the opposite gender of what their genitalia appear to be. Or something like that.

    Not drag. Drag is what Aunt Sandi wears on occasion.

  100. Your Mom says:

    ” I’m a big believer in equal rights for all people, and it bothered me to see how FAKE and condescending Sandra Lee was toward Sonya after she heard her speak and started wondering if she might be a man living as a woman. Sandra treated her like she was a leper whom she didn’t want to touch her for fear of catching something. The tension in the air was palpable, and the whole segment was one of the most awkward things I’ve seen on the Food Network in months.”

    I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. I think you like to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  101. bunny69 says:

    I say more power to Sonia Williams for agreeing to appear on Semi-Ho Maid! Takes guts to stand next to Aunt Drunky without wanting to reach over and throttle her with those big ol’ man-hands!

  102. Gil says:

    Other comments notwithstanding, I find this post offensive.

    I love Food Network Humor and comedians willing to “go there,” but I think there’s a line in what should be posted. Jillian’s final paragraph seems contradictory. If the first 3/4 of the post is questioning whether the woman is a transgendered person or not, then final saves at in the last quarter become moot. If you support different people, you don’t kowtow to your readers and post crap like this.

    Sandra Lee is a bag of alcoholic crazy, and her “recipes” are moronic and unreasonable, but I did not get one ounce of tension from her. She licked the spoons Sonya held. She was constantly engaging her and talking to her. And in the end, they held the cake plate together. It said to me that Sandra was (drunk enough to be) completely hospitable.

    I’m all for making fun of the Food Network chefs, but this post is just not about that.

    • What would a day be without some uptight person complaining something is “offensive.” Ah, gotta love the internet.

      • Deb says:

        It seemed hypocritical of you to state that it was difficult to tell if it was a man or a woman, but that you support equality everywhere. If you support equality, then it really is just a non-issue whether it is a man or a woman. She identifies as a woman, I don’t need to know what’s under the clothing.

        But yeah, I guess we’re just uptight because you blew something that didn’t even need to be mentioned into a whole piece, and then tried to blame it on Sandra Lee being “uncomfortable.”

        • It as difficult to tell if it was a man or a woman. Ask any Transgender person if that sentence would make them happy or sad. The answer is: THEY’D FUCKING LOVE IT.

          • Deb says:

            Why would that make them happy? She is trying to look like a woman. Why should we ask if it is really a man?

            I wouldn’t be happy if I wanted to be a woman and identified as a woman and were asked if I were really a man.

          • Dana says:

            My personal concern here is what if Sonya is really a woman from birth–then this entire post would potentially be incredibly humiliating and mean.

        • Taylor says:

          I’m fuckin’ GAY and PROUD OF IT and sometimes its obvious. So, make fun of it! I’m different! =D Jillian, I love you and ur posts, and Sonya shouldn’t have reason to be offended. If she knew she sounded and looked different, then she should expect this. I’d expect it if my fag ass was on that show, and then I’d be excited to go to and see what they said about it!

    • sandyscirroticliver says:

      believe it or not, nowhere is it written that you have the right not to be offended. Get over yourself.

  103. Lynne says:

    Wow. Guess what, guys? “It’s a humor site” is not the magical phrase that gives everyone a free pass to be a disgusting bigot. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, though, since the owner is the one who started the bigotry parade. Also, being gay, non-white, or part of any other minority group doesn’t magically make anything you say okay. And saying you’re not offended doesn’t magically make bigotry stop being offensive. You’re all disgusting.

  104. Mike says:

    IDK Jill, your post really did seem like you were mocking the tranny a bit. But my complaint is your depiction of Sandra as a homophobe; it really didn’t seem that she was so bothered by her guest. In fact, since Sandra’s so self-absorbed, I’m not sure she even noticed the gender-weirdness.

  105. Joyce says:

    Being not familiar with this Sandra Lee lady, I was curious to see the clip because of the final note. I’m sorry, but I don’t see here treating her guest condescending, or as a leper.
    Nor did I notice a palpable awkwardness, may be naive, but usually I’d think that would be caused by the guest quite nervous and being new to being on tv.

    On the transgender thing, could be, could not be. Who cares?! I loved the ice cake idea, although putting ready made stuff together is not a recipe.

    • Joyce says:

      See her, not here. “I can do typing me”.

    • Shrikes Rule says:

      “Nor did I notice a palpable awkwardness, may be naive, but usually I’d think that would be caused by the guest quite nervous and being new to being on tv.”

