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Duff Tells Alton A Knock-Knock Joke
Posted on August 9th 2011

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Why Alton Brown Left Twitter
Posted on August 4th 2011

To the thousands of you blowing up our FNH e-mail box asking why Alton Brown deleted his Twitter account, here’s what happened:

1. A random psycho stalker freak made a fake twitter account claiming to be Alton’s wife. The aforementioned random psycho stalker freak actually USED A PHOTO of Alton’s wife as their Twitter avatar. OH NO THEY DIDN’T.

2. This was Alton Brown, upon learning a random psycho stalker freak was posing as his wife on Twitter:

3. He then chewed the random psycho stalker freak out on Twitter, and promptly deleted his Twitter account.

Alton just posted this note up on his newly updated official website: “The way I see it, Twitter is like a big cocktail party. If I was at a cocktail party and someone puked on my wife’s shoes, odds are excellent that we’d leave. Does that mean I won’t attend any more cocktail parties? Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just have to figure out a way to host my own cocktail parties where people have to actually be accountable for their behavior.” Indeed.

As is so often the case with life, one bad apple spoiled the bunch.  Alton drew a line in the sand, and when someone crossed it, he stuck to his morals and abandoned ship. You’ve got to respect a man who stands up for his family. At the end of the day, they’re all any of us really have in this world.  AMIRIGHT?

And now back to your regularly scheduled Food Network snark!

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Alton Brown’s “DRAW ME” Contest
Posted on June 8th 2011

Alton Brown just wrapped a drawing contest on Twitter, in which he asked his fans to draw him in exchange for an autographed photo they could sell on eBay (ah yes, a man wise to the way the world really works).

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the absolutely LOVELY entries to the contest. Prepare to gasp in amazement at how effortlessly Alton fans were able to so fluidly translated his likeness into other mediums!

Scroll to the bottom to see the winner:






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More Proof Alton Brown Is Bad-Ass
Posted on May 24th 2011

(via SteveTheBeave’s Twitpic, taken in Vermont.)

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Ina Garten: How Easy Is That?
Posted on May 11th 2011

And now, in honor of Ina Garten’s favorite phrase (“how easy is that?!”), we present THE FOOD NETWORK EASY-METER:

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