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Posted on February 12th 2012

Paula had a guest on her show this weekend (…surprise!). They made stuffed tomatoes. And Paula Deen said the word “OKEYDOKE” about 7 kajillion times. How ’bout some pics. Okeydoke?

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7 Things Paula Deen Fried – And Ate
Posted on February 3rd 2012

From cheesecake to alligator… if it’s edible, chances are Paula Deen’s coated it with batter and dumped it into her deep fryer! Here’s a quick rundown of Paula’s 7 craziest, most overindulgent deep fried recipes, y’all.

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Watch in amazement, shock, and probable disgust as Paula Deen wraps mac & cheese in bacon, deep fries it to a golden brown, and eats it before your very eyes. According to an FNH reader named Hannah, “I swear to God, only a southern woman could survive that mouthful of heart attack on a stick.”


This is basically a combo of breakfast sausage, crackers, carrots, and celery that’s been battered and fried. It doesn’t look appealing to me, but according to Rachael Ray, it’s on a stick, so KIDS WILL LOVE IT!


Yes, these heart-stopping cholesterol bullets are nothing but butter and cream chunks that have been battered and deep fried. This is just wrong on so many levels. But on the bright side, hey, at least they’re low carb!

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If Paula Deen Was President…
Posted on January 23rd 2012


All these political debates on TV have got me thinking. What would happen if Paula Deen was President?

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT… The Star Spangled Banner would have to be sung: “Oh say can y’all see…”

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT… Mrs. Butterworth would be named the new White House Chief Of Staff.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT… The US Marines would be taught the fine arts of combat, stealth, and making gravy from pan drippings.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT… Meatballs would be considered legal tender.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT… Paula Deen signature mattresses in every room of the White House.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT…New Starbucks sizes: Tall, Grande, Venti, DEEN.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT… The Rose Garden would be made entirely of bacon.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT…Every mixing bowl would come with a box of hot Krispy Kreme donuts.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT…Jamie and Bobby would have their faces added to Mount Rushmore.

IF PAULA DEEN WAS PRESIDENT…Air Force One would be painted to look like a fudgsicle.

What do you think would happen if Paula Deen was president?

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Paula Deen Has Type 2 Diabetes
Posted on January 17th 2012

Last week, rumors started recirculating that Paula Deen had Type 2 diabetes, and that she was going to be teaming up with a drug company to promote their diabetes drug.

I didn’t post the gossip here on FNH.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I actually said to myself: “There is no way Paula Deen would do this. Surely even she must have her limits. Some morals. Some basic decency.”


In a Today Show interview thismorning, Paula Deen announced she’s had diabetes for years. She said she’s also teaming up with Novo Nordisk to promote their drug.

Paula Deen’s got her name on everything from cookware and hams to eyeglasses and mattresses, but this is ridiculous. To get rich promoting fried butter balls and Krispy Kreme donut burgers – and to continue doing so knowing you have diabetes – and then to get even richer promoting a diabetes drug – is a new low, even for the Deens.

Paula’s spent the morning giving quotes about the benefits of exercising, and posting “lighter” recipes on her Twitter page. Seriously? If Paula Deen thinks she can build an empire on fat people – and then simply snap a finger and try positioning herself as an authority on “lighter food”, girlfriend has another thing coming. She should use some of her money to buy herself a clue.

My phone and email inbox have been blowing up all morning with media outlets searching for quotes. I haven’t said anything to anyone.

For those of you looking for a quote, here’s one you can print:

In the future, when you ask me why I’m so cynical and jaded about the Food Network and celebrities in general, the answer is: “it’s shit like this.”

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New Show Alert: Bobby Deen’s “Not My Mama’s Meals”
Posted on December 29th 2011

Well, it’s happened. PR people have started reaching out, begging food writers and bloggers to cover Bobby Deen’s new Cooking Channel show, Not My Mama’s Meals. According to his publicist: “Each week on Not My Mama’s Meals, Bobby Deen will recreate some of his mother’s famous meals with healthy substitutions that cut down on calories and fat, but still deliver on taste.”  The show premieres on January 4th.

Maybe not his mama’s meals, but his mama’s coattails, for sure.

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