      It very well may be the vunella vodka talking …

  106. April says:

    So, I guess I’m the only one who saw the funny. I loved that Sonia let Sandra know several times that she was screwing up her russipie. That’s ok was heard several times. These Semi- Homakers are serious!

  107. FoodieOne says:

    I have not read a single comment here, but want to say to everyone I know, have met, or haven’t met in the GLBT community…

    ROCK ON!

    Live your life as it was intended…

  108. BurgerTime says:

    Saturday Night Live made fun of Guy Fieri on their show. One of the cast members dressed up as Fieri and gave hideous recipe ideas for Super Bowl parties on “Weekend Update.” The video of this is all over the web.

  109. BurgerTime says:

    I finished watching the video on this page. Sandra seemed genuinely nice to the guest.

    I did not pick up on a rude or condescending attitude on her part, or that she was trying to avoid the person – at several times, she even touched the spoon the lady was holding and ate off it.

    I have a sweet tooth, and that ice cream / cookie dessert looks good..

  110. poppy says:

    Ree Drummond is WAAAAY more tranny than Sonia.

  111. ChrisN says:

    I know this is splitting hairs, but Sonya could have been born intersex (hermaphrodite), and chooses to identify as a female. Regardless, she has my respect in knowingly participating on a national TV show whose target audience does their grocery shopping at a 7-eleven, and who may be less enlightened or open-minded about people who weren’t pressed out of a mold. Go Sonya!

  112. Rallie says:

    I realize this has been said, and said again – but I do think that the tone of this post (and certainly of some of the comments) is offensive. I grew up with a trans parent. My biological father became a woman when I was 10. I know she would take offense to this, because she is still (despite 15 years of hormone treatment, and GRS) mistaken for a man sometimes – because she is very tall, very broad, has small breasts, large hands, etc. I fully admit to being sensitive to this topic, so make fun of me all you want, tell me I’m ruining the humor, I’m expecting that. I just wanted to say that if it were my bio-dad being discussed in this blog post, and being made fun of by people who think a transwoman is not a “real woman”, she would not find it “humorous”. It would not be “all in good fun”. And no amount of people on here saying “oh, I’m gay, it’s okay!” will change that fact.

    • sandyscirroticliver says:

      who cares who your parents were? Really, do you think anyone really gives a shit?

      • Rallie says:

        Sandy, I don’t expect anyone to give a shit. I’m just adding my opinion, and citing my source of knowledge. If you reread my post, I very clearly explicate that I don’t expect anyone to give a shit. After reading some of your other comments, all I want to know is why do you feel the need to attack arguments via argumentum ad hominem? It just makes you look rude.

  113. Jillianne says:

    Jillian..did you miss the post where someone said that they knew this person and that she was in fact a woman? That would be enough for me to take down the whole article, because if I were you I’d feel like a huge asshole. Huge believer in equal rights, but it’s ok to bully people on the internet for being different? Do you know how stupid this makes you look?

  114. Derek says:

    Coming from a gay man, I can say with 90% certainly that Sonia was born a man.

    Hang out with enough drag queens and transsexuals and you too will be able to spot them from a mile away.

  115. coffee-n-toast says:

    The only reason this segment is weird is because most people don’t have regular exposure to transgender people. For a suburban housewife tuning into good ol’ waspy Aunt Drunky, this is a bit of a surprise.

    That being said, if Sandra Lee supports the LGBT community and wants to have a transgender person on her show in an attempt to demystify the lifestyle, then she just gained a little respect from me. Just a little. She’s still a lunatic.

  116. Kristyn says:

    Yeah, that has a dick.

  117. dee says:

    more interested in this cake; 3 pints of ice cream, a half cup of butter AND cooking spray? i didn’t realise paula deen was mentoring aunt sandy (i would probably eat it i’m sorry)

  118. sandyscirroticliver says:

    Thats a dude with pert cans. What up with this ‘transgenser’ politically correct crap. Sonia is very confused guy with an incredible sense of style and an aire of grace that happens to have a delightful cake recipe but probably could drink my host under a table. Rock on dude!

  119. INA'S SHENT says:

    The video was a bit awkward but not quite like described.

    And frankly, no, it doesn’t matter if Sonia is genetically male or female, but you can’t blame people for being naturally curious.

