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Aaron McCargo’s Holiday Gift Advice (& A Lazy Mailman Rant)
Posted on December 12th 2011

Just when I started losing sleep over what to buy my mailman this holiday season, Aaron McCargo stepped up to the plate with this helpful idea:

That’s definitely some advice I won’t be taking. My mailman certainly isn’t on his feet all day. Every time I see him, he’s off in his little white buggy eating a meatball grinder under a shady tree nosing through everyone’s mail. If he wants me to “thank him for all he does” he can start by actually delivering my packages instead of putting up bogus “attempted to deliver” notes and making me drive to the post office because he was too lazy to get out of his glorified golf cart. And if I gave my 6’6, 300-lb mailman a coupon for a pedicure, I think he would try to have me committed. Your mileage may vary.

I can see where this recommendation came from though, considering how how Aaron McCargo feels about manicures

(Thanks for the tip, Eric / Image via)

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Aaron McCargo, Closed Captioned For The Grammatically Impaired
Posted on July 1st 2010

The following screen grabs are from this weekend’s episode of Big Daddy’s House, called “Deli Done Right.” He may have done the deli right, but I can’t say the same about his grammar.

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Aaron McCargo Is Brian Fellows
Posted on May 30th 2010

(from the Food Network Challenge All-Star Grill-Off)

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A Collection Of Images From An FNH Fan
Posted on April 9th 2010

And now… a series of spot-on Food Network parody photos, created by an FNH fan named Jonathan Doan!




(Thanks for the images, Jonathan! If any other budding Photoshop artists have work they’d like displayed here, drop me an email.)

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Joy To The World: Another Awkward Aaron McCargo Video Hits YouTube
Posted on January 25th 2010

At first glance, you think you’re watching a really cheap public access video. But no. It’s just Aaron McCargo, with another one of his awkward, nonsensical, rambling YouTube messages.

Here’s a fun game: see how many seconds of this video you can watch before your head implodes:

When things seem bleak… when life feels impossible… when you feel like you’ll never get the break you deserve… just remember, FOOD NETWORK GAVE THIS MAN HIS OWN SHOW.

It’s comforting to know that he’s out there driving 78 miles per hour on the highway, at night, while filming videos of himself for YouTube, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Aaron McCargo removed the video after we posted this article.

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