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How Tyler Florence “Rolls”
Posted on June 3rd 2011

I don’t follow the egotistical Tyler Florence on Twitter, so I’m always missing out on photo gems from his Twitpic… like this one that features him bragging about the fact that he showed up to set looking like shit (sent in by FNH reader Amber):

I don’t know what’s more horrifying: that there’s going to be another season of Great Food Truck Race, or the fact that Tyler Florence is actually proud of showing up to work looking like he hasn’t slept since the Reagan administration. Is that Crisco on his head? Oh well.  That’s just “HOW HE ROLLS” I guess.

Seriously, though, food trucks? Everyone knows that trend is over. It’s more played out than Michael Chiarello’s copy of The Birdcage.

Finally, if you’ll recall, Tyler had some, uh, “fashion problems” on last season of Food Truck Race:

And by the looks of his Twitpic feed, that nasty little quilted black vest (possibly available at his Mill Valley store for just $599.99!) is going to be rearing its ugly little head more than once. Brace yourselves.

(Photos via Tyler Florence’s Twitpic, here and here)

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Paging The Fashion Police
Posted on August 4th 2010

The only thing more horrifying than an entire show dedicated to dueling FOOD TRUCKS is the pair of jeans Tyler’s wearing to promote the show:


Ewwwww. UGLIEST JEANS EVER. They’re hideous and cheap looking, not to mention completely unflattering. Can you say “sausages wrapped in denim?” I thought this guy was supposed to be hip and stylish… some pinnacle of culinary hotness… so why is he on my television wearing a pair of Blue Light Special husky Wranglers? Is he promoting a new show, or preparing to mount a bull? And didn’t anyone tell him tapered leg jeans weren’t even cool in 1991? Yikes. At least if his culinary career ever falters, he can earn a living doing catalog work.


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Tyler Florence Showcases Taxidermy In New Restaurant; Insults New York Food Scene
Posted on June 11th 2010


If you haven’t heard much from Tyler Florence lately, it’s probably because he’s been busy making Wayfare Tavern, his newest restaurant, look as creepy and uninviting as possible. The restaurant is located in San Francisco, though the dead deer, animal bones, and brown witchy twigs strewn about make it feel much more like Hannibal Lecter’s living room. We’re not hungry; we’re scared. The only thing missing from that mantle is an eye of newt and a mason jar of goat blood.

Our friends at Eater have more photos of the place, and it’s filled with tacky wallpaper, skulls, dark wood, dark chairs, dark lights, dark ceilings, dark photos, and dead things. The “50-seat dining table” on the 3rd floor is nothing more than a bunch of wooden tables that have been slammed together cafeteria-style, and adorned with silver goblets and miscellaneous animal horns. Next door, the pool table lounge looks like a room from the hotel in The Shining. Gee, I sure do hope the red phone on that back wall is a direct line to the police.


In his interview with Eater, Tyler also took a moment to slam the New York food scene:

NY is all about the import. The new Japanese guy in town, the California wine, the new Italian fennel pollen, whatever. It’s all about these things that come into Manhattan and are done very well by great people, but there’s very little local story. -Tyler Florence

As a Manhattan-area resident, I found that comment to be both offensive and inaccurate. New Yorkers, what do you have to say in response to Tyler Florence?



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Twitter Users Sick Of Tyler Florence – Are You?
Posted on August 10th 2009

FNH is abuzz with the news that Tyler Florence, everyone’s favorite egomaniacal chef, just sent out one of the most ridiculous Twitter message ever. One FNH reader named Christina said, “Now he’s telling people to follow him? How…modest.”


We agree, Christina. First, there’s no such thing as Follow Monday (it’s Follow FRIDAY). Second, the only people seeing that message are people ALREADY FOLLOWING YOU, so why are you telling them to follow you again? Third, you’re not supposed to include yourself in a follow recommendation! That’s as tacky as it gets.

Even worse, Florence recently launched a cooking school called Twitterlicious, which is the Latin word for “the most ridiculous thing ever.” Every Friday, instead of just writing up a recipe and posting it on his website, he sends out step by step food preparation instructions via hundreds of tweets that clutter up the Twitter homepages of his followers. Judging by some of the comments in the Twittersphere, people are really getting sick of it:

“Tyler Florence tweeted a NOVEL earlier and took up my iPhone screen. Rethinking following his tweets.” -@jessicademaio

“Pains me so, but I Had to stop following Tyler Florence. dude is a tweetaholic.” -@hotsauce_please

“Tyler Florence just made a dish on Oprah that I wouldn’t feed to my cat. Ugh.” -@amandareid

“I say he must of eaten your food Tyler.” -@navyseal6, in response to Tyler saying he saw the police rescuing a jumper from the Golden Gate bridge

“Dude, please link to a blog…14 posts with an average two minute separation?”-@gregkrekelberg
(to which Tyler, who is clearly unable to handle criticism, replied: “That’s a little dull and impersonal. Don’t you think? 15,812 people cant be wrong…”) Look at Tyler all thinking he’s Ashton Kutcher with his 16k followers! Too bad that’s, what, about .000001% of the total number of people on Twitter?

So let’s hear it, FNH. Do you follow Tyler on Twitter? Are you considering unfollowing him because of his pointless and/or self-promotional Tweets?

UPDATE: Tyler Florence is claiming he didn’t write the #FollowMonday twitter message, and said his Twitter account was hacked. Uh, sure.

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Tyler Florence On The Today Show
Posted on August 4th 2009

Tyler Florence took time out of his busy hair-gelling schedule to appear on The Today Show this morning. Our favorite part? When the host had to remind him to add salt to his pickling brine (you know, the main ingredient). Oops.


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