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Posted by Jillian Madison

Subtitled parodies of Adolf Hitler’s last days in the Berlin bunker have been circling around the internet for years. Someone finally got around to making a few Food Network spoofs of the famous video, and they are definitely worth a watch. Here’s your first look:

Hitler / Giada Parody

Hitler / Bobby Flay Parody

Hitler / The Neelys Parody

Posted by Jillian Madison

A lot of recipes from Food Network hosts are simple and easy, but this carrot-ginger salad from Robin Miller takes the cake:


Seriously, Robin Miller? Pre-shredded carrots covered with store-bought dressing? MORPH INTO A KIT-KAT AND GIVE ME A BREAK. That’s not a salad, and it’s certainly not a recipe. Hell, it doesn’t even qualify as semi-homemade.

Back to the drawing board with this one, guys. Total fail.

(Thanks for the tip, Randy!)

Posted by Jillian Madison

Over the weekend, a few friends and I went to Kohl’s to pick up some new bath towels. While there, we decided to poke around in the housewares section to see if anything fun was on sale. While we didn’t find anything worth buying, we did see some of the ugliest, most overpriced Food Network/Bobby Flay related products we had seen in a long time. Here were the 5 most ridiculous things we encountered:

Bobby Flay’s Glassware

It’s pretty hard to make a CUP ugly, but Bobby Flay succeeded because these are some of the ugliest glasses we have ever seen. They look like something my grandmother would have put out for company she hated. In 1973. And seriously, who thought the “smoker’s teeth yellow” hue would be a good idea? Truly hideous.

Monogram Coasters

Monogram coasters could have been a cute idea, if they didn’t make them look like BABY BLOCKS. And who in their right mind would pay TEN DOLLARS for 8 (eight) coasters? Total fail.

Unnecessarily Large Spatula

Exactly who am I cooking a burger for? The world’s fattest man? I’m sorry, but there’s no reason for this thing to be so large – other than for Flay to justify charging almost 30 bucks for it. I cook huge pizzas on my grill, and have made out just fine with normal sized-spatulas, thank you very much. And for the record, if you need something the size of an AIRPLANE WING to help you maneuver your grilled food, seek help right away.
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Posted by Jillian Madison

An FNH reader named Carlos recently watched The Rainmaker, the 1997 John Grisham movie starring Matt Damon, and noticed a familiar face in the crowd during a bar scene:

It’s totally Claire Robinson! And she’s pretending to be more attracted to the middle-aged douchebag with the receding hairline than Matt Damon. Now that, my friends, is some mighty fine acting.

Claire’s not the only Food Network host to have appeared as an extra in a major feature film. Oh no. Take a look at a few other celebrity chef walk-on roles you might have missed:

“drunk #57″ in Cocktail

“moron with ugly broken car” in Dumb & Dumber

“”swimmer bear” in The Karate Kid

“dweeb on Vespa” in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

“overly enthusiastic drummer” in Back To The Future

“annoying friend who showed up uninvited” in The Goonies

“mean Cobra Kai bully #22″ in The Karate Kid

“evil monster #88″ in Zombieland

“crazy sauce lady on float” in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“snobby woman in all black in the middle of the summer” in Weekend At Bernies

Posted by Jillian Madison

If you use Google, chances are you know about Auto-Suggest. When you type a few letters into the search box, Google guesses what you’re searching for and offers suggestions in real time. The suggestions are based on the overall popularity of various searches.

So basically, Google Suggest offers hilarious insight as to what the majority of people are searching for on Google.

Here are a few Google Auto-Suggestions for our favorite Food Network chefs. And yes, they’re 100% real. You can head on over to and see them for yourselves. There are some scary people out there. Enjoy!

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