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Ina Made Cookies This Weekend [Can't Be Unseen]
Posted on May 25th 2011

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Ingrid Hoffman: Actress, model, daughter of a chef
Posted on January 17th 2009


Ah yes, Ingrid Hoffman. You’ve seen her tangoing across the Food Network since 2007. Now, one might assume she is a trained cooking professional who just happens to like low cut shirts and lipstick, but come on, we all know better.

Miss Hoffman’s Food Network Resume:

Actress – check! She appeared in 16 Spanish soap operas by the age of 20.

Model – check!

Luxury fashion boutique store owner in Miami – check!

Culinary training… um, her mother was a caterer, does that count?

No one here is saying sweet Ingrid is a horrible person who should be banished to a life of working as an extra on the new 90210, or shooting John Tesh album covers,  but is the FOOD NETWORK really the right place for her? Of all of the wonderful Latin cooks out there, she is the best they could find? Now, I know her mother opened a restaurant where they cooked on lava rocks, and everyone loved it, yada yada yada, but that association hardly qualifies Ingrid to be of the few people who get the rare opportunity to enlighten American viewers on the joys of food.

Bottom line: The majority of Food Network hosts are personalities first, and chefs second – and that is Simply Depressioso.

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