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Sandra Lee’s Denim and Diamonds Tablescape
Posted by Jillian Madison

ugly sandra lee tablescape

On a recent rerun  of Semi-Homemade (subtitled: SEMI OUT OF HER FREAKING MIND), Sandra Lee created a “Denim & Diamonds” tablescape that will definitely go down in history as one of the most hideous things she’s ever done.

First, she hung a chandelier that was clearly made out of sequins from one of Dolly Parton’s old dresses. She then covered the table with cheap, smelly denim fabric and left the edges unhemmed to achieve that authentic, hillbilly look.

ugly sandra lee tablescape

Next, she threw more tacky sequin strips all over the table. She then used replicas of J-Lo’s wedding ring as napkin holders.

ugly sandra lee tablescape

Ohhhh, but Sandra Lee wasn’t finished yet. She bragged that she went “next door to the second hand shop” and bought “all these great jeans for next to nothing. Really, Sandra Lee? You live next door to a second hand shop? I’m SO sure.

ugly sandra lee tablescape


ugly sandra lee tablescape

WHY, GOD, WHY? Who the hell would want their silverware touching a denim product that some unidentified person spent the last 20 years farting on? I feel ill just thinking about it. Half of my vintage t-shirt collection is from the Salvation Army, and I know just how dirty those places can be. Those shirts don’t touch my body until they’re put through a stringent 4-wash cycle. Sandra Lee certainly didn’t go through all that trouble with her jeans. Think about all those germs! You might as well go lick a stranger’s ass crack.

This tablescape makes me want to vom. Even Reba McEntire would be appalled!

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  1. LaLa says:

    She might be trying out new ideas for the tablescapes for the Governor’s Inaguaration Ball!

  2. GreenJeans says:

    The pocket cutlery holder…my first thought was ewww, somebody’s ass was pressed up against that. Puke!!!!

    Seriously, enough is enough! I can’t even believe the trashiest of white trash would spend their beer money on this crap.

    J LO’s wedding ring napikin holders….hysterical.

    Just out of curiosity, what was the food?

    • She made these nasty “apple maple turkey burgers” and a caesar salad… and a truly hideous cherry buckle in her slow cooker.

      Recipes here:

      • GreenJeans says:

        Nothing screams diamonds and denim like a turkey burger. I don’t even want to know how she could make a cherry buckle hideous.

      • Sandra-not Lee says:

        Come on, the apple maple turkey burger doesn’t sound delicious to you? (HTS)

      • GreenJeans says:

        Curiosity was just to great…I just read the recipe….it is hideous and I was right….I really did not want to know.

      • oh_come_on says:

        Jillian, absolutely sure FN takes down negative reviews (mine on Melissa were) and then you’re deluged with ATTACKS from the 5-star-review-crowd. I think FN makes up the names and home towns to look legit.

      • cowpoke says:

        I have read the reviews for this show the last time it aired and FN definitely made up new ones and omitted all the negative reviews. They are doing this with all her past shows. Look how many reviews are from anonymous. They can lie all they want – her food is still and always be disgusting.
        They are fooling no one except the Sandyheads who are at this very moment thrift shopping for old used jeans.

    • Amber says:

      Cocktail time involved chocolate liqueur, orange juice, and melted ice cream.

      • Amber says:

        Also, there are 86 reviews of the burger and they are ALL 5 stars. WTF! I cannot believe they are so good that 86 people think they are perfect.

      • MsFoodie says:

        How many of them are “Anonymous?” I guarantee there are people in her team posting reviews to bump up the ratings on her foods. I see tons of them all the time raving about her slop. I call bullshit!

      • Daria says:

        I completely agree that something is amiss with her reviews. Ever notice that the majority of the 5 star ones have loads of exclamation points in them? Using one is not enough, they have to use several to get their point across about how much they absolutely love Sandra’s recipes. So either FN staff is penning these things, or Sandra has some really scary fanatics out there.

      • Will Helm says:

        Ah, THIS cocktail time: the infamous Golden Cadillac.

        Orange + anise + cocoa + vanilla = an orgy of flavors gang-raping your mouth. It’s almost as bad as putting cream in lemonade.

    • oh_come_on says:

      Agree MsFoodie, feel pretty sure FN has a whole team to ‘offset’ negative reviews of their magnificent cooks. Sometimes negative reviews ‘magically’ disappear.

