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FNH Goes To Kohl’s: The Most Ridiculous Food Network Products Ever
Posted on March 27th 2012

Over the weekend, a few friends and I went to Kohl’s to pick up some new bath towels. While there, we decided to poke around in the housewares section to see if anything fun was on sale. While we didn’t find anything worth buying, we did see some of the ugliest, most overpriced Food Network/Bobby Flay related products we had seen in a long time. Here were the 5 most ridiculous things we encountered:

Bobby Flay’s Glassware

It’s pretty hard to make a CUP ugly, but Bobby Flay succeeded because these are some of the ugliest glasses we have ever seen. They look like something my grandmother would have put out for company she hated. In 1973. And seriously, who thought the “smoker’s teeth yellow” hue would be a good idea? Truly hideous.

Monogram Coasters

Monogram coasters could have been a cute idea, if they didn’t make them look like BABY BLOCKS. And who in their right mind would pay TEN DOLLARS for 8 (eight) coasters? Total fail.

Unnecessarily Large Spatula

Exactly who am I cooking a burger for? The world’s fattest man? I’m sorry, but there’s no reason for this thing to be so large – other than for Flay to justify charging almost 30 bucks for it. I cook huge pizzas on my grill, and have made out just fine with normal sized-spatulas, thank you very much. And for the record, if you need something the size of an AIRPLANE WING to help you maneuver your grilled food, seek help right away.
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Hair In Throwdown Food?
Posted on February 29th 2012

I didn’t watch this week’s Vermont Brownie Company episode of Throwdown With Bobby Flay, but luckily, FNH reader Paul did.  During the plated shots of the entries at the end, the Vermont Brownie Company’s was on screen and Paul’s wife noticed what seemed to be A HAIR sticking out of the side of their brownie:

There’s really only one word that’s appropriate here, and that word is: Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. I don’t like my brownies to come with built-in floss, but thanks.

If that really IS a hair, it’s awfully wiry looking. That only amplifies my concern over where it might have originated. Finding a head hair in your food is gross enough, but encountering someone else’s pube on your plate is an entirely different dimension of horrifying.

(Thanks for the pics, Paul!)

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It’s A Bad Week To Be Bobby Flay
Posted on September 19th 2011

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Us Weekly Names Sandra Lee and Bobby Flay Amongst “Most Stylish New Yorkers”
Posted on September 14th 2011

Thing #825 that I hate: magazine articles about the so-called “most stylish” or “best dressed” celebrities.

Us Weekly just did a piece on the “Most Stylish New Yorkers” (insert eye roll here). New York City is one of the world’s most foremost meccas of fashion. Every time I hop the train and visit the city, I marvel at how well dressed and stylish many of the strangers who simply brush past me on the street look. Of all the well dressed people in New York… of all the stylish celebrities in the city… Us Weekly singled SANDRA LEE AND BOBBY FLAY out as two of the 27 MOST stylish.

First things first: people of the world, please don’t be naive enough to think the celebrities included in the list are there because they are stylish. They are there because they have PR teams working very hard to get them, and keep them, in the news.

Bobby Flay? Most stylish? He doesn’t know how to wear anything other than a black suit jacket. Nothing different, nothing interesting, just a simple, boring black suit jacket. Using that logic, the guy who works at your neighborhood funeral home must be “most stylish” too.

And Sandra Lee? SERIOUSLY? Who are her people f**king at Us Weekly? She’s dating a governor and now she thinks she’s the next Jackie O.

Back to the drawing board, Us Weekly. Back to the drawing board.

(thanks for the heads up, Michelle!)

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