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Can’t Be Unseen: Sunny Anderson Edition
Posted on August 24th 2011

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Sunny Anderson’s Watermelon Mojito
Posted on May 31st 2011

Unfortunately for Sunny, the garnish may be a little obtrusive.

(Photo submitted by Harmen)

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Sunny Anderson’s VIVA Paper Towels Ads Taking Over
Posted on September 10th 2009

We all know the official Food Network website leaves a lot to be desired. It makes my web browser slow to a crawl, with all of those auto-start videos, Netflix pop-unders, and embedded advertisements.

Sadly, the website has recently gone from bad to worse. It is now nothing but one gigantic Sunny Anderson / Viva Paper Towel ad.


Not only did they ad a gigantic banner on the top of the main page, but they changed the entire color scheme of the website to match Viva’s tacky purple and gold logo. Clicking on the ad brings you to another page of ads, which beg you to “Become a VIVA Diva.” Uh, exactly what the fuck is a Viva Diva? Somebody who mops up spilled beverages in a Gucci dress and diamond tiara? Sounds like a new VH1 show, not a slogan for a paper product.

Perhaps the most deplorable of all is the auto-start video that plays on Sunny Anderson’s page. It’s basically 3 minutes of her talking about how great these paper towels are, UNDER THE GUISE of showing us how to prepare a Greek dish called Tzatziki. The producers completely threw subtly out the window, and didn’t even try to hide the integration the product. Sunny exclaimed, “Viva towels are cloth-like and very sturdy,” as an unopened roll peered at us from the counter behind her. Later, she boasted they were “soooo soft and absorbent.”

Yeah. It’s because they’re PAPER TOWELS, Sunny… not cement chips. Duh. Do we have to tell you everything?

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Embarrassing Photos Of Sunny Anderson
Posted on May 21st 2009

The urban website Media Take Out has some really unfortunate photos of Sunny Anderson from August 2007. In one of the photos, Sunny is smoking what looks like a skimpy blunt. In another, her boobs are hanging out and she looks like she’s really drunk (the pics are SFW). I believe these photos were taken while she was working as a DJ for Hot 97, NYC’s #1 hip hop station.

The Food Network has desperately been trying to pass Sunny Anderson off as the bubbly, wholesome, good girl next door. I’ll be the first to admit she seems like a nice, down to Earth woman on her show. But after seeing those photos, we can’t help but wonder… which is the real Sunny? The clean cut girl who likes to cook her grandmother’s old recipes, or the nasty girl who likes to smoke a fatty and drink til’ she pukes? Because as far as we’re concerned, you can’t have it both ways.

(Thanks for the tip, Chris!)

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How’d THAT Get On My Plate?
Posted on April 21st 2009

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