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America’s Best Food Destination? REALLY, Food Network?
Posted on September 22nd 2010

On last night’s episode of America’s Best, Alton Brown counted down the Food Network’s list of our country’s top 10 food destinations. Number 10 was a place called Slappy Cakes. Their schtick is that they give you a squirt bottle of pancake batter, and you can cook your own pancakes on a griddle right on your table. Of course, someone made a pancake shaped like this. And of course, Food Network aired it.

However, all of us here at FNH were completely flabbergasted – and viscerally pissed off – by the supposed #1 food destination in America: a hipster dive bar in NYC that serves HOT DOGS. The bar is in the East Village and it’s called PDT. That stands for Please Don’t Tell – although it should probably stand for Pretentious Douches & Tools.

Here’s another shot of the place, just so you can see its SHEER SIZE AND MAGNITUDE:

If Food Network thinks this is the #1 food destination, they are smoking crack. Is the bartender screwing Maile Carpenter, the Food Network Magazine editor with the crispy hair? Because this place shouldn’t have made the Top 10, let alone been given the top spot.

Total bullshit, Food Network. Total bullshit.

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America’s Best Comfort Foods with Alton Brown
Posted on September 21st 2010

Alton Brown is hosting a week-long extravaganza on the Food Network, revealing the best places to eat in America – well, according to Food Network magazine, anyway. Last night’s subject was comfort food. And if you missed the episode, it was pretty much 60 minutes of this:

I spent most of the episode expecting Tom Cruise to jump out from behind a curtain and start controlling the computer with his hands, like in Minority Report.

“Excuse me Alton, can I take over?
Suri really likes the chicken fingers at this place!”

Food Network Magazine ultimately decided that the mac & cheese at Zingerman’s Roadhouse was America’s best comfort food. Alton sampled it, and then handed the chef a pretty shiny dish to commemorate the moment.

The mac & cheese dishes at Zingerman’s Roadhouse cost between $13.50 and $18.50. So not only are they America’s Best, they’re America’s priciest, too. Personally, I hate mac & cheese, so I was rooting for the Indigo Girl with the delicious fried chicken at The Watershed.

According to the official press release, tonight’s show will be highlighting food destinations that offer “dynamite dining punctuated by a little sophistication, from romantic sunsets and secret speakeasies to cowboy cookouts and culinary boot camps.” We’ll tune in! Here’s to hoping Alton doesn’t smoke up another nice suit like he did at Zingerman’s!

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Epic Alton Brown Commercial
Posted on September 7th 2010

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Happy Birthday, Alton Brown
Posted on July 30th 2010

It’s Alton Brown’s birthday! For those of you celebrating with him, here are some simple tips you can follow to help make sure his birthday a happy one:

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Looks Like Someone At Comcast Doesn’t Watch Good Eats
Posted on July 16th 2010


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