    I am curious too if Sonia might be transgendered. Not because I want to make fun of her or anything. People are curious- transgender and cross dressing, while having made quite a mark on society, is still quite a foreign concept to many and they have this innate need to know ‘the truth’.

    Additionally, Sonia could be genetically female but have been undergoing hormone therapy or born hermaphrodite. There are many possible explanations other than cross dresser.

    And in the end, people need to pull those giant sticks out of their asses and not get wound up so tight about shit.

  120. Amber says:

    I think Aunt Sandy acts like this with all of her guests, even family. I don’t really like her, but yeah, I am giving her a pass here.

    I don’t give a pass to people who are all like “OH MY GOD IS THAT A TRANNY ON TV, WHAT DO YOU THINK?”

    Seriously. Sonia is a person. Spectulation for whatever reason (curiosity, bigotry) of her gender is a shitty thing to do to a person.

    I don’t think this blog post was mocking or mean spirited, but you know if gives a forum for docuhe bags to speculate and be douche bags and I don’t think that is fair to Sonia.

  121. Giles says:

    While I do agree Sonia most probably used to be a man, she now looks perfectly fine and comfortable in her shoes. So good for her.

    Yet wtf is this recipe ? It’s just combined ice creams with a biscuit on top

    How about ketchup and mayo as a dip for nachos as the next recipe ?

  122. Mike says:

    Dude,dude, dude looks like a lady,
    Dude, dude, with some storebought gravy….

  123. Boudreaux says:

    This whole video reminded me of a “Men on Cooking” sketch from In Living Color. Sonya sounds exactely like Antoine Meriweather.

    You go… uh, whatever….

  124. amberwaves8427 says:

    This isnt a new episode….I saw it ages ago….and the whole time I was wondering the same thing!!

  125. Just Browsing says:

    Wow…the P.C. cops were all over this one.

    Have no problem with Sandra being called a drunk skank, or Guy being called every name in the book. But point out that somebody was probably born and man and all hell breaks loose.

  126. Its quite obvious that Sandra just had one of her film crew dress up as a women, to actually make up the idea that she has “fans”.

  127. There are women with big shoulders, no hips and big hands…If someone wants to write an article questioning the gender of that person for comic effect, so what?

    In these terrible economic times, we need a laugh more than ever…political correctness be damned.

    It should be super-super simple.

  128. Hakuna Fritatta says:

    I thought it was Marco Pierre White at first.

  129. Susan says:

    Can everyone just play nice in the sandbox? Geez… so much hating going on in these posts! Let it go people!

  130. Jane says:

    Sonia is built like a linebacker. So what’s the mystery here?

  131. Boke1 says:

    I found Sandra’s butchering of the English language more noticeable than anything about Sonya. “A incredible recipe….” Reminds me of The Honeymooners line “It can core a apple.” That cake looked pretty good to me. Coffee ice cream is sooooooo delishus, as SL might say.

  132. yourmom says:

    I just want you to know, and not that it will make any difference in the long run, that I found all the gender speculation and general insensitivity in this article so offensive that I’m not going to bother visiting any site on this network any longer. Which is sad because I love epic wtfs and pic sauce and my rough life.

    For the record, I don’t give a shit if 100, 1000, or a million people guffaw along with your bigoted remarks, that doesn’t make them ok. Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, and dozens of other hateful organizations have thousands of members. I’m not saying this post is in league with these organizations either, I’m just saying that people agreeing with you doesn’t equal justification.

    And if you feel the need to add a disclaimer to your post then you must’ve done something wrong. For everyone saying “well I’m trans/a lesbian/a gay person and I think this is funny!” you obviously need to take a look at your own beliefs. I’m a lesbian myself but that doesn’t give me license to declare whether something poking fun at a trans person or a lesbian is ok to laugh at.

    • sandyscirroticliver says:

      you bump carpet in your free time yet castigate the acronym people for saying they think this post was fine. You really are a big ol bowl of contradictions aren’t you?

      As for your declaration that you will never visit any site on the Jillian network, DO YOU EEALLY THINK ANYONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE SURFING HABITS?

      What is wrong with people declaring that they are offended by a post on a freaking parody site?

      oh wait, I’m attached to an alcoholic yet all this discussion of my hosts habits is very offensive and insensitive and my gracious I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. My mommy drank alot and I’m scarred for life and I don’t have the ability to make the distinction between reality and parody. Jillian I demand apology now or I’m not going to visit your site anymore! Waaahhhhhh! Fucking Morons

  133. Fireyram says:

    I bet Sonya was a guy on the crew that had to step in at the last minute because Sandra’s guest cancelled. Seriously!