      • Oh_come_on: you think that food network is really in her corner that much? I do wonder where the really bad reviews go sometimes so maybe you’re right. FN sucks anyway, I only watch her for the shear entertainment value of it…cooking channel is better for cooking (usually).

    • David Bonomo says:

      I find the grrrreat reviews on the burger really odd… most decent recipes don’t have that good of a rating… this burger doesn’t even sound good! Has anyone here tried the recipe? If so, please reply so we will know if it is surprisingly delicious or just as bad as we expect.

      • oh_come_on says:

        Ick, based on ingredients it has to be bad, but remember Aunt Sandy’s food is for the Hamburger Helper crowd. Among the raving ‘yummy to my tummy’ ‘awesome’ and ‘best ever’ comments are ones saying they’re ‘too sweet’ ‘weird texture, like mush’ and ‘fell apart’. Pretty sure they’re revolting.

      • Jenifefa says:

        I tried the turkey maple apple burger! I uh-llloved the fuh-llllavor! I put man-aise ONto it, and it was fintastic! But that could have something to with the fact the I was drunk on duh-lllicious Golden Cadillacs!

      • hi. says:

        Ya. they’re actually pretty good, but only if you do them right. did not deserve the sandra-ification. nothing does.

  3. Patrina says:

    Help this woman, I bet her husband will divorce her if she ever tried to make up his table like this at home.

  4. Roger says:

    Is it just me or is Aunt Sandy starting to look like the Crypt Keeper?

  5. SaraCVT says:

    Aunt Sandy’s gone country! (Come to the dark side, we have cookies…)

  6. oh_come_on says:

    OMG, crazy Sandy’s fans love her crap. Sherrill from Hammond, La. commented:
    “Very Good Rated: 5 stars out of 5
    I am a salad lover & I adored the tablescape that went with these very good recipes. Glad I taped it for my food library.”

    • Will Helm says:

      So, should we call the Hammond, La., police and let them know there’s an escaped lunatic named “Sherrill” on the loose?

    • Cannon says:

      “What is this place?”
      “I believe it is called food library.”
      “It’s a grocery store you douchebags!”

      • Dana says:

        Oh my gosh! I just disrupted the entire coffee shop with my hysterical laughter. I will now and forever more refer to the grocery store as the Food Library!

    • Tatiana says:

      I think Sherrill may have been referring to her award-winning “library” of taped Semi-Ho shows.

  7. mission pants says:

    Sandra go away! Your brain is the size of a Jujube, and if you knew it you’d prolly eat it with powdered taco sauce and concentrated lemon juice…

  8. MsFoodie says:

    That is disgusting. I’m sorry, I choose NOT to eat with a fart fork and knife. She is such a train wreck.

  9. Amber K says:

    I wasn’t sure if I could take more, but I did click to keep reading to see just how crazy she could be. Wow, I had no idea!

  10. Jen says:

    I used to read my grandmother’s Woman’s Day mags when I was bored. In one issue (probably from the late 80s), they had decorating tips for an outdoor BBQ that included recycling old jeans by removing the pockets and using them as utensil holders. (They also had instructions for sewing your own denim napkins, but I think they actually recommended buying a bolt of fabric from the craft store).

    I would love to know how many people have tried to recreate her tablsscapes for their own parties – not as a joke, but truly and sincerely thinking it was a great idea?

  11. Jerry says:

    “Who the hell would want their silverware touching a denim product that some unidentified nasty person spent the last 20 years farting on?”


  12. isabel says:

    I like how on her tablescapes she says all it took was a very inexpensive item from the dollar store, really ?

  13. Jason Reichert says:

    Anthony Bourdain’s right: This woman MUST be stopped.

  14. dkmissy says:


  15. Ryan says:

    What point do the cutlery holders serve if AGAIN there is no room to put food on the table?

  16. Miffwick says:

    Why in the hell would you make a caesar salad using store bought caesar dressing mixed with mayonaise.

    • Ina Garten DaVida says:

      Because if you don’t do something with the store bought dressing, it wouldn’t even be SEMI-ho-made. It would be 100% Store-bought and that’s not much of a show idea, is it?

      Or is it? 15 minute dinners: rotisserie chicken, refrigerated mashed potatoes with jar gravy, and canned corn.

      Can I have a show now please?

      • Jenn says:

        but mayo is store bought? so it’s still not semi home-made. Or is it that she took the time to mix it together that makes it semi-homemade?

  17. My favorite part of the matching scheme is the denim pockets sown onto a lighter demin and used as the window treatment. Ridiculous.

