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Alex Guarnaschelli’s Fish en Papillote en 8 MILES OF TIN FOIL
Posted on March 16th 2012

Alex Guarnaschelli made fish en papillote on this weekend’s episode of Alex’s Day Off, and I swear to God, the woman used enough aluminum foil to stretch from Earth to the moon 17 times:

Look at the size of that thing. That’s not a pouch, it’s an airline pillow!

When she cut it open, the thing was filled with more hot air than Susie Fogelson. Why did she use so much? She was cooking a 6-oz piece of fish, not the shark from JAWS.

Why, with all that extra aluminum foil, Alex could have…

Maybe next time, Alex. The chickens are waiting.

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Things Not To Say While Holding A Cucumber, Part 1
Posted on January 3rd 2011

(Thanks for submitting the screen grab, Cindy!)

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VIDEO: A Sensual Reading Of Alex Guarnaschelli’s Tweets
Posted on July 21st 2010

If you follow @guarnaschelli on Twitter, you know the woman’s descriptive food tweets border on soft porn. And thus, the idea for this feature was born. We originally recorded the audio for the Food Network Humor Podcast, but here it is again – set to video – for those who may have missed it. Enjoy!

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A Heartwarming Selection Of Alex Guaranschelli’s Most Fattening Tweets
Posted on May 30th 2010

If you follow Alex Guarnaschelli on Twitter, you know she talks about food. A lot. And she doesn’t just say, “I want some roast beef today.” Ohhhh no.  She says, “I want roast beef studded w/ green & black peppercorns, crust on outside, pink in the middle, w/ drippings & roasted potatoes w/ rosemary.”

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a heartwarming little selection of Alex’s most fattening tweets:

fattening alex guarnaschelli tweets

fattening alex guarnaschelli tweets

fattening alex guarnaschelli tweets

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The Alex Guarnaschelli Zombie Photo
Posted on December 2nd 2009

By popular request: here’s the “ridiculous” shot of Alex Zombieschelli overreacting about the taste of her dessert on last night’s episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I should add that this has not been Photoshopped at all, so be very afraid.


You’re at a 9, Alex. We need you at about a 5. If I can’t see your eyeballs, that’s not telling me you’re enjoying your pudding. It’s telling me I should be worried my brains will be the final course.

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