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Video: SNL Makes Fun Of Guy Fieri (Again)
Posted on February 6th 2012

Was it just me, or was this skit painfully unfunny?

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Guy Fieri As Everyone
Posted on February 2nd 2012

[Ed. note: This is what happens when you decide to photoshop Guy Fieri's eyes and mouth on other celebrity chefs. The results are truly hideous. ]

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What’s More Disgusting Than Watching Guy Fieri Eat?
Posted on January 26th 2012

That’s right… watching Guy Fieri eating in reverse. Thanks, Conan.

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First Snowfall Of The Season
Posted on January 23rd 2012

barack obama snowball mary alice ace of cakes

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Dear God, Guy Fieri Shaves His Legs?
Posted on November 29th 2011

Last week, Guy Fieri was on a children’s show called Phineas and Ferb. And before you even ask, yes, his appearance was every bit as obnoxious as you might have expected.

Miraculously, he managed to do the entire appearance without any of his “krew.” He walked the cartoon characters through the ridiculous Italian pronunciation of his fake last name… and then a bunch of stuff happened that I fast-forwarded through… and then he exploded through the ceiling. You know, the usual.

Roll that beautiful bean footage:

The only thing I took away from the video is: DEAR GOD, DOES GUY FIERI SHAVE HIS LEGS? Now he thinks he’s some sort of fucking Olympic swimmer or cyclist who needs to reduce drag? His right leg was shinier than Michael Symon’s head. These things can not be unseen.

California Pepper Spray Cop, can you handle this one for us? Thanks so much.

(Thanks to Deb for the photo!)

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