  134. MG says:

    Come on FNH. Why all the transphobia, why even speculate about this person. Who cares. She’s not a Food Network personality, and even if she was, is that what’s really important here? Stick to poking fun at people for terrible recipes and personalities, not gender identities. This really disappoints me – trans people get enough hate and ridicule, please don’t add to it.

  135. Big Rigger says:

    Dude looks like a lady and not a very pretty one.

  136. Santi says:

    Saying “I’m all for equal rights”, but then speculating on a person’s possible transgender status for the comedic benefit of others is not “all for equal rights”. That person’s gender is THEIR business. Not yours, and unless you become that person’s partner, it WONT EVER be your business. Shame on you, Jillian and Brie. I’m disgusted and offended.

    • TRNightWatch says:

      I know this has all been said, and from the looks of it Jillian has stopped responding to this thread. I wasn’t compelled to post until I read Jillian’s comments–defensive much? Calling people uptight, telling them to blow it out of their ass, etc. does not exactly put you in a shining light, nor does it support your point that this post is all in good fun. Lots of things can be “all in good fun”–but wind up being completely offensive, rude, and prejudiced. My opinion is this: Any speculation about this woman’s biological sex is inappropriate. Any assumption that she would “love” people having a hard time knowing if she is a man or woman is blatantly offensive. Jillian, if you were truly all for equal rights, you would NOT have posted this because it has NOTHING to do with the recipe, show, or anything humorous about the episode. If you believe that it is your “duty” to respond to all of the emails you got questioning Sonia’s gender, I feel that you’re wrong. This was an irresponsible post that degrades a human being and makes it seem alright to have an open discourse about someone’s private information. I’m really disturbed by many of these comments, but moreso that that this post exists and gives people a chance to spread discrimination (and feel justified doing so).

      Just my two cents.

      • isitfridayyet? says:

        So true TR. I am happy more ppl are coming forward and saying they disagree with Jillian. She got way too defensive and mean yet she doesn’t like when the ppl she makes fun of get defensive? That makes no sense at all. I can’t stand this website anymore. I use to love it but I hate that she makes fun of transgender folk and then says she is for equal rights. It’s like making a racist comment but then saying she has black/asian/hispanic friends so its okay. Yeah right.

  137. Pondering says:

    All of the other labels and bickering aside.

    What about Sonia? Let’s put ourselves in her shoes for a minute:

    Here she is – invited to appear on a program that she’s been watching for a long time to demonstrate HER recipe (that looks better than most of what Sandy throws out).

    She appears on the program – calm, cool, and collected and does a pretty impressive job of presenting her recipe.

    And instead of “great recipe” or “congratulations on your performance”, her primary feedback is OMGWTF IT’S A DOOOOD!

    I feel so badly for Sonia — this is like watching the nerdy kid getting the shit kicked out of him at recess by the “cool kids” just because he wore a purple teeshirt today.

  138. isitfridayyet? says:

    Let’s face it Jillian has run out of funny things to say, so got defensive when ppl said this post wasn’t funny.

  139. jillian madison says:

    It’s hilarious that all of the negative comments are coming from the same 2 people with different email addresses.

    Keep talking! Every comment is a new hit for this website and I love traffic!

    • Pondering says:

      No, Jillian, the negative comments are NOT all being made by the same people.

      You’re better than this…you’re great at snarky humor, and it’s obvious you’re smart and quick-witted.

      The hosts are fair game (and let’s face it — we all like to see some of them get taken down a few notches) — but they put a bullseye in the middle of their chest when they sign the contract to be a host. They are public figures, and they are being paid to draw attention to themselves.

      But picking on someone for their physical appearance and possibly their private life choices is just not fair or cool or tolerant of their life choices.

      Leave Sonya alone — whatever her story is, she’s not a public figure and it’s just ugly and unfair and so very far beneath you. She went on the show to present her recipe (and to grin and bear it when Aunt Sandy fucked it all up) — not to have her personal life picked apart by people who don’t know anything about her life — including if her name is really even Sonya!

      If you substitute the word “black” for all the transgender references, it becomes an really, really ugly post…don’t pick on the nerdy kid just because you think it’s cool.

    • Rummywench says:

      I had commented thus far, because I just wasn’t sure what to say.
      Reading through the comments, I get the impression that there are a lot more than two individuals commenting negatively.