  18. Gypsy says:


  19. Tyler says:

    For those who seem really shocked/surprised/appalled at the… ahem… “tablescape,” I can ASSURE you, I grew up in a small town in the South, and there are droves of church ladies and small-town schoolteachers who just eat this shit up! This denim-diamond crap fits right in with some of the stuff I’ve seen over the years, so I know who exactly are the ones who keep Sandy in business and leave 5-star reviews on FN’s website for her.

  20. Daria says:

    I love how you always manage to get screencaps of Sandra looking drunk – or maybe it isn’t that difficult. I just noticed the curtain hanging over the kitchen window, that is the ultimate in tacky!
    And does she send all this stuff back to the second hand store when they are done taping the show? I must know!

    • Tyler says:

      I didn’t notice until you said anything, but she totally does look wasted out of her mind in every picture!

  21. James says:

    Trailer park or gay biker bar? Those are the ONLY two places where you could get away with this and have someone actually compliment it.

    • BorgQueen says:

      No self-respecting gay bar would have this bullshit in it. Bears in leather gimp gear, yes but there is a line.

      • FuryOfFirestorm says:

        Right on, BorgQueen! If you’re ever in the Orlando area, we should go to a bear bar for drinks on me!

  22. pita1213 says:

    Was this a new episode or a rerun of a rerun of a rerun? Just asking because I swear I have seen her to those jean pocket things before.

  23. Kocinera says:

    You know, part of me is shocked, and yet part of me saw this coming all along. It was really just a matter of time.

  24. Miss Paula says:

    And in the fifth photo…what’s with the candelabra right next to the stove? Must every space in the kitchen be filled with “theme” crap?

    • Daria says:

      Well you know when you don’t actually use your counters for cooking food you can fill the space with extra crap, LOL

  25. Daniel says:

    This woman is an idiot.

  26. Sandra Lee's Liver says:

    From the looks of this horrific tablescape, me thinks she’s been hanging around with Britney Spears.

  27. jmsuttoniv says:

    You know you’re a redneck if your tablecloth more pockets than your pants.

  28. Andra says:

    Where are the sweat-stained wife beater place mats?

  29. johnmc says:

    Loath as I am to defend anything about this wretched woman, could it be that she meant that when she was at a store and there was a thrift store next to that?

    • Lollipop says:

      That might be what she meant, but you know SHE didn’t set foot in a thrift store, so the whole thing is still a farce.

  30. Annicka says:

    I think today’s tablescape was worse. She put a CHAIR on top of the table as her centerpiece, parked a huge vase behind it (probably to keep it upright, it looked like it was leaning), and set up two gigantic chandeliers on both sides of the table.

    • Minx says:

      Dear god, that sounds horrible. I don’t want anything on my table but dishes and silverware, food, and maybe a few flowers and candles. Very few.

  31. Panna Cotta says:

    This has got to be on the “Worst Tablescapes” list, whenever that’s coming out. This is so white trash it’s not even funny.

  32. Aubie says:

    To quote Susie & Bob’s (NFNS) favorite contestant quote, what exactly is Aunt Sandy’s culinary point of view? Heck, her vision is too blurred from the booze to see/taste the crappy food she throws together much less the horrendous tablescapes. What a total joke.

  33. Anna says:

    “Who the hell would want their silverware touching a denim product that some unidentified nasty person spent the last 20 years farting on?”


  34. Scruffy says:

    Is she angling to horn in on Paula and Duff’s racket at Michael’s?

    It looks like Liberace’s retarded sister’s kitchen.

  35. Diane says:

    “WHY, GOD, WHY? Who the hell would want their silverware touching a denim product that some unidentified nasty person spent the last 20 years farting on?”


    Seriously, Sandra Lee makes Lindsey Lohan look normal.

  36. Minx says:

    Her “tablescapes” are always the tackiest, most low-rent collection of junk imaginable. Ina should strangle Sandy with an old shent, but not before telling her that less is more, tables should be simple, flowers are cut low and the food is paramount.

    • Polly says:

      Specifying that one should use “only good” ingredients usually seems unnecessary. Then there’s Sandra Lee.

  37. Deaner says:

    I think I have the perfect dinner music to go with this tablescape:

  38. HelpTheseFNChefs says:

    Notice the fugly denim jacket.
    Now paging Ina Garten!
    And apple maple burgers definitely did not deserve that hideous makeover by Aunt Sandy… if you do them right they’re awesome.

