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Rachael Ray Coins Annoying New Word
Posted on January 3rd 2012

SAMMIE, CHOUP, and DELISH are so 2011. It’s 2012, and Rachael Ray’s got a new catchphrase!

In a quote from the New York Post discussing her horrific new “celebrity” cooking show, Rachael said:

Going in, I knew that Cheech and LDP were good cooks, but a lot of them just wanted to become better at working with food and consider themselves foodies because they are eaties… they eat a lot.

Congratulations to Rachael Ray for finally managing to find word more annoying than “foodies.”

(photo/tip via Eater)

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Rachael Ray Clearly Doesn’t Understand Her Own Show
Posted on December 27th 2011

-submitted by Drew

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30 Minute Meals – Closed Captioned
Posted on December 6th 2011




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The 10 Funniest Reviews Of Rachael Ray’s Pineapple Wedges
Posted on November 8th 2011

Back on November 17, 2010, we featured Rachael Ray’s Pineapple Wedges as our “ridiculous recipe of the week.” If you’ll recall, it’s a “faboo” little “recipe” that lets us know we can SLICE A PINEAPPLE INTO WEDGES AND EAT IT!

Since then, reviewers have had a field day trolling the Food Network’s website and leaving hilarious reviews. Here are our 10 favorites:

I gave this one star because the recipe does not tell you that the spikes on the outside of the pineapple are a challenge to digest. -iabbervocium

I tried this recipe and I blacked out! The next think I know I’m in a Bankok emergency room missing half my organs! Other than that it was ok. -Monkeyspan

I didn’t have a knife, so I tried smashing the pineapple with a hammer. Now my floor has a big hole in it. Not happy. -countrychickenpie

This recipe has been a closely gaurded secret in my family for generations! How DARE you claim it a your own!?!?! -explodingp

I don’t live anywhere near a beach, river, lake or pond, so a boat would be rather useless. Instead, I made pineapple bicycles and teeny tiny bicycle helmets out of grapes. All my friends at group therapy loved them! pattipoopidoo

I’m so glad that she came up with this recipe. I’ve been using Sandra Lee’s recipe for canned pineapples and I sprained my wrist using the can opener. Thank you Rachel, my wrist has healed thanks to you! -ilovegnomeland

I have never enjoyed pineapple, prior to trying this recipe. Furthermore, while making this delightful dish, I had an epiphany. Perhaps the reason I don’t enjoy bananas is due to my method of preparing them, as well? While I eagerly await a “Sliced Bananas” recipe, I have to warn you, this can get messy. Do not attempt to prepare “Pineapple Wedges” on the couch during the commercial breaks while watching your afternoon soaps, as I did. Also, when Ken found out Marsha’s baby was really Dr. Jones’s and not his father’s after all, it upset me so much that the tears blurred my vision and I ended up in the ER, getting 14 stitches. Also, the carpet is ruined. Other than that, great! -Bitey

Can you serve this with the Late Night Bacon? -nursecindy

Rachel, do you have a recipe for ice cubes you could post? Maybe dumb it down a bit for the home cook? -The Noodle

I hope she posts one on peeling an orange soon. I’ve got one in my fridge I’ve been trying to eat for days. -jake999

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