      Regarding the speculation about whether Sonya was born male or female, I really hope it’s male, because otherwise the speculation has got to be pretty hurtful if she is a women.

      I realize that to a certain extent, anyone who agrees to appear on TV, particularly on a show like Semi-Ho that practically begs for mockery, is opening themselves up to critique and ridicule.
      I can’t help think that this post was just in poor taste, however. I don’t think the humor of the situation is really worth the cost as far as offending people and hurting Sonya’s feelings.

      It’s really not THAT funny.

      Also, I think Jillian’s responses show a lack of maturity and any respect for other people’s opinions. I’ve been visiting this site for I while, so I realize being kind of a rude potty mouth is her thing, be it on twitter, facebook or here, but some of it’s getting kind of over the top.

    • Kelley says:

      It is amazing to me that you are a published author and yet you CAN’T TAKE CRITICISM! It’s even more amazing when you take into consideration that you make fun of the Food Network hosts for that very same thing and yet, every single time someone comments that they don’t like something you’ve written and they give you reasons for it you melt down like a two year old.

      Face it, Jillian, not everything you write will appeal to everyone and you are an adult, not a child, and you should be able to take it with dignity.

      I am not going to comment on this post because it is over two years old. It wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now. You can, and have, done much better than this.

    • Lauren says:

      I usually love FNH, but this article is offensive and and far beneath the writing I’ve typically seen here. One would never refer to a person as “a black” and referring to a person of transgender experience as “a transgender” is similarly offensive and incorrect. Questioning the gender identity and assigned sex at birth of another person for comedic benefit is cruel and irrelevant to with food network and the content of FNH altogether.

      Whether or not one claims to be for “equal rights” writing like this article is invasive, ignorant and transphobic and has made me think twice about continuing to read or recommending this site to others.

  140. Punky Brewstein says:

    That IS a dude! I think he wanted to pull a fast one on Food Network and Sh*t-for-brains Sandy – and he did! Maybe food network is trying to catch up to HGTV’s diversity level, Ina can’t do it all by herself!

  141. Funny little trick. Just open the video, listen and don’t watch. Its super sexy. Let your mind fill in the visual blanks.

  142. Rev Dr E Buzz says:

    See, Miss. Sandy can condescend to both straights and gays, so she is really open-minded and accepts inclusive diversity.

    She has to, otherwise she won’t be allowed to go anywhere with her liberal boyfriend.

  143. That Trans Girl says:

    I’m trans, I didn’t really find the humor in the post but I didn’t find it particularly offensive. Maybe a little lowbrow but isn’t that sort of what this site is about? I’ve enjoyed everything else posted here.

    Anyway, I guess my only other comment would be to all the gay people out there saying they don’t find anything offensive about it and what-not: The T in LGBT is often silent for a reason. Though we are all lumped together, being trans doesn’t have anything to do with your sexuality. LGB is sexuality where T is gender identity.

    Also, no, you have no more ability to tell whether someone was born one gender or the other. Isn’t quite the same as gaydar ;D

  144. Bryan says:

    I don’t think Sonya is an actual viewer trans or not. I think she is just a staff member they dressed up. I mean she completely avoids questions (when talking about her children, she avoids giving her second sons name). It just seems a little too fishy as they are both visibly uncomfortable with each other.

    just my opinion

  145. Your Namechristine says:

    I didn’t get sandy being condensending at all. the only surprise was that woman saying she had a new baby, she looks old for that.

  146. amber says:

    i dont watch this show but i noted that her kitchen/set looks really outdated like from 1990 or something. but anyways it seemed to get awkward as sandra was cutting the cake she got kind of abrupt….idk. and i liked how she was like asking for verification on her tablescape like isnt that beautiful?? please say yes?

  147. John Galt says:

    I’m no Sandra Lee fan but she didn’t seem afraid of touching this person. Shd licked the spoon the person handled to spread ice cream after all. Didn’t this post appear a while back already? Talk about RR being out of ideas. And, no I can’t stand her either.

  148. Jenne says:

    regarding the issue you raised about the children of this person. Even if this is a man, he could have a female wife who had the children (I know a family like this), so just because he may be trans, doesn’t necessarily mean he is gay.

  149. Javajabbers says:

    Eh….guess I’m in the minority in thinking it’s a real woman. I looked at the hands, her fingers were long and slender. Not man hands IMO. But who knows…shocking, but I’ve been wrong before.

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