    And that chandelier? Fail, Sandra, fail. You’ve hit a new low… like you have 12 billion times before.

  39. Cannon says:

    Do we call this a Canadian table setting?

  40. semi-irate says:

    Denim and diamonds eh? Sounds like a country song Aunt Sandy wrote in her sparetime between drinking beergaritas.

  41. Gullwing says:

    WHO eats at a table covered with random ass material??? SHE does!! And I can’t even think of her buckling her cherry-but who wouldn’t want to eat a slow cooker dessert- ICK!! I bet it was a colorless gelatinous mess that should be smeared all over those dirty jeans so she can lick it off all by herself because anyone that comes to this party and sees this holy mess- will immediately flee in horror!

  42. kross says:

    Dear God, I’ve seen it all now! Dirty jeans from the dollar store? Why doesn’t someone tell her to buy a support bra for her saggy boobs that are about to reach her belly button? And what the hell is that covering the window? Also, I noticed a chandelier on the kitchen counter. Now why haven’t I thought to put a huge, ugly ass chandelier on my counter to take up space and look hideous?

  43. chicken feets says:

    “lick a stranger’s ass crack”

    I just spit vodka out of my nose!

    • Belial says:

      Oh come on like you’ve never licked a strangers ass crack.
      Why I did a little earlier at the county fair

  44. Ed says:

    Anyone make a “dungarees” joke yet?

  45. Denim and Diamonds- a perfect followup to the Glamour Shots post!

  46. BlackBird says:

    What are those round blue things on the wall with the window in the background? I thought they were cobalt blue balloons at first, but the might be plates? And where is the cobalt blue KitchenAid mixer?

  47. The bedazzling of the napkins took my breath away. Excellent post.

  48. Bonzy22 says:

    lol she looks highhh

  49. Barb says:

    I want to know how many hours it took someone to find her blue clothing that precisely matched the glasses on the table (or vice versa.) That’s not easy. And to think they could have been using their time to do something good for humanity. I hope they can sleep at night.

  50. Rose says:

    Only an alcoholic could come up with something this hideous. Why does she have a show?

  51. Jane says:

    Why even bother with food on her show? Retool it & just feature cocktails.

    “Semi-Sober with Sandra”

  52. Charity says:

    It could just be me, but does the last picture look like the pocket and/or “tablecloth” are already stained with something? The area below and to the left of that sparkly “J” thing.

  53. C.K. says:

    Good lord, what a horrendous tablescape!

    This reminds me of a horrid tablescape she did with Reggie Southerland, the FN star runner up. It was a ghastly dark “gun metal black” tablescape that wouldn’t be appropriate for anyone, even for the Queen of the Damned. I think the only people that would take Sandra’s advice to table decorations are people who are just as drunk as her, because Lord knows nobody can be MORE drunk than Ms. Cocktail Hour-Every hour. Absolutely dreadful.

  54. Kira says:

    I actually like the dark blue and silvery appearance of the table itself in the 2nd photo. But I think it would look much better in a dining room of its own, not the middle of a food tv kitchen all lit up in the background. Also, I fear the celophane chandelier will not be safe with all those candles underneath.

    I don’t see the need for a “tablescape” for every meal, or even every dinner. For parties, holidays and special events, yes, it’s fun to decorate.

    As a side note: I also shop at what we call “Special Army,” and have many awesome t-shirts and vintage stuff that I literally have no idea how such fabulous items could have gotten into my small town, unless there’s a really wealthy family who hides from sight, shops constantly online, and then donates all their stuff immediately. They, too, go through a rigorous cleansing process, even if they have a new store tag or dry cleaning tag right on them (the items, not the family members ;)).

  55. Bob says:

    Some days, I wonder if Sandra robbed a Hobby Lobby…

  56. LoveToCook says:

    This woman annoys me to no end. I cannot stand the way she has to over-enunciate every third word – she growls it like a child. WTF is up with that? I wouldn’t make a recipe of hers if it were the last meal on earth. White trash in it’s finest hour. She brings nothing to the food channel. She was a success in the 80′s with those horrible plastic frame things that you make window treatments out of. Lucky for her she was a gold digger and found a husband to get her noticed, otherwise, she’d be a big ol’ nobody like everyone else.

