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The Ten Commandments Of Giada De Laurentiis
Posted on March 2nd 2012


Come, my dear children, and kneel at the heels of your rich Italian grandparents, for we now bestow upon you the Ten Commandments of Giada De Laurentiis.

I. Thou shalt always… (always)… zest at least one lemon for every recipe.

II. Thou shalt always have thy’s nails perfectly manicured in light pink Opi nail polish.

III. Thou shalt describe every piece of food as being “nice and crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.”

IV. Thou shalt always annoyingly overemphasize Italian words.

V. Thou shalt reveal thy bosom in low cut, tight shirts as oft as possible (thou shalt always be mindful of television ratings).

VI. Thou shalt retract thy’s lips and expose thy’s unnaturally large teeth as oft as possible.

VII. Thou shalt roll thy’s eyes at the camera whenever Aunt Raffi isn’t looking.

VIII. Thou shalt constantly use the word “perfect” to fill uncomfortable silences on episodes of Giada At Home.

IX. Thou shalt always over-exaggerate the amount of fun thy is really having at thy’s outdoor dinner parties.

X. Thou shalt never actually swallow thy’s prepared meals.

(Be sure to add your Giada Commandments in the comments section!)

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Giada Loves Hot Nuts
Posted on February 28th 2012

I finally got around to watching this weekend’s episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate (aka: a creative way for the Food Network hosts to promote restaurants that are probably owned by their friends/family). The subject was snack foods, and guess what groundbreaking stuff we learned? Anne Burrell loves nachos, Ted Allen loves pickles, and Giada loves HOT NUTS.


Seriously. She loves HOT NUTS so much, she gobbles them all up. She can’t stop herself from cramming all the the HOT NUTS down her throat. Luckily for us, she even demonstrated how she eats HOT NUTS:


Roll the video clip!

Giada, if eating HOT NUTS was an Olympic sport, you’d take home the gold medal for sure.

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Giada Totally Misses The Point
Posted on February 23rd 2012

Dear naive Giada, he’s not talking about a B├ęchamel. Love, FNH.


(Thanks for the tip, Shaywan1!)

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Giada’s Golden Globes Outfit
Posted on January 17th 2012

The Golden Globes were filmed on Sunday night. Giada was there. AND SHE WORE THIS.

Giada DeLaurentiis' photo @ the #GoldenGlobes wearing #Valentino.
Giada DeLaurentiis on WhoSay

Take it away, Twitterverse!

The “outfit” was made by Valentino. What do you think? Would you wear it?

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Jade’s Music Class
Posted on December 28th 2011

Giada’s daughter Jade is undeniably a beautiful little girl, whom Giada loves to show off AS MUCH AS FREAKING HUMANLY POSSIBLE on EVERY FREAKING ONE OF HER SHOWS AND INTERVIEWS AND APPEARANCES (sometimes, quite awkwardly):

Last week, Giada made a feast for the parents and children in Jade’s music class. It inspired an FNH reader named Christine to write in and send us her thoughts:

Really Giada? How do you expect to make friends with the other kids’ moms when you make PB&J crepes? Or your own homemade ketchup? What working mom really has time to run home, change, make crepes, and get to music class on time? Way to make friends and influence people. Other parents won’t want to have Jade in their class in school when it comes time for Birthdays. What are you going to do, sculpt the class photo out of cake?

And, roll credits.

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