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Helpful Secrets Of A Restaurant Chef
Posted on December 28th 2011

-submitted by Abby

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Does The Next Iron Chef Commercial Give Away The Winner?
Posted on October 7th 2011

The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs battle starts on October 30. It’s a show about a bunch of professional chefs and Food Network personalities competing to see who is going to be the Next Iron Chef. You know the deal.

(Or, the way I see it, a show that will make a lot of money from advertising and attempt to make it seem like none of the executives had a winner in mind before the show filmed its first episode. But I’m a cynical bitch.)

Food Network is already pimping this show out, playing a commercial of the chefs attempting to look threatening and menacing at least every 8 minutes. That commercial goes a little something like this:

“Here are a bunch of people you will be able to recognize. Look at the scary faces they are making. Look how intimidating they are. These people are something really special. These people COOK FOOD. It’s good you’re not friends with them. You would never be able to invite them over for dinner. Why? Because you’re a home cook. You couldn’t grill a steak properly if your life depended on it. It would be awkward for you when you accidentally burned the garlic bread. You would feel tiny. Look at their crisp white jackets. LOOK AT THEM.  They all have fancy titles. But the only title that matters is…”

…and then they flash THIS photo (click to continue, possible spoiler alert):

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Anne Burrell’s “Cook Like A Rockstar” Now Available
Posted on October 4th 2011

Anne Burrell’s first cookbook, Cook Like A Rockstar, is now available in stores and online. It comes packed with 125 simple, rustic recipes using readily available ingredients, helpful tips, and all the Anne-isms you can handle (garlic destiny, sparkle-factor, and more).

To celebrate the release, here are some completely fake quotes about the book from Anne’s Food Network co-workers:

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Remember, Ladies…
Posted on September 21st 2011


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Anne Burrell: The HUGELY FLAVORFUL Remix
Posted on September 21st 2011

This is the first of our celebrity chef dance remix videos, and who better to start with than Anne Burrell. So don’t just stand there, bust a move!

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