    • cowpoke says:

      I totally agree.She made a success out of those curtain rods by sleeping with the owner of the trade show she was selling at – so she seems to have made her fame and fortune like any other piece of no talent trash would……

  57. sam says:

    Wow! SANDRA LEE HAS CLASS where none of you here obviously have.I am amazed at the amount of “low class, trashy,” crude, rude, retarded, jealous people out there in the world. Do you go from website to website and bash everyone that is BETER THAN YOU? Sandra is normal all of you are obviously not. What is the thing about the booze?Do you pay attention to all of the cooking shows and see that the majority have some type of alcohol? Including the Iron Chef.And “msfoodie”, the person that started the crude filth, do you wear or use clothing or any product that you do not wash first? I hope not! Who knows what kind of critters have crawled all over it from the time of conception to finish product to the destination to sell?That includes soda and beer cans.Mice and other critters have probably crawled all over the lids in the warehouse.Do you wash a can first before you pop the tab and drink?How old are all of you anyway?Probably disrespectful children from the ages of 16 to 32 with no sense.I have been a chef for years as most of my family is.Sandra Lee shows imagination.You obviously do not have one.

    • sandra rodriguez says:

      yes i agree. i never knew there were so many idiots out there making fun of her. jealousy…..what a terrrible waste of brain power

    • WesternLady says:

      Jealous? HA! At least I know how to PROPERLY and TASTEFULLY set a table and actually COOK a meal WITHOUT canned crap. And I’ve never slept with my boss.

  58. sam says:

    Wow! SANDRA LEE HAS CLASS where none of you here obviously have.I am amazed at the amount of “low class, trashy,” crude, rude, retarded, jealous people out there in the world. Do you go from website to website and bash everyone that is BETTER THAN YOU? Sandra is normal all of you are obviously not. What is the thing about the booze?Do you pay attention to all of the cooking shows and see that the majority have some type of alcohol? Including the Iron Chef.And “msfoodie”, the person that started the crude filth, do you wear or use clothing or any product that you do not wash first? I hope not! Who knows what kind of critters have crawled all over it from the time of conception to finish product to the destination to sell?I ready an artle in a magazine once about certain critter eggs woven into the threads of fabric used to make clothing that comes to the United States.The article suggests washing in hot soapy water.That includes soda and beer cans.Mice (article suggests mouse droppings and urine)and other critters have probably crawled all over the lids in the storage warehouse.Do you wash a can first before you pop the tab and drink?How old are all of you anyway?Probably disrespectful children from the ages of 16 to 32 with no sense.I have been a chef for years as most of my family is.Sandra Lee shows imagination.You obviously do not have one. I very easily could say a lot more, but will settle for just submitting this again with a little editing.IDEA! Why don’t you all apply to be a “Food Network Star.” !!

  59. SaraCVT says:

    Do you actually watch her shows? You don’t actually seem to know a lot about what you’re defending. If you are a chef, as you say, I would think you would rather see someone actually cooking a recipe rather than “assembling” a few store-bought ingredients the way she does. Have you seen the reviews of her “recipes”? Often they don’t work as intended.

    How exactly does she show imagination? In decorating? Granted, (even if it’s odd) but that’s not what her show is supposed to be about.

  60. CJ says:

    I can’t believe how mean people are. Just because its not your type of show. It’s funny that the person who commented about someone defending the show and questioning if they even watch it is the fact that you must have watched it enough to trash her and have an opinion about it yourself. Hmmm most people don’t waste time watching things they don’t like. One thing i learned in life is you can’t please everyone. She actually has good cost effective ideas and the person making the comment about thrift store clothes. Umm, maybe your farts are so bad that they can’t be washed out of clothes but I am positive the normal human being can wash clothing and it actually be clean. Nothing wrong with thrift store finds. Have you ever been to a five star restaurant? You get cloth napkins to use there, do you think they throw them out with every use and by new ones? how about ,Not. People wipe their nose, spit out food in them and God only knows what else. They wash them and reuse them. Same difference, I would think a pair of jeans would be much cleaner than those napkins. It’s simple. You don’t like her don’t watch it. The majority must like her as she’s the one with a show on a major network, not to mention books, magazine features etc… And i can promise you she’s not sleeping with all of those people….

  61. CJ says:

    And another thing, Why would you even think that real diamonds would be used, Most people would use fake duh!!!!!

  62. CJ says:

    Why would you even think that real diamonds would be used, Most people would use fake duh!!!!!

