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Worst Cooks in America: Season 3 Episode 1 Recap
Posted on February 12th 2012

Another year, another season of Worst Cooks in America! This time, it’s undefeated champion Anne Burrell’s red team vs. Bobby Flay’s blue team. And once again, the 16 competitors were complete disasters – both in, and out, of the kitchen.

Meet Dorothy. She’s a make-up artist who boasted that she put her husband in the hospital two times. She didn’t mention it was due to retinal injuries sustained from prolonged eye exposure to her hair.

Then there’s Sarina, the single wedding photographer who sounds like she spends all her time freebasing helium.

And what about dear Melissa, the monotone woman who thought it would be a good idea to use her HAND as a blender lid.

Rounding out the contestant pool are Rachel and Bob… lovely people, who unfortunately look like cult members. Hey Rachel, Sally Jessy Raphael called. She wants her glasses back. And hey Bob: Conditioner is your friend. Squirt some into your hand. Just the SIZE OF A DIME.

The contestants cooked a dish from scratch for Anne and Bobby, and then the chefs picked their teams. In my opinion, Anne got the better team. Time will tell.

For the first challenge, the contestants replicated a breakfast dish of pancakes, bacon, and eggs as demonstrated by Anne and Bobby. For the most part, it was a disaster. People forgot ingredients, missed steps, and just fucked things up in general. Dorothy, in particular, had some serious issues and didn’t seem to like being corrected by Anne.

Of course it’s Anne’s way or the highway. You’re on Worst Cooks in America, honey. And might I say, hopefully Anne’s way will soon involve a box of L’oreal because that pink hair has got to go. Girl, you worth it.

In the end, Anne named Kelli the winner of the red team and Bobby named Tiffany (the professional poker player) the winner of the Blue team. Tiffany proclaimed: “For this moment I suck the least! That is a good place to be!” Ah yes. Clearly Tiffany is used to… uh… “sucking” the most.

Anne booted Richard, the annoying Asian guy who didn’t seem to take anything seriously. Bobby booted Libby, the annoying Sandra Lee-ish shop-at-home TV host who just couldn’t get her shit together.

And that brought this week’s episode to an end! Stay tuned next week, when the final 14 pull on their noodles. This is riveting television here, people. Jillian Madison, over and out.

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If Anne Burrell Lost Worst Cooks In America…
Posted on February 21st 2011

And now, for part 2 of our “Worst Cooks in America” coverage: if Anne Burrell lost “Worst Cooks in America!”  A lot of you wrote in to say that you loved Anne and wanted to see her win, but secretly hoped she’d lose just so you could see her get a make-under and lose her trademark hair. Luckily, there’s Photoshop so we can have our cake and eat it too. Hairstyle #6 belongs to Gwyneth Paltrow, and the last one is Jennifer Aniston circa 1995. Enjoy!

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Robert Irvine Bleaches Hair After Losing “Worst Cooks”
Posted on February 21st 2011

The finale of Worst Cooks in America aired last night, and to sweeten the pot, Anne and Robert made a side-bet before fine final competition. If Anne won, Robert had to bleach his hair blonde. If Robert won, Anne Burrell had to lose her trademark hair and get a make-under.  Luckily for Anne, her hyperactive but lovable attorney recruit JOSHIE ended up beating Robert Irvine’s stoic but lovable speech pathologist recruit GEORG – and Irvine had to go platinum. So, how did he look as a blonde? Uh, let’s just say “not everyone can pull it off.”

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Comment of the Week: Worst Cooks in America Edition
Posted on February 16th 2011

This is Kat, one of Robert Irvine’s contestants on Worst Cooks in America:

“No wonder she’s one of the worst cooks in America.
Look a her thumbs! How can she pinch salt!”

-AJ Stacy

(Thanks for the photo, AJ!)

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Worst Cooks In America: Sexual Innuendo Edition
Posted on February 7th 2011

This week on Worst Cooks in America, Chef Anne and Chef Robert made the recruits stuff their own sausages. This, of course, led to several hilarious sexual sausage innuendos – guaranteed to make your inner 12 year old laugh. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

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