    • Sally Peterson says:

      The amount of time that you’ve spent babbling and ranting on about how you’re Sandra’s BFFFFFFF and manager (lol) is remarkable. Bravo, for being hypocritical enough to rudely attack the people on this site – who are LAUGHING AT/MAKING JOKES -while claiming to be better than everyone else here and to have a life, unlike the rest of us. Please, stop ruining the fun, comedic atmosphere we have here and try to spoil the jokes by being a wet blanket.

  63. autopsy-turvy says:

    My question is…are those denim napkins? How the fuck are you supposed to wipe your face/hands on those? Denim is a minimally absorbent material that’s rougher to the touch than elbow/ball skin.

  64. Dilly says:

    The really, really sad part of Semi-Homemade is that it’s actually a good concept…in today’s world, the majority of us are far too busy with our lives to spend hours in the kitchen to make meals from scratch all the time. So grabbing a bunch of canned and pre-packaged/already-made ingredients and assembling them into a meal that people would enjoy eating is nothing to be “poo-poo’ed”, so to speak.

    That having been said, however, even I have to concede that “Aunt Sandy” has never really struck me as being any kind of believable authority on how to do this. I think it’s a combination of seeing her in an insanely-designed and decorated kitchen (there is no kitchen that I have ever been in where EVERYTHING matches ALL the time!) that always matches whatever she’s wearing to her over-enthusiastic claims that something is “super, super simple” and “SO delicious” to her hilariously overwrought tablescapes. I know of no one who needs to use her “semi-homemade” approach to food who would then have the time and/or money to go out and acquire the supplies needed to recreate Sandra Lee’s tablescapes, which (all TOO often) take up far too much of the dining surface.

    Try making a list of things you’re expected to have on hand for the “average” tablescape…she usually tells you to go to some obscure sort of store to get “authentic”-looking decor…her advice to get some oversize rope from “your local marine supply shop” is a good example of this. She’s supposed to be producing her show to demonstrate how to save yourself time and effort by utilizing things you likely already have on hand, but then tells you haul your butt to specialty stores to pick up the odds & ends? NOT a good combo for your average person.

    Sigh. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe not.


    • WesternLady says:

      I have a cookbook that dates to the 1940s that promotes this exact same concept-only with CLASS. something Sandra Lee knows NOTHING about. Please, Sandra, get INto your Pinto and drive off INto the sunset….no one with any self-respect will miss you.

    • Asteroid says:

      If I had never watched the show and only saw the table I would think that it was a children’s show. Most of it looks like she raided several dollar store party and toy sections. The tables take away from the cooking and just need to be left out

  65. Paula Deen's Victoza Engorged Pancreas says:

    Uh…Sandee, you untalented, “bag of antlers”! Ya’ll know the inside, front white dungaree pockets are suppose to be starched and used as drinking glasses. The moe-bile was suppose to be made of rusted trailer parts, cigarettes, old teeth, Did you not learn nothin at the, “Entertain Like a Wall Street Millionaire in Your Trailer” Class? I guess, “stupid is as stupid does!”

  66. Amanda says:

    This is just a preview for when FN shows her wedding.

  67. WesternLady says:

    I always trash on her “tablescapes” (*groan*-there is no such word!), but this is the one I hate-HATE-the most with the exception of Italian t-HO-piary, with the damned chair in the middle of the table with tacky silk fllllowers all over it. She’s just a tacky Martha Stewart wannabe and I guarantee one thing-she’d turn the White House into the White Trailer House in a heartbeat. She’s NOT First Lady material! Actually, if Cuomo decides to run for Pres, I am going to relish it when they start asking her the tough questions about her life…she’s given us a fairy tale so far, but pols will smell blood…

  68. Jennie says:

    I made the mistake of showing my husband this. He said he liked it. And he was not kidding. of sourse he’s from trinidad, so what could I expect. :)

    Over my dead body will he bring this tablescape home.

  69. Graduation Dresses For High School Black

  70. Bill G. says:

    And I thought my 5 year old daughter had an insane taste for big gaudy faux-jewels, chunky shapes, and shiny things. Never mind, Sandra has her beat. Good lord.

  71. Asteroid says:

    The tablescapes are enough to send you into convulsions sometimes. Nobody over the age of 6 wants that much gaudy junk on the table. Why would you spend that much time and effort on decorating the table when its all gonna be taken apart and in the trash when its time to eat. Personally I don’t like trying to eat on a crowded table

  72. Joe says:

    Why sto there? Just poop on a paper plate and call it a day.

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